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Myths, legends and ghosts in Great Britain Myths, legends and ghosts in Great Britain

Myths, legends and ghosts in Great Britain. Some key vocabulary Myths Legends Ghosts

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Myths, legends and ghosts in Great Britain Slide 2 Some key vocabulary Myths Legends Ghosts Slide 3 Haunted Places Key vocabulary: ghosts spirits haunted killed associated with Slide 4 Haunted Places Chillingham Castle is situated in Northumberland, in the north-east of England It is thought to be full of ghosts and spirits There is also a torture chamber full of horrible things Slide 5 Haunted Places Glamis Castle in Scotland is thought to be the most haunted place in Britain One of the ghosts is the Grey Lady, who was killed in 1537 The castle has a small chapel in the garden, and no-one is allowed to sit in one of the chairs, because it belongs to the Grey Lady Slide 6 King Arthur Slide 7 The legend of King Arthur is one of Britains most famous stories It is about a good king who fights monsters and evil people His sword is called Excalibur and he has the Round Table where all his knights sit Some say that Excalibur was stuck in a rock, others that the Lady of the Lake gave it to Arthur Slide 8 King Arthur The BBC has made a television series called Merlin, which is about Arthur when he was a teenager Lets meet some of the characters! Slide 9 King Arthur Arthur is a prince who will one day be king He lives in Camelot with his father He is quite arrogant, but is also strong, brave and caring Slide 10 King Arthur Merlin is a boy who can do magic He works for Arthur He will be an important part of Arthurs reign and he often uses magic to save Arthurs life Slide 11 King Arthur Guinevere is a servant in Arthurs palace One day, in the future, she will marry Arthur and become his queen She is kind, caring and sensible Slide 12 King Arthur Lancelot is a knight who is Arthurs best friend In the legend, he is ugly do you think he is ugly?! He is in love with Guinevere and their love will cause many problems Slide 13 King Arthur Morgana is a friend of Arthur She also has magical powers She is caring, strong and passionate Slide 14 King Arthur King Uther Pendragon is Arthurs father, and king of Camelot He hates magic and kills anyone who practises magic Although he can be cruel and nasty, he loves Arthur very much and wants him to be a good king Slide 15 King Arthur Here are some of the monsters and enemies that Arthur has to fight! Slide 16 King Arthur The legend tells us that Arthur is badly wounded in a battle He asks one of his friends to throw Excalibur back into the lake As he is dying, a boat arrives to take him away It is said that King Arthur will return to Britain when the country is in danger Slide 17 Robin Hood The legend of Robin Hood is also extremely well-known in Britain Robin Hood was a rich man who had his money taken away by the bad king of England, King John. He decided to steal money from rich people and give it to`poor people He is widely regarded as a hero Slide 18 Robin Hood Once again, the BBC has made a television series about Robin Hood, so lets meet the characters! Slide 19 Robin Hood Robin Hood is a young man who steals money to help the poor He is very brave, kind and principled He is a skilled fighter and brave warrior Slide 20 Robin Hood Marian, or Maid Marian, is Robins girlfriend She helps him to steal money and fight his enemies She is very brave, passionate and determined Slide 21 Robin Hood Guy of Gisbourne, the Sheriff of Nottingham and King John are the bad guys, Robin Hoods enemies They are cruel and nasty to the poor Slide 22 Robin Hood Robin has many friends to help him battle against the wicked Sheriff Their names are Will, Much, Djaq, Friar Tuck, Little John and Allan They live in Sherwood Forest to hide from the bad guys Slide 23 Fairies Fairies are generally thought to be small, pretty people However, they are also thought to be extremely tall and potentially dangerous Which film is this fairy from? Slide 24 Fairies The case of the Cottingley Fairies is one of the most famous fairy stories in Britain In 1917 two girls called Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright, who were cousins, took five photographs of fairies playing in their garden Slide 25 Fairies Some people thought the photos were real, others said that they were fake The famous author Arthur Conan Doyle, who wrote the Sherlock Holmes stories, believed that the photos were genuine However, in 1981 the girls (now old ladies) said that the photos were fake, that the fairies were made out of paper and held upright by hairpins But Frances always said that the fifth photo was genuine The mysterious fifth photo is it real or not? Slide 26 Green Man The Green Man is not only found in Great Britain, but is one of its most frequent symbols It is usually found on churches Slide 27 Green Man This Green Man is in Cadiz This Green Man is in Rochester Cathedral Slide 28 Selkies Selkies are creatures from Irish and Scottish mythology They are seals which can shed their skin to become humans Traditionally selkies become humans and fall in love with another human being However, after a certain period of time the selkie becomes a seal again and returns to the sea They are associated with romantic, sad stories Slide 29 Banshees Banshees are from an Irish mythology When someone is dying, the banshee wails and screams They wear long dresses of white or grey and often have long fair hair It is said that if you see a comb lying on the ground, you should not pick it up, because a banshee has prepared a trap and is ready to take you away Slide 30 Mermaids The word mermaid comes from the Old English word mere, meaning sea, and maid meaning young woman They have the upper body of a human and the lower body of a fish They typically appear with a comb and a mirror While films like The Little Mermaid show kind mermaids, other stories say that they deliberately drown humans Slide 31 Leprechauns Leprechauns are a type of fairy which are found in Ireland They look like old men, dressed in a green suit They are the same size as a small child They like to play tricks and tell jokes Slide 32 Fairies and fairy circles A fairy ring is a circle of mushrooms, found mainly in woods and forests It is said that it is the home of fairies and spirits It is thought that if a human steps into the ring, they will become invisible and will not be able to leave the ring Slide 33 Crop Circles Crop circles are detailed patterns which appear in fields across Britain It was thought that the devil had made the designs Some people think that aliens make the patterns!