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<p>NAME</p> <p>Mark Jull 9 Hathersage Road, Hull, HU80EJ, Yorkshire</p> <p>07411129907 </p> <p> Production Technician</p> <p>ProfileI am a diligent, highly motivated experienced Lead Operations Technician with a varied background of Operations, Control room duties and Mechanical duties. I have almost 27 years experience in Oil, Gas and Chemical industry 24 years of which is with BP. I am capable of operating oil platform and chemical refinery equipment, Both with DCS and on plant duties I am currently a Production Technician on the Magnus Platform in the North Sea working for BP exploration.</p> <p>I have experience of complex operations on an oil platform and chemical refinery, where I have worked in the role of Production Technician, Control Room Technician and Mechanical Technician Strengths</p> <p> High personal safety standards.</p> <p> Strong coaching, mentoring and interpersonal skills</p> <p> Conscientious and diligent</p> <p> Continuously seeks opportunities for improvement in all aspects of my work.</p> <p> Excellent communication skills and very approachable on any level Works effectively as part of a team and on my own.</p> <p> Committed to ensuring safety is a never compromised.Career History</p> <p> 2016-Present Magnus Platform Operations Technician</p> <p> 2014-2016 </p> <p> Central Azeri Platform Lead Production Technician / Coach</p> <p> 2007- 2014</p> <p> Magnus Platform Operations Technician / Control room Technician </p> <p> 2005 - 2007 </p> <p>Magnus Platform Operations Technician Mechanical. 2002 - 2005</p> <p>BP Saltend Control Room Technician &amp; Operations Technician Utilities 1998 - 2001</p> <p>BP Saltend Operations Technician Compressor Commissioning Project 1997 - 1998 </p> <p>BP Saltend Operations Technician Gas Turbines 1993 - 1997</p> <p>Prospect Engineering CCGT Technician Mechanical </p> <p> 1989 - 1993</p> <p>BP Saltend Technician Mechanical apprentice</p> <p>Equipment Experience:I am responsible for the safe operation of off shore plant and equipment, on theMagnus Platform. I have experience in :-</p> <p>Gas Systems; Gas compression plants facilities, Gas drying, Gas export plant facilities, Gas pigging, Gas lift facilities, fuel gas facilities. Operation of Rolls Royce RB211 Gas Turbines for gas compression</p> <p>Oil Systems; Wells and flow lines, HP, LP &amp; Test manifolds, Oil export equipment, Oil separation, Oil Manifolds, Oil PiggingUtilities systems, Water Injection, Water injection pigging, Sea Water distribution, Instrument Air, Plant Air, Nitrogen Generation, Chemical Pumps, chlorination package, Potable Water distribution Reverse Osmosis package. Operation of Rolls Royce RB211 Gas Turbines for Water Injection and Main Power Generation.I engage on a daily basis with process safety and integrity management systems such as the LO/LC Register, Override / Inhibit Register and Leaks, weeps and Seeps Register, Interlock registers, High priority Valves etcCurrent Duties and key deliverables CMAS Assessor / Lead Production Technician</p> <p> Actively Participate in CMAS Actively participate in BOSS </p> <p> Use ISSOW to create WCCs ICCs , Leak tests, according to SIRPS, as PA IAP IAC IAM</p> <p> Carry out ICC audits, WCC audits.</p> <p> Work in accordance with SOPs and SOGs.</p> <p> Work in accordance with LO/LC register Use Maximo to identify maintenance activities, ordering, job history and job reporting.</p> <p> Input valuable data and information into end of shift e log and trip handovers</p> <p> Support vendors and campaign team to deliver efficient maintenance activitiesVocational training Attributes</p> <p> Root Cause Failure Analysis ISSOW Level 2 Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) Fire team member Coxswain emergency team duties. First Aid trained</p> <p>Vocational Education</p> <p> NVQ Level 3 in Complex Process Operations</p> <p> BTEC Higher National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering.</p> <p> BTEC Ordinary National Certificate in Mechanical Engineering. BTEC First Certificate in Mechanical Engineering. </p> <p> Open University MU120, T191, S250, &amp; T207 completed 4 year Mechanical apprenticeship</p> <p>Hobbies and interests</p> <p>My out of work interests include: Travel, Photography, Walking and SportsPAGE 2Mark Richard Jull</p>