Music Magazine Review By Kyle Parkinson

Music magazine review double page spread

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Page 1: Music magazine review double page spread

Music Magazine Review

By Kyle Parkinson

Page 2: Music magazine review double page spread

Double Page Spread

Page 3: Music magazine review double page spread

The main factor of the double page spread is the picture. This is the main focus and what they are trying to get people to look at. The reader will decide if they will read the article based on their first opinions of the picture. The connotation is that they are all staring at you enforcing a concentration onto the reader. The denotation is that they were asked to look into the camera.

The title is quite large so you can see straight away who the band is and make your decision to read on or not. It is also black will a white background, which help make it easier for people with dyslexia read the article. This will give the magazine a more professional feel to it as it is covering a wider audience.

The main colour scheme is blue and black. But there are other colours in the picture but they are faded into grey mostly. The beginning of paragraph in the article contain blue drop capitals this is to make parts of the article stand out. There is a cut out part of the article to give the reader a quick snippet to see what they are about to read and what it is about.

Page 4: Music magazine review double page spread

The title of the article is in three different sizes. the top part is the question in the title which is in two different colours, pink and white. This will help to make the page improved as the extra colour really adds a difference to the page. Also the answer to the question is written in white capital letters, which would show that the answer is the most important part of the title. Finally the little paragraph beneath the title will briefly explain what the article is about. It highlights the names and important. Parts in pink to pinpoint exactly what's going to be said.

The picture is really good as it matches the colour scheme exactly which could show that the singer blends in with the crowd. He is making eye contact with the reader which engages the audience making it seem that the article is aimed at specifically the reader.

The text in the article is clever. The questions asked by the magazine journalist are highlighted in white to show exactly what the singer is talking about without reading much. It also has a drop capital in the introduction which suggests the article is important. The colour scheme is white, pink, grey and black, this is used very well as the pink is used to make things stand out from anything else as its brighter and more eye catching.

Page 5: Music magazine review double page spread

The picture is the main influence on reading on here as it instantly shows who it is as it is a close up shot on Graham Coxon. He is making eye contact quite deeply which is trying to focus on the reader singling you out to make you important. His glasses are quite trendy which is keeping up with the modern audience and involving fashion which shows the magazine isn’t just about music.

The title also plays a big part as it is in numerous sizes which suggests some parts are more important than the others. It also is in different colours to make it more clear on stand out more to the reader. The connotation would suggest that the artist is different to the others and stands out more. The denotation is that it was designed this way to stand out and be clear.

The text is very small to suggest that the band isn’t that popular and is not one of the big bands. In the middle there is a drop capital to show that the band may have gotten more popular half way through to show they are rising to the top. The text also is written like a newspaper which people would see the connotation as formal and professional, the denotation would be that the text is written in strips to fill the page.