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<ul><li><p>AHMED HUSSIEN AHMED ABUBAKR SAUDI ARABIA/Dammam. </p><p>EGYPT/CAIRO/AINSHAMS </p><p>EMAIL: ENGAHMED22281@YAHOO.COM </p><p>MOBILE:+966539300833/+966581174330 (SAUDI MOBILE) </p><p> CAREER OBJECTIVE </p><p>Seeking an opportunity in the field of mechanical engineering to enhance my engineering </p><p>knowledge and skills . </p><p>EDUCATION </p><p>Helwan University (Mattaria Branch) Bsc Engineering May 2003 </p><p> Major: Mechanical Power Engineering </p><p> Cumulative Grade: PASS ( 64.08 ) Academic Projects: </p><p> Refregerant and air conditioning (Graduation Project), </p><p> Grade: Excellent </p><p>Certificate </p><p> Certify from Autodesk using autocad 2d 2013 </p><p> Certify from Ayman Omar electromechanical consultant office in: 1. Design and estimate of hvac system and BMS 2. Estimate cooling capacity by manual method and computrise method using HAB 3. Make selection of water pump and fan and make hydraulic calculation of pump and static </p><p>presuure of fan </p><p>4. Make duct design 5. Design fire fighting system 6. Make Hydraulic calculation of fire pump and sprinkler disributer using Elite(fire fighting </p><p>design design program) </p><p>TRAINING </p><p>Ameria Industrial Institute </p><p> pneumatic system </p><p> Electro pneumatic system </p><p> Introduction PLC ( ladder language ) </p><p> industrial Arab institute </p><p> Welding technology. </p><p> Internal audit certificate from environment and quality center. </p><p> Iso 9001/2008 , Iso 14001 </p></li><li><p> Diamler mercedes Benz </p><p> Traning lab1528 Atego series. </p><p> Maintain trucks using star diagnoes tester </p><p>SKILLS </p><p>Computer Skills </p><p> Autocad(2d) </p><p> Excellent Internet research skills . </p><p> Excellent using Office package . </p><p> Excellent using Windows . </p><p>Personal Skills </p><p>Language : </p><p> Arabic : Excellent . </p><p> English : Very good . </p><p>Soft Skills </p><p>Professional management expertise center (2009): Interpersonal skills: Time management- Mind mapping- Planning-Leadership- Self learning . </p><p>Other Skills </p><p> Interactive &amp; fast enough to learn new technologies &amp; sciences. </p><p> Highly motivated. </p><p> Positive attitude, leading personality. </p><p> Loyal, honest, team worker. </p><p> Good communication skills. </p><p> Ability to work under pressure &amp; make quick decisions. </p><p>PERSONAL INFORMATION </p><p> Marital status: married </p><p> Date of birth: 14th March 1981 </p><p> Military Status: Completely </p><p> Nationality: Egyptian </p></li><li><p>Experience </p><p>QC/QA project Quality Manager in FMSCO (Fraih Marzok Elharbi Sons Construction </p><p>Company ) From May 2015 Till Now </p><p>Project responsible : </p><p> PAP ( Phosphoric Acid Plant ) WHAD ELSAHMAL in Turaif North of Saudi Arabia Client : MAADEN </p><p>PMC: FLOUR </p><p>Contractor: Hanwha Engineering &amp; construction company ( Korean company) </p><p> Site development of indusrial zone in Raselkhair Client : Royal Commission </p><p>PMC: Bechtel </p><p>Contractor: FMSCO </p><p>Responsibilities : QA/QC Manager will be responsible for the establishment and execution of field quality control plan, </p><p>quality audit, quality trend analysis and all other matters relating to field quality under the control of </p><p>Site Manager. </p><p>He maintains contacts with Employers representative on site to discuss all quality matter. </p><p>He is assisted by a suitable staff for the inspections and controls to be made during the development of </p><p>the work and for the issue and collection of quality records, as requested by the contract and by ITPs. </p><p>He is responsible to: </p><p> Issue ITPs and method statement for all activities in project. </p><p> Manage ITPs </p><p> Formalize the nonconformity reports and administrates them up to the close out </p><p> Issue monthly reports, showing the most important factors for the judgment of quality in the various phases of work </p><p> Review and collect all quality records for the composition of the final quality dossier </p><p> Managing the coordination with the Employer and subcontractors on quality </p><p> Review of inspection and test plans. </p><p> Review of quality-related procedures. </p><p> Monitoring implementation of project quality system. </p><p> Control of quality records. </p><p> Report on site quality matters to Project Manager and Site Manager. </p><p> Conducting audits of Subcontractors. </p><p>Mechanical manager for HVAC &amp; fire fighting &amp; plumbing in Al-Assaf contracting </p><p>company in Jeddah, KSA From May 2013 to May 2015 </p><p>1- Technical office work </p><p> Make and subbmit all shopdrawing of (Hvac fire plumping Irrigation&amp;site work ) </p><p> Make and subbmit all hydraulic calculation of pump ( fire using Elite Domestic water pump submersible pump swimming pool pump electric heater circulation pump) </p><p> Make and subbmit static pressure of fans . </p><p> Subbmit all material contained in Bill of quantity of project . </p><p> Make all study ( Mechanical working plan study marketing &amp; supplier offer&amp; subcontactor study) </p><p> Make periodical document ( All subbmittal of work make all QS of inspected work and Issue all invoices for subcontractor ) </p></li><li><p> Supervising for subcontractor of Hvac and fire fighting and all specialist working ( fire gas network ( FM200 CO2 ) - Elevator Medical gas Dockleveler marine&amp;head crane </p><p>compressed air network) </p><p> Make inventory project &amp; excss and saving </p><p> HVAC&amp; fire fighting and plumping Designer for many big project and public bulding. </p><p>2- Excutive working : </p><p> Excute all plumping network ( drainge watersupply vent ) with any type of material ( PVC PPR copper steel ) </p><p> Excute fire water network using two method ( Grooved welding ) </p><p> Installation of all equipment ( fire&amp;water pump chillers AHU&amp;fancoil Electric heater &amp; Boiler Tanks &amp; vessele) </p><p> The Project in my responsability (Technical office and excution ) : </p><p> Diabetic and rehabilitaion hosbital in King AbdELaziz medical city of National Guard Health Affairs in Gedda ( Budget of project 65 million) </p><p> King Faissal marine basement project in Gedda coast : Fire station project ( Budget of project 15 million) </p><p> Elzwareq workshop project ( Budget of project 25 million) </p><p> Gedda technical college(finished) ( Budget of project 10 million) </p><p>The Project in my responsability (Technical office) : </p><p>Big project in Qassem contain 3 sites contain 9 buildings for Education Ministry(under </p><p>excution) ( Budget of project 105 million) </p><p>QC/QA Quality control/Quality assurance manager in quality control </p><p>department from May 2007 to May 2013 </p><p> Kader factory Arab organization industrial . </p><p> I am working in the field of quality control, kader factory (A.O.I) responsible for 30 </p><p>workers, managing them to have higher Productivity assemblage armoed vehicle Fahd </p><p>sreies,depending on manual work &amp; automatic machines sometimes. </p><p> implements quality measures at the site in accordance with the quality manual approved by </p><p>the management. </p><p> testing of fahd vehicles and all material used in production according to quality </p><p>specifications. </p><p> performs a variety of fields and laboratory tests to assure that materials meet required </p><p>standards. </p><p> checks site works and make inspection request. </p></li><li><p> analyze product performance indicators, initiate and verify appropriate corrective actions. </p><p> supervise activities of quality technicians. </p><p> experience in the application of quality systems, procedures and methods, materials and </p><p>tools. </p><p> computer report writing methods in extracting and analyzing data </p><p> ability to apply state of the art quality principles and procedures. </p><p>ability to analyze and problem solve. </p><p> ability to communicate on a technical level with other members of the organization. </p><p> ability to apply statistical principles. </p><p> Taking part in activities necessary for Kader Factory to the qualification of quality control </p><p> ( certification ISO 9001-2000 &amp; ISO 14001 ) as well as various audits to monitor how </p><p>applicable the system and maintaining it. </p><p> Making periodical reports, and the reports required by his direct manager on status of </p><p>works. </p><p>Mechanical engineer in Egyptian hydraulic service From May 2005 to May </p><p>2007 </p><p> Design and selection of hydraulic circuit component ( Atos agent ) . </p><p> Design of hydraulic picton . </p><p> Maintain hydraulic mobile equipment and circuit . </p><p> Maintinance engineer in 360 military factory Maintain mechanical and hydraulic press </p><p> Maintain compressor. </p><p> Make the periodical maintainance of all machine of the factory(hydraulic press,compressor,lathes,planeres,curlers and CNC machine ,furnes,belts) . </p><p> Establish and execute maintain plann . </p></li></ul>