Name that Broadway Tune - It starred Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews. This musical was referred to as

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Text of Name that Broadway Tune - It starred Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews. This musical was referred to as

  • Name that Broadway Tune

  • Instructions This program will have clues about musicals and highlight a famous song from each Broadway performance.

    ❏ The 1st slide will describe a famous Broadway musical.

    ❏ The 2nd slide will highlight an iconic song from that musical.

  • ❏ This musical opened in 1964 and ran for over 3,000 performances.

    ❏ It is about a father trying to find the perfect man for each of his daughters to marry while trying to uphold his Jewish traditions and culture.

    ❏ His daughters are making this task difficult as they want to marry for love.


  • ❏ This musical arrived to Broadway in 1964.

    ❏ The musical is about a woman who is a “matchmaker”. She travels to New York to try to find a match for a well-known millionaire.

    ❏ Carol Channing played the lead role.

    ❏ It won 10 Tony Awards.


  • ❏ This Broadway musical opened in 1944.

    ❏ It is about 3 sailors that arrive in New York City for some shore time during the war.

    ❏ The soldiers meet women pretty quickly after arriving to the big city.

    ❏ It had a revival in 1971 with Bernadette Peters in the lead actress role.


  • ❏ This Broadway Musical was produced in 1956.

    ❏ It starred Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews.

    ❏ This musical was referred to as “The Perfect Musical”.

    ❏ Eliza Doolittle gets speech lessons from Professor Higgins who makes a wager that he can turn Eliza into the perfect lady.


  • ❏ This musical opened on Broadway in 1959.

    ❏ It was based on the story of “The Von Trapp Family Singers”.

    ❏ The Broadway Musical starred Mary Martin and Theodore Bikel.

    ❏ It won 5 Tony Awards including Best Musical.


  • ❏ This musical was based on the book by P.L.Travers and the 1964 Disney movie.

    ❏ It arrived on Broadway in 2006. ❏ This musical starred Ashley Brown,

    and Gavin Lee in the lead roles of Mary and Bert.

    ❏ It takes place in London during the “Edwardian Era”.

    ❏ This story is centered around a nanny who comes to help the family who lives on Cherry Lane.


  • ❏ This musical was on Broadway in 1957. ❏ The plot of this story is centered around

    Harold Hill, the man who comes to town and sells musical instruments with the promise to organize a boy’s band. Harold has no intention to keep his promise; he intends to leave town without giving the lessons. The plan becomes in jeopardy when Harold begins to fall in love with the town’s librarian and music teacher.

    ❏ This musical won 5 Tony Awards including Best Musical. It prompted several revivals of the musical and a movie.

  • oppins_(musical)

  • This “Jukebox Musical” is centered around the songs by the group ABBA. It had a 14 year run on Broadway making a mark in the charts as the 9th longest running musical as well as being the longest running “Jukebox Musical”.


  • ❏ This musical is based on the Disney film and music of Elton John.

    ❏ It currently is identified as the top producing Broadway musical of all time.

    ❏ It first appeared on Broadway in 1997.

    ❏ With over 9,000 performances and over 1 billion dollars in earnings, it marks its place in history as the longest running and the most earned money for a musical.

    ❏ It has been seen by over 100 million people across the world.


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