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  1. 1. Music Magazine Pitch
  2. 2. Music Magazine namesNoiseUp and ComingChartsSound
  3. 3. Target audienceAGE:Disposable income would16 21 years high as they donthave to pay Bills. And cansave there money to spendon popular brands.EDUCATION: I think thisage range will probably OCCUPATION:be student in eitherStudents, Partcollege or university and time jobs andpossibly in part time / fulltime work orUnemployment.unemployed.DEMOGRAPHICS: D and E.MEDIA INTEREST: GENDER: I Think mainly WomenTV, Internet and Social and maybe a few men.networking
  4. 4. My magazine is going to have articles and reviews of newpop music and the the charts. And it will feature articles andreviews of new unsigned artists so it advertises the newpotential. And interviews the new unsigned artists.
  5. 5. I want my magazine stand out with bright colours and unusual fonts and stuff that makes it appealing to the target audience and which connotes pop music.I want my music magazineto be informal so it isnthard to read and onewhich is chatty andinformal but I want it tocaptivate the audience sothey want to read thearticles.I want my double pagearticle to be broken upso its not just text Iwant pictures that arerelevant to what thearticle is about.