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MY CAREER PATHS. VLADIMIR DEMIDYUK The University of Manchester. Moscow State University. Established in 1755. Moscow State University - History. T he oldest Russian institution of higher education, Moscow University was established in 1755. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • MY CAREER PATHSVLADIMIR DEMIDYUKThe University of Manchester

  • Moscow State University

    Established in 1755

  • Moscow State University - HistoryThe oldest Russian institution of higher education, Moscow University was established in 1755. In 1940 it was named after Academician Mikhail Lomonosov (1711 - 1765), an outstanding Russian scientist, who greatly contributed to the establishment of the university in Moscow.

  • Moscow State University. 17553 departments:Department of PhilologyDepartment of MedicineDepartment of Law

    Less than 100 students

  • Moscow State University. 1798500 students

  • Moscow State University. 195329departments, 15research institutes. 40,000 students.

  • Moscow State UniversityFaculty of Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics Faculty of Physics Faculty of Chemistry Faculty of Biology Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics Faculty of Soil Science Faculty of Geology Faculty of Geography Faculty of Materials Science Faculty of Fundamental Medicine Faculty of World PoliticsFaculty of History Faculty of Philology Faculty of Philosophy Faculty of Economics Higher School of Business Administration Faculty of Law Faculty of Journalism Faculty of Psychology The Institute of Asian and African Studies Faculty of Sociology Faculty of Foreign Languages Faculty of Public Administration Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts

  • Moscow State UniversityNobel Prize Winners

    Nikolay Semenov - Chemistry, 1956Igor Tamm Physics, 1958Ilya Frank - Physics, 1958Boris Pasternak Literature, 1958Lev Landau Physics, 1962Andrey Sakharov - Peace Prize, 1975Petr Kapitza Physics, 1978Mikhail Gorbachev - Peace Prize, 1990Vitaliy Ginzburg - Physics, 2003Alexey Abrikosov - Physics, 2003

  • Moscow State UniversityMy career paths at Moscow University were:

    09/1981- 06/1986 Student.11/1986 - 12/1989 Post-graduate Student.01/1990 - 09/1994. Research Fellow.09/1994 - 09/1999. Assistant Professor.09/1999 - 01/2000. Associate Professor.

  • INHA University, KoreaEstablished in 1954

  • INHA University

    College of EngineeringCollege of Natural ScienceCollege of Economics &TradeCollege of Business AdministrationCollege of EducationCollege of LawCollege of Social SciencesCollege of HumanitiesCollege of Human EcologyCollege of Medicine18,000 students 10 Departments

  • Funding in KoreaFunding for Applied Research

  • Funding in Korea

  • Funding in Korea

  • Funding in Korea(1-2 years)

  • INHA UniversityDepartment of Mechanical Engineering 2000-2005

    Research fields:heterogeneous catalysis application of plasma and photocatalysis to environmental pollution control.

  • Research. Air cleaning.

    Plasma-Catalyst Hybrid system was created and investigated in air cleaning process.

    It was found that plasma treatment could be successfully applied for indoor air cleaning.

  • Air cleaning

  • Air cleaningToluene decompositionAmmonia decomposition

  • Air cleaningOzone formation in Plasma-catalytic system CO formation

  • Air cleaningNegative ions formation in Plasma System

  • Air cleaning

  • Air cleaning

    SUDO Premium Engineering Co., Ltd KOREA

  • Air cleaning. Prototype

  • Air cleaning. Portable models

  • Air cleaning. Duct type

  • Air cleaning. Application

  • Air cleaning. Application

  • Air cleaning. Application

  • Air cleaning. Application

  • Air cleaning. Application

  • Marie Curie FellowshipWhat is a mechanism of plasma-catalytic decomposition?What is a synergy effect in plasma-catalytic treatment?How to improve the efficiency of plasma system?How to eliminate the disadvantages of plasma treatment (formation of by-products)?


    Prof. Whitehead The University of Manchester. October 2005

  • Conclusion The main important thing now is a practical application of the fundamental studies

    Nikolay Semenov Nobel Prize Winner, 1956