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Multitudes [Screenplay]

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screenplay, script, movie, clones, cloning, embryology, laboratory, thriller, action, tension, identity, conspiracy

Text of Multitudes [Screenplay]

  • Multitudes



    April 2010

    Logline: While trapped in a laboratory complex, tensionbuilds between two men who eerily resemble each other as

    questions of identity and conspiracy emerge.

    Federal law provides severecivil and criminal penaltiesfor unauthorized reproduction,distribution, or exhibitionof copyrighted materials.


    The revolving door spins frantically as, one by one, a crowdof men and women leave the Institute at the end of theirworkday, all displaying the same tired and wary expressionand all with the same brisk, purposeful walk. Theres aneeriness about it, as if despite their surface differences,somehow all the multitudes of workers are exactly thesame. Like clones. Perfect clones.

    TITLE OVER: "Multitudes"


    A tired-looking man is sitting anxiously on a couch in theZavos Institutes sleek lobby. He is staring intently at anearby zen garden filled with rocks raked in several long,twisty lines, but his inaudible muttering suggests that hismind is on something else.

    The RECEPTIONIST taps him on the shoulder. The man jumps.RECEPTIONIST

    Jim? Jim Ral?

    JIMGod, you scared me.

    RECEPTIONISTIm sorry, sir. Mr. Jung is readyfor you now. Please follow me.

    JIMYeah, sure.

    JIM stands and follows the receptionist toward an elevator.


    DR. JUNG is at his desk reading. His office is a peculiarmixture of the traditional -- bookshelves, certificates, anameplate embossed with his name in gold, Dr. Jem M.Jung -- and the more modern and scientific, fitting for apartner at such a high-profile research institute.

    He shuts his book and looks up. Jim is sitting nervously onthe other side of the desk.



  • CONT: (2) 2.


    JUNGDid you bring your resume?

    JIMOh. Yeah, Ive got it with me.

    Jim digs through his pocket and pulls out a crumpled-upsheet of paper. Jim flattens it out on the desk, runs ahand over it to try to smooth it, and places it in Jungsoutstretched hand.

    Jung spends a second glancing at the messy scrap of paper,and then tosses it in the garbage.

    JUNGFine. When can you start?


    JUNGIts fine; your resumes fine. Sowhen can you start?

    JIMThats it? Im hired?

    JUNGYoure hired.

    JIMYou dont want to know about my jobexperience, or how far I am ingetting my masters, or...

    JUNGOkay, Ill bite. Exactly how closeare you to getting your masters?


    A year. Its for bio-physiology...

    JUNGGreat, fine, good. Can you starttomorrow? Because we really needanother lab assistant, and Im sureyou need your lab experience orwhatever it is you came herefor. Its a win-win


  • CONT: (3) 3.

    JUNG (cont)situation. God, I hate thatphrase.

    JIMA job.


    JIMI came here for a job.

    JUNGI figured as much. And Im tellingyou that youre hired. Jim,listen. I see a lot of myself inyou. Can you understand that?

    JIMI... Im not really sure, I mean --

    JUNGJim, I want you to starttomorrow. So tell me. Can you dothat?

    JIMYeah, I can start tomorrow.


    Dr. Jung stands and walks around the desk. Jim is confusedat first, but then awkwardly stands and extends his hand toshake with Dr. Jung.

    JUNG (cont)Im afraid Ill have todecline. Things in a laboratoryshould always be kept... hygienic.Im sure you understand.

    Jim retracts his hand.

    JIMOh, uh, of course.

    JUNGWell, I must be going. Feel freeto stay. We keep no secretshere. And Jim, before I leave, Ineed to tell you


  • CONT: (4) 4.

    JUNG (cont)something. Somethingimportant. Listen up. Are youlistening?

    JIMYeah, sure.

    JUNGJim, I want you to think of thiscompany as your family. We allwork together here. One commonpurpose. And youre our newestmember. Welcome to the family,Jim.


    Jung gives the slightest hint of a smile and then walksbriskly out of his office. Jim tries to relax in his chair,but he is still dazed from the odd nature of the interview.

    Jim glances around the room at the various gadgets. A greenpod on the bookshelf catches his eye, and he walks over toget a closer look. Curious, he reaches out a tentative handand touches the pod.

    Nothing happens. Jim walks over to a window and looks downinto the lobby where he was waiting before. All the crowdshave already left, and the lobby is left completely empty,except for Jung, who is making his way across the room andtoward the revolving doors. Jim watches as he leaves.

    Turning back away from the window, Jim heads for the door.


    The corridor is quiet and empty. Several doors line thewalls, but all are shut. One door opens. Jim cautiouslysteps out, glances down the hallway, and walks to one end.

    He arrives at the elevator. He presses the call button andwaits for the elevator. It comes quickly. Jim steps in.


    Jim presses the "L" button. It lights up, and the doorsshut. As the elevator begins to descend into the lobby, Jimnotices another button, marked with an the letter B. Hisfinger slowly moves toward it, tracing the buttons surface


  • CONT: (2) 5.

    gently. The button begins to glow, and Jim instantly dropshis finger. The button dims again, and its back to normal.

    The elevator opens into the empty lobby. Jim steps out.


    Jim walks across the lobby to the revolving door, just asJung had. When hes almost there, Jim glances back andstops. He changes direction and heads for the zen garden.

    Jim places his feet at the edge of the rocks. Like a guiltycriminal, he glances around, though theres no one in thebuilding. Then, he cautiously steps into the garden. As hewalks toward the center of the garden, his feet tarnish theperfectly racked lines of rocks.

    Once he reaches the center, Jim kneels down. He picks up asingle rock and turns it around in his hands. Itsperfectly smooth and round. He picks up another. Itsidentical in every way to the first.

    MANS VOICEAmazing isnt it?

    Jim jumps, far more startled than the receptionist had madehim earlier. He looks rapidly around the room. He spotsthe source of the voice: a man leaning against the elevatordoor.

    MANThe stones, I mean. Theyre allexactly the same. Perfect.

    Jim has begun to recover from his shock.


    MANI said, the stones look strange,dont they? Similar?

    JIMYeah. I guess they do.

    The man chuckles and begins to slowly walk toward the zengarden.

    MANSo what are you doing here?


  • CONT: (2) 6.

    JIMI had a job interview.

    MANNo, I mean, what are you doing, youknow, in the rocks? I take it youdidnt see the sign?

    The man nods to a sign on a nearby wall: Walking in the zengarden is strictly prohibited.

    JIMOh, sorry...

    MANDont apologize. I dont workhere. I wont turn you in.

    JIMWell, thanks.

    (beat)Do you know where everyone went?

    MANHome, probably. I cant imagineanyone wanting to stay here anylonger than they must.

    Jim nods. Theres a short, awkward silence.

    MAN (cont)Are you going to kneel there allnight?

    JIMOh, no. Thanks.

    Jim gets up and walks out of the zen garden. The man isalready at the gardens edge, and offers his hand toJim. Jim shakes it, happy to be accepted this time.

    MANIm Jimmy. Jimmy Vorilhorn.


    JIMMYYeah. Why?

    JIMNo, nothing. Im Jim Ral.


  • CONT: (3) 7.

    JIMMYAh, I see. Jim and Jimmy. What acoincidence.

    JIMMY squints at Jim.

    JIMMY (cont)You know, we even look like wecould be brothers or something.

    Its true. Jimmy has the same basic facial features as Jim:the same hair color, eye color, and build. Even so, theylook fairly distinct. Jims face is etched with theproducts of sleeplessness, and his hair is somewhatragged. His tie is loose, and his shirt disheveled.

    Jimmy, on the other hand, is clean-cut. He too is wearing ashirt and tie, but they seem almost freshly pressed, and hishair and face are well-groomed. A playful expression dancesabout his face.

    Both are devastatingly beautiful.

    JIMSomehow, I doubt that.

    JIMMYSo how did your interview go?

    JIMFine, I guess.


    JIMWell what?

    JIMMYWell, did you get the job?


    JIMMYThats not very enthusiastic.

    JIMNo, no, Im glad I got it. Itsjust... the interview was a littleweird.


  • CONT: (4) 8.

    JIMMYWho interviewed you?

    JIMDr. Jung.

    JIMMYI dont know him.

    JIMReally? I thought he ran thisplace or something.

    JIMMYCould be. I dont work here.

    JIMAh. Sorry.

    JIMMYNo need toapologize. Seriously. Workinghere is the last thing Id want todo.

    JIMThat makes me feel great.

    JIMMYNo, not that this is a bad place towork -- well, maybe it is, I guessI wouldnt know -- but doingresearch every day would just boreme to death.

    JIMYou dont find it interesting? Thefrontiers of a new science?

    JIMMYWell, when you put it that way...

    (laughs)No, not really. Its not really mything.

    JIMSo why are you here?

    Jimmy pauses.

    JIM (cont)Sorry. I shouldnt haveasked. Its none of my business.


  • CONT: (5) 9.

    JIMMYNo, no, you told me about yourinterview; its my turn now. Iman architect. The institute hiredme to remodel some of thisbuilding.

    JIMIt doesnt look like it needsremodeling.

    JIMMYNo, it doesnt, does it? Buttheyre paying me, so Im notexactly about to tell themthat. Besides, this isnt where Ihave to