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myth and magic

Text of Myth & Magic Players Guide

  • Cody Broussard (order #5614669)

  • Lead Design and Writing: Tom RyanAdditional Design and Writing: Josh Calimar Fuller, Jakko Westerbeke

    Playtest Coordinator: Tim HaywardTypesetting: Tom Ryan and Charles Ryan

    Proofreading: Mark Avery, Phillip Bailey, Samuel Brana-Soto, Orion Cooper, Aaron C. Derer (The Mad Captive), Josh Calimar Fuller, Tim Gray, Dan Gunther, Morgan Hazel, Bart Hennigan, Rab Jane, Frank T. Jarome, Minh Nguyen, Mike Padilla, Sylvain Paquin, Michael Ramsey, James Redmon, Arthur Santos, Matthew Sercely, Daniel Taylor

    Cover Illustration: Jessica SafronInterior Illustrations: Clyde Caldwell, Matt Geerling, Doug Kovacs, Diesel LaForce, Rob Lopatto, Jessica Safron, Chad Sergesketter, Jason Walton

    Noted Playtesters: Mark Avery, Elizabeth Avery, Isaac Cordova, Bill Furlong, Randall Hall, Andrew Grange, Tim Hayward, Andrew King, Thomas Long, Justin Xavier, Samantha Xavier, Rob Wood

    A special thanks to every member of the New Haven Games community. Another very special thank you goes out to Rob and Jake Gruber. Rob is keeping the dream alive by running a great hobby and electronics store in Canada called Good Times Games and Electronics (302 2nd Ave West, Prince Rupert, BC Canada, V8J 1G6, 250-622-2665).

    I want to ackonwledge all the backers of this project for their pledges and pre-orders. With your help, this game exists in its current format. We are eternally grateful to:

    Deities: Happy Grog, North Texas RPG Convention (

    Dragon Lords: Rob and Jake Gruber, The Wednesday Knights, J. Mance Melkor Haines, Steve Dodge, Russell Litzkow

    Dragon Slayers: Tim The Idea Guy Hayward, Joel A. Adkins, Pedro Lisboa, Akhkhazu, Keith Higdon, Kurt Trimbo, James Roberts, Nathan Emery, Minh Nguyen, Aaron KillerDM Mandujan

    Platinum Dragons: Nicholas Cassidy, Doc Rusty Hoyle, Victor W Allen, Scott Sutherland, Vicente Cartas Espinel, Andrew Maizels, Bob Runnicles, Z. Daniel Esgate, Christopher Butler, Peter *Lifes-canX* Poulsen, Peter Steketee, Christian Khay Lier, David DeRocha, Brett Wilson, Lance Ofenloch, Rhel n DecVand, Aaron C. Derer, the Mad Captive, Henry Dunn, Morgan Hazel, Thaddeus Ryker, Daniel Gunther, James M. Yager, Robert W. Phillips, Paul J. Cuchna II, James JimboJones Robertson, Billy Compton, David Freyer, Brian Sisk, Shawn Ulstad, C.J. Heflin, Pat Silverhand Andrews, Carl Swienton, Anonymous, Mike Gruber, FIG, Scathaigh, Eric E Ludy, Redapple, The Saints, Dave Gunnar ONeill, Jacques Nel, Dennis A. Pascale Jr., Matthew Wasiak, Matthew Laine, Brett Bozeman, David Laine, J.C. Smith, Chris Perkins, Pete, Dr. James McKenna, Michael Pruitt Jr., Tim Nickel, Justin Xavier, Ode to Black Dougal, George Piattoni, Michael J. Padilla,

    Sarah Dee, James Bragle, Laura and Tomas, Rod-Beaters, 7th Dimension Games, Jeff Scifert, Daniel Herman, Anonymous, Tony J. Chriscoe, S. Michael Kelley, Dan Jackson, Tim Gray, Jason Watts, Jason Coplen, Kenny Krassner, Charlie Mason, Silenttimo, B. Jordan, Pat Tracy

    Gold Dragons: Michael The 9th-Level Necromancy Effect Grant, Anonymous, Kyle Fiddy Pinches, Daniel Taylor, Tom Perdew, Grandy Peace, Dave Kester, Thomas E. Healy

    Electrum Dragons: J. Myllyluoma, Joshua Hansen, Kurt T. Runkle, David Campbell, Byron Hudgins, Martin Greening, Zachary Sylvain, Vincent Ecuyer, Christopher Ju Ju Merrill, Lloyd Eley-Smitg, Ray Schmidt, Patrick Saberwriter OShea, Sebastian Dietz, Lijia Lumsden, 8bitnerdy, Steve Lord, Michael Maylin, Anonymous, Rick Rambo, Todd Showalter, Anonymous, Wayne LaBelle,

    Einroy Smith, Francis Nguyen, Geert-Jan Willems, Franz Georg Rsel, Engres, Ted Ludemann, Jonathan Hastings, Damon Eric English, Mika Ilmari Flinkman, Nick Vezill Donais, Brian Kelsay (@ripcrd), Christopher Slye, James Redmon, Andrew J. Hayford, Dane Winton, Anonymous, Richard McColm, Brett Easterbrook, Justin Cabuster Edwards, Henry Muller, Dave Post, Brie Pfisterer, Sparky1479, Anonymous, Jason Hierax Verbitsky, Adam Stialman Fink, Keith Flesher, Sean Louvel, Todd Cavanaugh, Emiliano Marchetti, Max Morell, Ryan Litwin, Ben MacSpadden, Kristof Karwey, Rob Wolfthulhu, William Hasson, Intwischa Press, Christopher Smith, Chor Kun Xin, Alexandre Denault, Kevin Stoner, Eric Coates, Arthur Santos, Fred Mentzel, Kenny Chik, Clarence

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    Aaron Schindeler, David Starner, Wojciech Gbczyk, G. Hartman, Sean Silva-Miramon, wraith808, Sebastian Steenbock, Steven K. Watkins, Paul Cavanaugh, Doug Bramwell

    2012 New Haven Games. All Rights Reserved.

    Cody Broussard (order #5614669)

  • Welcome ...To the Myth & Magic Players Guide, the core rules for playing a character in any Myth & Magic campaign.

    What is Myth & Magic? No quick answer suffices, but I suppose it can be summed up as a game built from the core and ideals of the 2nd Edi-tion Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game with a few modern gaming standards from the OGL version of the Dungeons & Dragons game and also peppered with a few innovative gaming upgrades to make the Myth & Magic Experience unique. At the game table, you should feel as if youre controlling a character built in the older editions, but with transparent rules and more options for exciting character advancement and game play. If I were allowed a second attempt to succinctly categorize Myth & Magic, Id say it was the perfect bridge between classic and modern gaming. Is it a 2E clone? No. It may clone the experience, but Myth & Magic is more of an expansion and upgrade. While a lot will tickle your nostalgic fancy, there are new and refreshing concepts everywhere.

    What is the Players Guide? The Players Guide is the players handbook of rules and, together with the Game Masters Guide, serves as the essential tome of Myth & Magic. It has all the rules you need to create and play a character from 1st level to 20th level. All the races and all the playable character classes (and their optional add-ons) are included. With this core book, you will create an adventurer and begin a long career of heroic (or nefarious) deeds that will no doubt grace the lips of many bards that come to pass.

    Before you begin playing, though, I ask that you earnestly accept the two tenets that make a great Myth & Magic campaign:

    1. Rules form the foundation. What you build atop them forms the game. 2. Good players create memorable characters, not me

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