My HBOT Experience

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My HBOT Experience

Text of My HBOT Experience

  • To San Diego Center For Hyperbaric Therapy

    Thank you for a great time during my HBOT treatments it was one of the most

    fun and relaxing therapies that my mommy and daddy have me get!!!!

    With Love, hugs and Kisses


  • 17th session

  • I loved watching my movies inside the chamber

  • Squatting for me was the most comfortable position to get my treatments

  • Im fixing the mat because its time for me to get out.

  • 25th session

    By this time I was no longer putting up the train set in a straight line, I was getting creative and doing curves and bridges:

  • 29th session

    Im helping my daddy put up Christmas

    ornaments on our tree:

  • 38th session

    By now my eye-contact has improved greatly.

  • I joined my cousin to try and play a video game on Christmas eve

  • Im very interested in opening all the Christmas gifts santa gave me. I was so interested that I wanted to open everyones gifts!!

  • 43rd session

    My very first Lincoln log cabin

  • 59th session

    Playing with my cousin, by now my skill for building the Lincoln log cabin has improved greatly

  • 60th session

    By my last session I was able to relax and lay down for the whole dive!!!

  • Big Gains Noticed with HBOT

    By Session 10 Noticed eye contact started to improve. (EX. Said good bye to his bus driver and looked back to see her!)

    By Session 15 Started using new words, also playing appropriately with his toys.

    By Session 18 Started dancing again! Had not been interested in dancing since for over 2 years ago.

    By Session 26 He was more compliant and patient.

    By Session 30 Started having more better days at school than not.

    By Session 40 Started Vocalizing more.

    By Session 50 You can see his cleverness. (Ex. He will get out of bed in the morning and close mommy and daddys

  • bedroom door so we dont notice him being up. So then he can get into stuff he knows he is not allowed!!!! Sneaky sneaky boy!)

    Overall Gains

    Eye Contact

    Increased speech

    Patience, more complaint

    Appropriate play with toys

    Engages other kids

    Receptive language increased tremendously

    Can follow 3 step chain commands

    Motor skills improved (Gross and Fine)

    Will try new foods more easily

    More independent