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Corporate presentation. Name, surname Date. Our commitment. KNOWLEDGE and COMPETENCE. RESPONSIBILITY. EXCELLENCE. INNOVATIVENESS. Corporate structure. HIDRIA. Industrial pillar. Financial pillar. Portfolio i nvestments. Automotive technologies. Real e state s. Climate - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Name, surnameDateCorporate presentation



and COMPETENCE#Corporate structure

Automotive technologiesClimate system solutionsIndustrial pillarFinancial pillarPortfolio investmentsReal estates


#Our missionWe strive to improve the quality of life by contributing to clean sustainable mobility and enhanced indoor well-being.

#Renault Peugeot Renault Volkswagen Audi BMW Citroen MANAutomotive technologies


Alu die castingsDiesel cold start systemsStamped precision parts#Climate system solutions

Canary WharfLondonTwist Tower Avaz, SarajevoEZ Presidency LisbonPoklonnaya Gora, MoscowBuckingham Palace, LondonUse BelgradeHotel PalacePortorose

Energy manage-ment


Heating and cooling systems

Indoor air quality

#Climate component solutionsMotors & fansTechnical ceramics

Lamination and rotors


Sales by divisions in 2011 280,5 million

Automotive Technologies 46%Climate Technologies 54%#Hidria global locations

20 sales / representative offices13 production locationsMoscow, RussiaGreenville, USAChangshu, ChinaMelbourne, Australia#

Global sales in 2011

North America 4 million Australia & New Zealand 0,5 millionEurope 234 million Asia 14 million

Hidria products are sold in 80 countries around the world.Other countries 27 million #

Hidria locations in Europe12 production locations16 sales / representative offices6 in Slovenia, 3 in Germany, 2 in Hungary,1 in BiH


Sales in Europe 2011 SLOVENIA 37,2 millionGERMANY 77,6 millionHUNGARY 23,6 millionFRANCE 36,3 millionGREAT BRITAIN 14,6 millionDENMARK 7,4 millionITALY 9,8 millionPOLAND 6,7 millionBIH 1,8 millionCZECH REP. 6,1 millionOTHER EU COUNTRIES 10,3 millionRUSSIA 5,5 million#

Innovative research and developmentContributing to the sustainable mobility of people and goods. Hidria Institute for Materials and TechnologiesHidria Institute Klima

Hidria Institute AutomotiveCreating enhanced indoor well-being. Creating new materials, technologies and processes for the automotive and HVAC&R industries.#Innovation centreInstitutesTechnology centresIncubators Innovation activities Hidria AcademyHidria Innovation CentreIntelectual propertyCo-financing of projectsCo-ordination#

Institutions of knowledgeArsenal ResearchRicardoJoaneum ResearchAVL

R&D departments at strategic partnersAudiBMWPSA

Technology platformsERTRAC, ESTTP, STTP, SGTP,...

AssociationsEARPA, CLEPA, Eurovent, ESTIF, REHVA, IIR...Exchange of know-how in order to create innovative breakthrough solutionsInternational networking#

Innovation culture and concept Basic concept Feasibility DevelopementPrototypes Identification of ideasEmployeesExhibitions, congressesSuppliersCustomersSelection of ideasTRM ProjectsImplementation

Hidria Institutes#Hidria in Germany

VaihingenHidria Bausch, Vaihingen, Germany

Date of acquisition: 1. 1. 2011Employees: 350Sales: 55 mio EUR (2011)2 production facilities in Vaihingen, Germany2 production facilities in Hungary

#Hidria in Germany

FreiburgHidria GIF, Freiburg, Germany

Date of acquisition: 1. 1. 2006Employees: 40Sales: 7 mio EUR (2011)1 production facility in Freiburg, Germany