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<p>UNIVERSITY OF CUMBRIA</p> <p>COURSEWORK REASSESSMENT REQUIREMENT </p> <p>Module Code:</p> <p>MDIA5301</p> <p>Module Title:</p> <p>Student Initiated Expedition</p> <p>Tutor: Bettina Talbot</p> <p>Title of the item of work: Expedition Blog/ Website/ Interactive Presentation</p> <p>Wordage: </p> <p> 1500 words or equivalent for Blog/ Website/ Interactive Presentation </p> <p> 1000 word for critical appraisal</p> <p>Details and Criteria: (Please attach additional sheets if necessary)</p> <p>Using the expedition you have already completed, please create the follow </p> <p> A Presentation </p> <p>Choice one of the following:</p> <p> A Blog (6 individual posts, each post 150 words)</p> <p> A Website (3-5 pages with a minimum of 2 external links)</p> <p> An Interactive Presentation (10 Minutes)</p> <p>in which you discuss your expedition. Within your chosen document, you should highlight and describe a minimum of three positive and three challenging moments or experiences on your trip.</p> <p> Media Artefact Please integrate into you presentation</p> <p>It must include at least 6 pictures of your expedition or a video (5 minutes) and write a short introduction to it (150 words to be included with the presentation). </p> <p> Critical Appraisal (1000 word) </p> <p> Critical analyses of researching and creating your Blog/ Website/ Interactive Presentation. </p> <p> Explain the process and your research and reflect on the overall outcome.</p> <p>SUBMISSION DATE AS PER STUDENT PORTAL</p> <p>(please tick as appropriate but must be completed)</p> <p>x</p> <p>To be submitted by 16:00 PM on 17/08/2018 in accordance with instructions given by the course team. If you are posting your course work the receipt of postage must be by date and time of submission, you may be asked to present this.</p> <p>To be submitted through the Virtual Learning Environment (eg. Blackboard / Pebblepad etc.) in pdf format, or in person/by RECORDED DELIVERY to the Programme Administration at the Brampton Campus of the University of Cumbria.</p> <p>x</p> <p>SAAS 24/2/2017</p>


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