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MY TOP 10 NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS . Bianca Inocencio BCA 11. 2011. Top 10 Resolutions. 10. Take Up A New Hobby. Take lessons on how to play the piano Volunteer in Church. 9. Write Neater. Write notes efficiently Be able to understand Presentable Study better. 8.Do Chores. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


My new years resolution

MY TOP 10 NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS Bianca Inocencio BCA 112011Have you guys made your new year resolutions yet?? I would like to share to you guys my top 10 resolutions. 1MY TOP 10 NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS2011

I hope I will be able to follow through with these resolutions. For those who made their new year resolutions , GOOD LUCK! 13Top 10 Resolutions2Here are the list of resolutions I'm going to tell you about. As you can see, I will be counting down from my 10th resolution to my 1st because I arranged my resolutions from my least prioritized to the most prioritized. 2

10. Take Up A New Hobby Take lessons on how to play the piano Volunteer in Church


My 10th resolution is to take up a new hobby. Ive always wanted to learn how to play piano but I never had the time to. I want to take lessons on how to play the piano and make it my hobby instead of watching TV. After, I learn how to play, I will be able to volunteer in church. I am really excited to start learning how to play the piano.3

8.Do ChoresOrganize belongingsPut things in proper placeReplace tissue rollHelp Mom do laundry

5 My 8th resolution is Do Chores. I will try to organize my belongings better by putting things back in their proper place so that I can walk on the floor without stepping on something. I will remember to replace the tissue roll whenever I see it empty and not have to listen to my dads lecture. I would also like to help my mom do the laundry .


9. Write Neater Write notes efficientlyBe able to understandPresentable Study better


My 9th resolution is to write neater . Whenever I take notes my writing is always messy so I cant always lend someone my notes, this year I will try my hardest to write more efficiently . I will take my time to write my notes, so when I study I would be able to understand it. Writing my notes neater will help me study better. 47. ReadingReading Routine1 book per month1 hour per day


My 7th resolution is Reading. Reading is definitely not one of my forte , I fall asleep easily, maybe because I cant find the books I like to read. To improve my reading ability I will read 1 book per month and set a time for reading everyday. I hope to improve my vocabulary by reading books and at the same time enjoy reading.



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