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<ol><li> 1. SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT. April, 01st 2015 Personal C.V Distribution &amp; logistics Manager [Yasser Mukhtar] </li><li> 2. 1- Personal Data :- Name : Yasser Mukhetar AL Sayed Hussein Age, : 43 Years Old Date of Birth 1972-Jan,28 Nationality Egyptian Religion Islam JobTitle:- Distribution &amp; logistics Manager 2- Personal Address &amp; Communications Ways :- 1/2 - Current Address &amp;communications Country :- Saudi Arabia City:- Dammam phone number 0966 569323886 E-Mail 2/2 - Origin Address &amp;communications Country :- Egypt City:- Giza phone number 00202 - 337310244 Mobil number 002-01064977104 E-Mail </li><li> 3. 3- Qualifications :- General Q.K:- B.S Q. Section:- Electromechanically Education Level:- High ; Date of Final result 1992 Degree Good 4- Language :- Business language :- English Degree very good command of English Origin language :- Arabic 5- Business Info, :- Total General Experience 23 Years Total Experience in Distribution &amp; Logistics 14 Years Total Experience in others 09 Years divided to [2y in sales - 6y in contracting]. ; Business experience locations 1- From 1994 to 1996 Warehouse Supervisor with El Rashid Co. [Auto motive spare parts] KSA. 2- From 1997 to 2005 privet works with M.G Co Egypt. 3- From 2005 to 2012 Warehouses- Distribution Centers &amp; logistics Manager with United Electronics Co. Extra In retile filled. 4- Sales manager at star metal factory in Dammam to 2013. 5- Currently Compound Manager with Mashco, Group Jubail. 6- Skills :- Interpersonal skills. PC- AutoCAD - Primavera - Driving license Administrative skills. Full ability to provide outstanding customer service. Selling skills. full understanding for sales requirements and convert it to supply chain forces &amp; motivation for the sales operations ; Planning and organizing skills. Full ability to provide the needed planes to development the business from supply chain self view which matching with the company view - managing the employees skills - work process - SC internal rolls - builds SC SOP's and SC vision which drives The team to support the company main vision. Managerial skills. Full ability to provide outstanding for team and self for company vision - mission - Business plans, work needs &amp; customer Service. </li><li> 4. Customer service skills. Customer Service is first its truth in our work believe. 7- Abilities :- Customer service. Ability to provide outstanding customer service. priorities Ability to adjust priorities and manage time wisely in a fast-paced Environment. communications channels Ability to communicate in a clear, concise, understandable Manner, and listen attentively to others, and provides instructions to all employees. 8- Knowledge, :- Customer service. Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer service. promoting&amp; service Support Knowledge of principles and methods for promoting, and selling products or services. ; IT Knowledge of IT applications (POS/SAP). Products. Knowledge of company products. Organize andcontrol warehouse &amp;DC teamto ensure thattheyare appropriatelymotivatedandtrainedtomeetall Salestargetsandthat theycarry out theirresponsibilitiestothe required standards. Reportsstocklevels,slowmovingitems,andshortages,asperthe warehouse &amp;DC profileandcommunicate anyissues to the Merchandisingteam. handlingone fromthe keybusinessareasitsourOwenproductswhichwe importitfromchina Canada-USA-Italy - Turkey&amp; France for manyitemslike white goods-home appliances laptopsmobiles the responsibilities are:- 1- Followupwithsuppliers. 2- Followupwithandcustomsbrokers. 3- Followupwithcustomslabif needmyengagement. 4- Followupwithfaineance eventhe coastingAppling. 5- Followupforthe shipmentfromreceiving distributions salesoperationsatstoresandre exporting. 6- Handlingthe spearparts till sendtoour technical Centers. Deal withstaffingissuesandconductappraisalsandperformance reviews. Coordinate withthe marketingteam,specialpromotions,displaysandevents. Completesstore operational tasksbyschedulingand assigningemployeesi.e.merchandising,technical,admin. - &amp; sale. Handle salestransactionsof VIPcustomers Home Deliveries personally. Ensure standardsforquality,customerservice,health,safety,legal andsecurity are met. Respondtocustomercomplaintsandcomments if itwasbelongof SC. Identifiescurrentandfuture customerrequirements,byestablishingrapportwithcustomerstounderstandservice requirements. Handle corporate salesvisits,like insurance companies,banks,hospitalsetc. Monitordailysalesfiguresincomparisonwithtargetsanddistributingindividual targets. Dailybriefingwith warehouse &amp;DCteam, torecap previousdayresultsandreviewcurrentdaytasks. AttendregularmeetingswithDirectAreaManagerandsubordinates. Maintainstaff attendance &amp;leavesandregularlyupdate HRsystemandHR Service Unitwithany misconduct. Maintainthe warehouse &amp;DCassetsi.e.machines,furniture,signage andfollowingupwith maintenance team. My last job my key responsibilities as below:- </li><li> 5. Achievesbusinessplan. Ensure service and housekeepingstandards are tocorporate requirements. prepared the yearly Budget for Warehouse &amp;DC from [HR - equipments KPKS -Maintenance. follow up the approved Budget for Warehouse &amp;DC operations and requirements. Decreased the non salable and damage stoke for the Warehouse &amp;DC. Full support for Warehouse &amp;DC team and mailing them as a team work. Full Training for the Warehouse &amp;DC team for Oracle using. Full Organized for the Warehouse &amp;DC as a storage area. Full implemented and fixed plan for Safety and security. implemented for top important training as a step for devolving the below employees:- 1- Operations team. 2- Home deliveries Team. 3- Forklift Operators. 4- W&amp;DC pickers. 5- Security team. 6- Vendors team for item handling and standers follow up. 7- Creating a plan for make standardization and symmetry in- between CO regional DCs improved the W&amp;DC Performance totally. improved the W&amp;DC accuracy from 56% at 2005 to 98 % at 2008 &amp;continuo forward. Full implementing and fixed plan for Safety and security. Designed &amp;Implemented public address system with W&amp;DC self team. Designed &amp;Implemented CCTV System. improved the Effachncy of operation for W&amp;DC fire alarm and fire fighting system Increasing the storage area at Jeddah and Khobar for more than 120%. Designed &amp;Implemented a lots of training the proposing of it is improving the team performance like: 1- Items installing correct way. 2- Item handling standers. 3- First Aid. 4- Safety at industrial locations. 5- Fir protections ways. 6- System applications. 7- Forklift operating safety picking and daily maintenance. 8- Communication skills for Home delivery team. 9- Team turns in emergency cases. AutoCAD 2004. Couching and Supervision. Designed &amp;Implemented a lots of training the proposing of it is improving the team performance like: Performance Management Skills. Managing Employees Performance. Health &amp;Safety. Inventory Control Work Shop. My last job key Accomplishments Success &amp; projects as below:- My last Courses &amp; Training as below:- </li></ol>