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<ul><li><p>What sets you apart from other photographers?</p><p>MMany couples tell us that theyre worried theyll be so busy </p><p>on their wedding day, that they wont have time to enjoy it. </p><p>With so many guests visiting and there to celebrate, I know </p><p>that you don't want to miss a single moment! Portraits are </p><p>important, but so is embracing and enjoying the day with </p><p>your loved ones. </p><p>AAt Muschlitz Photography, we specialize in making sure that </p><p>every couple will enjoy more time celebrating and less time </p><p>posing. Thats why we work with you in advance of your </p><p>wedding to develop a timeline for your day that will get you </p><p>to the party sooner so that you can celebrate!</p><p>What is your photographic style?</p><p>We're the perfect balance of classic photography and true </p><p>phophotojournalism: capturing the moments you expect and </p><p>the ones that you will never want to forget. We focus on </p><p>captucapturing authentic interactions between people and </p><p>things as they happen. We love to photograph laughter, </p><p>tears of joy, and warm embraces. Maybe it's our background </p><p>in photojournalism that has us looking for things on the </p><p>sidelines that you might otherwise miss. Or maybe it's just </p><p>our love for people that has us attuned to looking for those </p><p>little special moments. If our images connect with you, then </p><p>you'll you'll know it's your style. </p><p>Do you take traditional family photos at the wedding too?</p><p>Absolutely! In fact, we believe that family photos are one of </p><p>the most important parts of the wedding day. It's not every </p><p>day that both sides of the family gather together. The family </p><p>portraits are a small part of the day, but one we wouldn't </p><p>want to miss!</p><p>FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS</p></li><li><p>Magazine_001Magazine_002Magazine_003Magazine_004Magazine_005Magazine_006-Magazine_007-Magazine_008Magazine_009Magazine_009-pg2Magazine_011-newMagazine_012</p></li></ul>