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  • December 9, 2011 MEDICAL UNIVERSITY of SOUTH CAROLINA Vol. 30, No. 17

    Holiday Lights

    MUSC doctor takes strong advocacy stance in D.C.Hoping to shed more light on the causes behind

    drug shortages that are having a critical impacton the delivery of quality health care, an MUSCphysician delivered testimony in Washingon, D.C.,to prompt legislative action.Between 2005 and 2010, the number of

    prescription drug shortages nearly tripled in theUnited States, according to the written testimony ofMichelle Hudspeth, M.D., the division director ofpediatric hematology and oncology.

    The current situation is nothing short of amassive national emergency, she said. To readmore of her testimony that was highlighted by the

    American Society of Clinical Oncology, visit see a video on the hearing and the Drug

    Shortage Crisis: Lives are in the Balance, visit Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) sent out his

    weekly email to his constituents Dec. 1. He focusedon the hearing and Hudspeths testimony. To seethe House committee documents: said she believes in being proactive.

    Let's hope we can be part of turning this terriblesituation around.

    Dr. Michelle Hudspeth testifies at a hearing Nov. 30 inWashington, D.C.

    MUSCs Nov.30 tree lightingceremonyfeatured avisit fromSanta, songs,and a specialflashmob dance(pictured above)by ChildrensHospitalemployees.

  • 2 The CaTalysT, December 9, 2011

    The Catalyst is published once a week.Paid adver tisements, which do notrepresent an endorsement by MUSCor the State of South Carolina, arehandled by Island Publications Inc. ,Moultrie News, 134 Columbus St. ,Charleston, S.C., 843-849-1778 or843-958-7490. E-mail: [email protected]

    Editorial of ficeMUSC Office of Public Relations135 Cannon Street, Suite 403C,Charleston, SC 29425.843-792-4107Fax: 843-792-6723

    Editor: Kim [email protected]

    Catalyst staff:Cindy Abole, [email protected] Brazell, [email protected]

    Applause ProgramThe following employees received recog-nition through the Applause Program forgoing the extra mile:

    Medical CenterRoss Sherman, Dietetic Srvs; StevenWhite, Patient Transportation; Jacque-line Smith, Womens Services; TerriMassey, Safety & Security/Volunteer& Guest Srvs; Lane Elsey, Safety & Se-curity/Volunteer & Guest Srvs; Ken-dra Ostrander, Medical Records; DorisThomas, Medical Records; Eric Mathe-son, Family Medicine; Frances Washing-ton, Radiology; Kelly Lewis, Radiology;Alexandra Hyatt, 6W; Misty Kahmke,6W; Rie Reid, 6W; Dottie Weiss, 6W;Rebecca Hank, 6W; Amelia Hoak, 6E;Elaine Sola, 6E; Catherine Gaillard, Ra-diology; Philip Egloff, Retail Pharmacy;Michelle Vareltzis, Radiology; SusanBarnes, Referral Call Center; John Da-vis, Radiology; Kellie Adams, Radiology;Brittni Carnes, Speech Language Pathol-ogy; Holly Drechsler, Otolaryngology;Bonnie Vasenda, HCC; Keisuke Shirai,Hematology/Oncology; KellyLee Lucas,Urology; Melissa Youngblood, GI; Juli-ana Akers, DDSL; Lashunda Laboard,4E; Roberta Whetsell, 7A; Lorena Del-grosso, 7A; Carolyn Zaccardo, 7A; Lau-ren Ruthven, 7A; Carolyn Smith, Di-etetic Srvs; Queen Bowens, RespiratoryTherapy; Elizabeth Lynn, Meduflex; An-gela Choi, Residents OB/GYN; RobertaLockwood, 5W; Terry Moore, Environ-mental Srvs; Laura Haley, PCICU; Lo-ryn Krooner, PCICU; Fletcher Springer,Radiology; Erica Adams, Pathology &Laboratory; Marcye Brown, Radiology;Debra Clontz, Radiology; Anne Brom-ley, MedSurg; Marguerite Cappuccio,Vascular Lab; Mary Washington, Cardi-ology; Juliann Wright, Meduflex; SteveZinna, Environmental Services; MirandaChristy, 7W; Susan Bynum, 6E; CarleyEvans, Speech Pathology; Debra Gor-don, Psychiatry; Shelia Bryant, PatientTransport; Gretchen Rivers, Psychiatry;Lisa Hunninghake, Psychiatry; MaryLane, Psychiatry; Donna Oden, Diag-nostic Microbiology; Michelle Cooper,Peds Hem/Onc; Norma Evans, MedicalRecords; Cherise Pelzer, Medical Re-cords; Mike Snyder, Safety & Security;Artemas Burns, Patient Transport; DeonLadson, Environmental Srvcs; MarquitaMungin, Patient Transport; Ross Sher-man, Dietetic Srvs; Tiombe Plair, Social

    MUSC Bone & Joint Center; GeoffreyCormier, University Press; Dustin Hedg-peth, College of Dental Medicine; Chris-topher Merrell and staff, OrthopaedicSurgery;Gale ONeal,Human Resources;Wally Renne, College of Dental Medi-cine; and Thomas Sadowski, Pharmacy.


    Work; Erin Bevivino, Adult ED; Rod-ney Tyler, James Island PT/OT; NickBrewer, Adult ED; Gilbert Gilmore,Maintenance; Kelly Keiter, ChildrensSrvs; Christina Sweatman, 8W; JohnettaBuncum, 8W; Erica Adams, Pathology& Laboratory; Mary Morgan, SEI; Da-vid Callahan, Engineering & Facilities;Rebecca Ladson, Environmental Srvs;Courtney Magwood, HCC; KimberlyAnderson, Transplant; Shannon Riv-ers, Transplant; Chris Hairfield, Trans-plant; Paul Herndon, Transplant; SylviaChapman-Shrock, Transplant; LibbyWoodward, Womens Srvs; Sharon An-crum, Venipuncture; Gary Gilkeson,Rheumatology & Immunology; HerbertLove, PAS; Joan Ancrum, Patient Trans-portation; Annie Williams, Pre/Post An-thesia; Tricia Crocker, Pharmacy; KevinLee, OR; Linda Washington, BusinessOps; Cathy Quashie, Womens Srvs;Reid Marmillion, Respiratory Therapy;Dennis White, Safety & Security/Volun-teer & Guest Srvs; Lucretia Wilson, GI;Wilhelmina Thompson, Pre-Op; DonNelson, GI; Diane Graves, MedSurg;Kate Miccichi, MedSurg; Elizabeth Hen-derson, Venipuncture; Elice Graham,Medical Records; Tanya Thompson, 6E;Elaine Sola, 6E; Lisa Mahoney,WomensSrvs; Edwin Smith, Rheumatology &Immunology; Deidre Williams, Peri-Anesthesia; Michell Clarke, DDC; BettsBishop, 6W; Eric Matheson, FamilyMedicine; Queen Haynes, Family Medi-cine; Tara Dais, Family Medicine; SusanTilley, Family Medicine; Valerie Weeks,Safety & Security/Volunteer & GuestSrvs; Kalee Smith, 9E; Reginald Harney,Patient Transport; Fred Scruggs, 10W;Julia Morton, 7W; Lamont Brown, Envi-ronmental Srvs;Chenaithea Greene, 8W;John Carson, 10W; Toschua Thomas,10W; Melvena Nelson, EnvironmentalSrvs; Vanessa Mitchell, Medical Records;Cherise Pelzer, Medical Records; ErikaSampson, Newborn-Special Care Nurs-ery;George Simon,Hem/Onco; andMe-lissa Brown, Clinical Effectiveness.

    From left: MUSC Vice President for Academic Affairs and ProvostDr. Mark Sothmann; Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla(BUAP) Dental School Dean Dr. Jorge Albicker; MUSC PresidentDr. Ray Greenberg; and College of Dental Medicine Dean Dr. JackSanders renew a scientific cooperation agreement between theschools Nov. 21. The collaboration was initiated in 1999 as part of aneffort supporting craniofacial genetics for both BUAP undergraduateand post graduate students in Puebla, Mexico. Dental faculty taughtcraniofacial genetics courses and reviewed craniofacial disorder casesand diagnoses with students. In turn, the dental school hosted BUAPfaculty and pediatric dentistry residents. This agreement allows bothinstitutions to continue their collaboration in joint activities.

    Dental partnership between MUSC, Mexico

    Diversity office seeking nominations for Higgins awardsMUSCs Office of Student Diversity

    is accepting nominations for the Earl B.Higgins Awards 2012.Established to honor a former

    director of minority affairs, the awardacknowledges persistence and dedicationto positive contributions to diversityenhancement on campus.Submissions must be received

    by 5 p.m., Feb. 3. The form maybe downloaded from http:// submissions to [email protected] are recommended. However,packets may also be submitted via faxand mail. Winners will be announcedMarch 2. For information, call WilletteBurnham at 792-2146 or [email protected] awards will be presented at a

    reception April 4 at the Wickliffe House.

  • The CaTalysT, December 9, 2011 3

    Evaluation system to featureintegrated login, web portalBy Cindy aBole

    Public Relations

    See PorTal on page 10

    Changes to E*ValueIntegrated Login

    What is happening?A new portal for logging into E*Valueby use of your MUSC NetID.

    Why is this happening?Reduce the number of user IDs a personneeds to remember to access systemsthat are important to you.

    Who will be affected?Anyone at MUSC who presentlyaccesses E*Value by logging in at thevendors homepage,

    Where will this site be located?The dedicated webpage will be foundat Users willlog in to this page using their MUSCNet ID. Although go-live for NetID-integrated login begins Feb. 1, interestedusers can try it now at and update their bookmarks.

    When will this take place?The start date is targeted forWednesday, Feb. 1.

    How can questions be answered?There is a FAQ section on the MUSCE*Value portal, or individuals may contact theircollege or programs workplace E*Valuecoordinator.

    In the journey to prepare future healthcare professionals, assessment of astudents learning experiences andperformances is a valuable part of theeducational experience. Starting Feb. 1the E*Value system will be upgraded tobe more user-friendly.E*Value allows students to share

    timely, constructive feedback abouttheir classroom and patient experiencesfor required evaluations. For faculty,the system manages monitors andmeasures student performance. Morethan 40 medical and osteopathic medicalcolleges across the U.S. use this healthcare education management system tomonitor institutional effectiveness.The system upgrade will provide an

    integrated login. Using an individualsNet ID and MNA password, users will beable to access a new internal homepagelinking them to required evaluations,tools, resources and

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