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My Dream Job. When I was little, I wanted to be an astronaut. I loved reading science-fiction novels and looking up at the stars. I wanted to see outer space up close. Also, I wanted to float in zero-gravity. My Dream Job. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • My Dream JobWhen I was little, I wanted to be an astronaut.I loved reading science-fiction novels and looking up at the stars. I wanted to see outer space up close.Also, I wanted to float in zero-gravity.

  • My Dream JobMy dreams changed since when I was a child. Now, I want to be professor. Why is being a professor my dream job? It fits my personality. I like researching, learning, and teaching students.The salary isnt too much, but enough to live comfortably.

  • Vocabulary1. what (somebody) is/are looking for (page 37) = what (sb.) wantsWhat I am looking for is a job that will help those in need.What are you looking for in a husband? What you are looking for is a job that will utilize your materials major, is that correct?2. For one reason or another (page 37) = for some reasonIf I am not able to attend the meeting, for one reason or another, I will call you.I did not get the job for one reason or another. For one reason or another, she broke up with me.3. Whats the likelihood of (page 37) = what are the chances ofWhats the likelihood of you getting your dream job?Whats the likelihood of you meeting Justin Beiber? Whats the likelihood that you will attend the meeting tomorrow?

  • Vocabulary4. (something) could lead to (pg 43) = sth. may happen because of sth. else.Examples:This could lead to a global financial crisis. Volunteering could lead to finding my dream job.5. be in a position to (pg 43) =have the ability/chance to do something.Examples:If I can speak English well, Ill be in a position to get a job abroad.If he made a higher salary, hed be in a position to help his family financially.

  • Dream Job: Individual Written Work What values do you want your life to serve? Examples: helping the poor, contributing to cross-cultural understanding, creating beautiful art, serving fellow citizens, saving the environment, healing the sickWhat job would include the values you listed in question number one? Examples: If you wanted to heal the sick you would could be a doctor. If you wanted to create beautiful art you could be a painter.Why is your personality good for this job?

    What kinds of things do you need to achieve your dream jobExamples: education, volunteer experience, internships.What do you want your yearly salary to be?

  • Interview Your Classmates!Find 5 (or more) new classmates to interview.Ask them about their dream job:What is their dream job?Why?Why is their personality good for this job?What experiences will help them get this job?What do they want their salary to be? Why? Ask your own question!Write down your answers! You will share them.

  • Midterm Presentations October 31stIn groups of four, choose a global event or topic to research. Each group must have a different topic and it must be approved by the teacher.Write a group speech about your topic. Memorize it. You will turn this in.You can use notes during your speech, but no reading from the paper.You can use props (ppt, posters, flyers, pictures, etc.) Your group must talk for 4-5 minutes and everyone must speak equally. Your topic must answer the following:Why is this important globally?Who is being affected the most?What is being done to address (or fix) the issue?What else is important to know?You will be graded on pronunciation, grammar, ideas/research.If you want to turn in a draft for me to review, you must email it to me before Thursday October 27th.