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  • 1. Costume 1 Male:Female:Jean, black coat, white top, brogues. I have used this outfit for the male to represent Arctic Monkeys lead singer Alex Turner. Alex Turner usually wears white shirts with a black blazer; therefore this outfit is representing this. There are also images of Alex Turner wearing similar a coat to what the male in my video is wearing. Brogues are indie, therefore this fits in with the genre of music and will help represent the audience. He also has a similar hairstyle to Alex turner which helps the audience relate the video to the band.I have chosen a similar coat for the female as it can also represent Alex Turners coat and fits in with the indie genre. She is wearing dark colours to make her stand out from the surroundings as your eyes are instantly drawn to the darkest part of the video as the surroundings are light. Therefore as she is the main character in this video it helps to focus on her.I am going to use similar clothing throughout the video to relate it to the band and to the genre; this makes it easier for the audience to relate to the music through clothing.