My New York Vacation

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<ul><li><p>M y N e w Y o r k </p><p>V a c a t i o n July 5th 2011 to July 12, 2011 </p></li><li><p>Depart from Vancouver Airport </p><p>at 6:00 am </p><p>Arrive at New York Kennedy at </p><p>10:14pm </p><p>Check in to Roosevelt </p><p>Hotel New York </p><p>July 5th, 2011 </p><p>Cost for Today: </p><p>Room: $77.41 </p><p>airport to hotel: $10 (by AirTrain and </p><p>subway) </p></li><li><p>Breakfast: </p><p>Bread brought from </p><p>Vancouver, free bottled </p><p>water in hotel room </p><p>Walk to MoMA (Museum of </p><p>Modern Arts) 12 minutes </p><p>Free Admission </p><p>10:15am-12:30pm </p><p>Lunch </p><p>12:30pm-1:30pm </p><p>Walk to Central Park (10 </p><p>minutes) </p><p>Free Admission </p><p>1:45pm-4:15pm </p><p>Walk around Midtown East </p><p>and visit Bloomingdales </p><p>(Window Shopping) and </p><p>Serendipity3 ($10) </p><p>Buy 2 sandwiches and fruits </p><p>for lunch for the next few </p><p>days at supermarket or </p><p>convenient store </p><p>4:15pm-6:00pm </p><p>July 6th, 2011 </p><p>Lunch: </p><p>Fast food restaurant </p><p>Wake up at 8:30, breakfast at </p><p>9:30, leave at 10 </p></li><li><p>Cost for Today: </p><p>Room: $77.41 </p><p>Lunch: $6.50 </p><p>Serendipity3: $10 </p><p>Chicago: $89.73 </p><p>Sandwich and fruit: $6.00 </p><p>Return to hotel by 6:15pm </p><p>(all by walking) </p><p>Change clothes, eat dinner </p><p>Dinner: </p><p>Instant noodles and luncheon </p><p>meat brought from Vancouver </p><p>Leave hotel at 7:20pm and </p><p>walk to Ambassador </p><p>Theatre to watch Chicago at </p><p>8:00 pm ($89.73) </p></li><li><p>July 7th, 2011 </p></li><li><p>Wake up at 8:30am </p><p>breakfast at 9:05 </p><p>leave hotel at 9:30 </p><p>arrive at Battery Park </p><p>around 9:50 (#4 line </p><p>Subway) </p><p>board 10:10am ferry to </p><p>Statue of Liberty and Ellis </p><p>Island ($16) </p><p>Breakfast: </p><p>Bread brought from </p><p>Vancouver, free bottled </p><p>water in hotel room </p><p>Visit Statue of Liberty and </p><p>Ellis Island 11:00am-1:50pm </p><p>with lunch break </p><p>Lunch: </p><p>Sandwich and fruit bought </p><p>from the night before and </p><p>free bottled water </p><p>brought from hotel </p><p>Return to Battery Park, walk </p><p>to Wall Street (10 minutes) </p><p>2:30pm-3:15pm visit Wall </p><p>Street </p><p>Walk around Financial </p><p>district (including World </p><p>Trade Centre Ground Zero </p><p>and the Brooklyn Bridge) and </p><p>Chinatown ($50 flexible) </p><p>3:15pm-5:00pm </p><p>Walk to New York University </p><p>main area (22 minutes) </p><p>5:30pm-7:00pm </p><p>Return to hotel by subway </p><p>at 7:30pm (20 minutes) </p><p>Change clothes and go for </p><p>dinner </p><p>Dinner: </p><p>Fancy restaurant </p><p>($50) Cost for Today: </p><p>Room: $77.41 </p><p>Ferry: $16 </p><p>Flexible money: $30 </p><p>Dinner: $50 </p><p>Subway: $4.50 </p></li><li><p>Walk to Grand Central </p><p>Station (2 Minutes) </p><p>Visit from 10:05am-</p><p>10:35am </p><p>Subway to Lincoln Centre </p><p>for the Performing Arts, </p><p>arrive at 11:00am </p><p>July 8th, 2011 </p><p>Wake up at 8:30am </p><p>leave hotel at 9:30am </p><p>eat breakfast until 10:00am </p><p>Breakfast: </p><p>Buy from fast food </p><p>restaurant </p><p>$5.00 </p><p>Lunch: </p><p>Sandwich and fruit </p><p>bought from the night </p><p>before and free bottled </p><p>water brought from </p><p>hotel </p><p>Subway to Columbia </p><p>University (Morningside </p><p>Campus) </p><p>about 20 minutes </p><p>Visit from 2:00pm-4:00pm </p><p>$10 flexible money </p><p>Walk around for a while and </p><p>catch the guided tour of the </p><p>centre ($15) </p><p>11:30am-1:30pm </p><p>Lunch during this time </p></li><li><p>Subway to The Juilliard </p><p>School (about 15 minutes) </p><p>Visit from 4:30pm-6:30pm </p><p>$10 flexible money </p><p>Dinner: </p><p>Instant noodles and </p><p>luncheon meat brought </p><p>from Vancouver, </p><p>Return to hotel via subway </p><p>and eat dinner </p><p>Leave hotel at 8:00pm </p><p>Walk to Times Square (15 </p><p>minutes), by some </p><p>breakfast, and experience </p><p>the night life </p><p>$40 for souvenirs </p><p>Return at 10:00pm </p><p>Cost for Today: </p><p>Room: $77.41 </p><p>Breakfast: $5 </p><p>Lincoln Centre Tour: $15 </p><p>Breakfast for next 3 days: $15 </p><p>Flexible money: $60 </p><p>Subway: $6.75 </p></li><li><p>July</p><p> 9th</p><p>, 20</p><p>11 </p><p>Wake up at 8:30, breakfast at </p><p>9:30, leave at 10 for Empire </p><p>State Building (15 minutes) </p><p>Head up to the 84th</p><p> floor and </p><p>enjoy the view for about 2 </p><p>hours (10:30am-12:30pm) </p><p>ticket: $21.29 </p><p>Eat lunch (12:30pm-1:30pm) </p><p>Breakfast: </p><p>Pre-bought from a few </p><p>nights before </p><p>Lunch: </p><p>By from a food stand </p></li><li><p>Walk to Madison Square </p><p>Gardens (10 minutes) </p><p>Visit from 1:45pm-2:30pm </p><p>Walk to the High Line (Park in </p><p>the Sky) </p><p>25 minute walk </p><p>until 3:30pm </p><p>Begin strolling to Times </p><p>Square, stopping at whatever </p><p>looks interesting, get there at </p><p>about 4:30pm, stay until </p><p>6:00pm </p><p>Walk to Carnegie Hall (10 </p><p>minutes) </p><p>eat dinner along the way </p><p>Return to hotel at about </p><p>8:00pm </p><p>Cost for Today: </p><p>Room: $77.41 </p><p>Empire State Building: $21.29 </p><p>Lunch: $6 </p><p>Dinner: $6.50 </p><p>Dinner: </p><p>Fast food </p></li><li><p>July 10th, 2011 </p><p>Wake up at 11:00am </p><p>Eat lunch </p><p>Lunch: </p><p>Instant noodles and </p><p>luncheon meat brought </p><p>from Vancouver </p><p>Walk to Rockefeller </p><p>Centre (9 minutes) </p><p>Visit the area for two </p><p>hours or so. </p><p>Also take a picture at </p><p>the LOVE Sculpture on </p><p>Avenue of the Americas </p><p>Stroll to Manhattan </p><p>Shopping Mall (11 </p><p>minutes away) and do </p><p>some shopping </p><p>(maximum $40) </p><p>Eat dinner there at </p><p>about 6:00pm </p><p>Dinner: </p><p>A small caf in the </p><p>mall </p><p> Cost for Today: </p><p>Room: $59.91 </p><p>Possible Shopping: Maximum $40 </p><p>Dinner: $20 </p></li><li><p>Lunch: </p><p>Pre-bought from a </p><p>few nights before </p><p>July 11th, 2011 </p><p>Wake up at 11:00am </p><p>Leave at 12:00pm and eat </p><p>lunch </p><p>Walk to New York Public </p><p>Library (8 minutes) and stay </p><p>there until 2:00pm Walk to 5th</p><p> Avenue and do </p><p>some shopping/window </p><p>shopping ($40 maximum) </p><p>Return to hotel at 8:00pm Dinner: </p><p>Fast food </p><p>Cost for Today: </p><p>Room: $77.41 </p><p>Possible Shopping: Maximum $30 </p><p>Dinner: $6.50 </p></li><li><p>July 12th, 2011 </p><p>Cost for Today: </p><p>Subway and AirTrain: $10 </p><p>Food: $15 </p><p>Wake up at 1:00am </p><p>Take Subway and AirTrain to airport at 3:00am </p><p>Arrive at airport at around 4:15am </p><p>Eat last portion of breakfast bought from many days ago </p></li><li><p>Hotel: $511.88 </p><p>Food: $146.50 </p><p>Transportation: $47.25 </p><p>Attractions and Shows: $126.02 </p><p>Shopping: $160 </p><p>TOTAL: $991.65USD = $967.40 CAD </p></li><li><p>I loved every single day of this vacation and I will definitely come back to </p></li></ul>