My Google SketchUp Project

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My Google SketchUp Project. Research. First I looked at different Performing art Centres to decide what type of centre I would like to design. Here are a few things I decided we needed: An Auditorium that fits the whole school. A foyer Classrooms Lighting for the stage. Changing rooms. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


My Google SketchUp Project

My Google SketchUp Project

ResearchFirst I looked at different Performing art Centres to decide what type of centre I would like to design. Here are a few things I decided we needed:An Auditorium that fits the whole school.A foyerClassroomsLighting for the stage.Changing rooms.Comfortable Chairs.

PlanningMr. Gordon came to talk to us and tell us what we needed in our Performing Arts Centre:A dance room with wooden floors and mirrors for teaching danceA stage with lots of spaceSound and Lighting for shows.Rake seatingSeating for 1,750 peopleA sound-proof pit behind the stageFly TowerMusic classrooms for lessons and classesDrama roomsSeparate rooms for percussion

Conceptual DesignI made 2 conceptual designs, 1st floor, 2nd floor.I made a check-list of the things that Mr Gordon said that the centre needed and as I included them in my design, e.g. a student room, a staff room ect.

First Floor Plan

Second floor PlanStarting my Design

This is my stage and orchestra pit.Starting my designThis is my auditorium bleachers.

These are the bleacher stairs

The part of the Bleachers to sit on.

Developing my design I decided that I needed to get started on the other things that were going to be in my Performing Arts Centre. The cafe is important as people waiting to see a performance might be hungry or want a drink; this is what mine looked like: Cash register and counterThese will be filled with food and drinksOrchestra and Choir Rooms, stairs to next floor.

These will always be set up for the choirs and orchestra so they dont have to waste time putting out chairs and stands

Cafe chairs and liftI chose these chairs because they will be comfortable enough for people to sit in before the performancesThe overall look of the student roomI used a theme of blue, white and pink because I felt that it would look nice seeing as this room is for girls use. Even the cups and mugs that are in the cabinet are pink and blue as I really wanted this student room to stick to the theme for everything.

Pulling apart the Student room

A mat to wipe feet on so the carpet stays clean.

A nice comfortable couch.Comfortable bean bags and a furry mat to sit on. I have put in: a microwave, sink, fridge and a cabinet filled with glasses and mugs so that it is a convenient place for students during and after school.

Overall look of the staff room

For the theme of the Staff room I chose blacks, whites and greys because I thought that together they have a very nice overall look. I put in: a fridge, a microwave, a coffee machine, a sink and a cupboard filled with black and white cups.Teacher Offices

These are the teachers offices they have a wall in between them but I wanted to show both of the types of offices they all have a desk and chair, bookcase, laptop and a painting.Bathrooms

There are stalls all in a row with sinks on the two ends of the room.Dance Studios

The dance studios have bars for ballet and also mirrors in them.Overall Look of my Centre