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teching, secondary, conditional.

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  • 1. Isa said she travelled to Greece for free. She only had to teach English to children. Everything is paid! My friend Jess

2. If you volunteer, you dont have to pay for the food or the housing; just 50% of the trip!! Our friend Isabel: the Italian 3. NO! Dont mess me around! 4. What would you say if I told you that we can travel for free to Bulgaria next month? 5. If I pass the exams in february, I will go with you. Mario, my ex 6. If I were you I would not doubt it!! I would go!! 7. If I wouldnt have to study, I would go with you. But I cant, I have to study a lot. Our friend Juantxo: the hardworking 8. If I were you, I would stay in Mlaga and study!!! My parents 9. And we went to Bulgary! 10. ALEXANDER NEVSKI CATHEDRAL (SOFIA) 11. 12. JESS AT THE BLACK SEA 13. 14. First Conditional Zero conditional If + simple present + simple present Ifyouvolunteeryoudont have to payanything. Used for scientific facts and general truths 15. Type 1 if + Present simple + future simple IfIpassmy exams Iwill gowith you 16. Second conditional if + simple past + simple conditional IfIwereyou, Iwould stayin Mlaga and study Used for things which dont or wont happen. It is generally used in present for hypothetical things that may happen.