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  • 8/14/2019 Multiplex extruder


    Tyre Technology For eFFecTive producTion

    Multiplex Extrusion Lines

  • 8/14/2019 Multiplex extruder


    in pArTnerShip WiTh induSTry

    KraussMaei is a premium partner

    or the plastics and rubber processing industries


    Electrical / electronicsMedical / pharmaceuticalConstructionWhite goodsAutomotive

    Whatever you aim to achieve in plastics or rubber

    processing, KraussMaei is your partner. We are

    the only company with intensive expertise across

    the three main engineering felds. And we have a

    strong track record in integrating this expertise to

    develop new processes and systems.

    ra f a a

    Our Injection Moulding Technology Division

    supplies machines and systems or standard and

    special applications, very large machines and ully

    automated solutions. Our main markets are in the

    automotive, packaging, electrical, electronics, medi-

    cal technology and consumer goods industries.

    Our Reaction Process Machinery Division supplies

    machines and complete systems or processing

    polyurethanes and other reactive materials.

    Completing our product portolio, Tooling

    Technologies supplies oam moulds, cutters and

    routers. Our customer base is wide, with a ocus

    on the automotive, construction and white

    appliances industries.

    Our Extrusion Technology Division supplies

    machinery and systems or compounding, or pipe,

    prole and sheet extrusion, physical oaming, and

    the production o technical rubbers and inter-

    mediates or tire production. Machinery rom the

    companys range rom single extruders to

    complete extrusion lines is used in many

    industries, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals,

    automotive, construction, urniture and packaging.

    p f pasts

    We are the people or plastics. We are your

    partners rom the rst exploratory discussion,

    through development to commissioning, servicingand operating your system, and nal disposal. At all

    times, you are assured o outstanding competence

    in planning and engineering, as well as reliable and

    ast spare parts, service and support.

    A a f stms

    We put our expertise to work or your success.

    With machine ranges engineered or modularity,

    we can deliver application-specifc solutions

    based on our wide range o standard modules and

    specially engineered solutions. This strategy oers

    customers technical and cost advantages.

    cs t stms a t w

    As an international company, KraussMaei has a

    presence in all the major markets or the plastics

    and rubber processing industries and employs over

    3,000 people worldwide. Our sales and service

    network keeps us close to all our customers around

    the world.

  • 8/14/2019 Multiplex extruder



    Combining excellent product quality with

    maximum production output Multiplex

    extrusion lines

    As an expert partner for the tyre manufacturing

    industry; KraussMaffei Berstorff delivers complete

    leading-edge systems for the production of tyre

    components. Our goal is to offer the made-to-measure

    solutions you need to succeed in todays fast moving


    In our product portolio you fnd Multiplex extrusion

    lines with the highest output-rates in the market.

    Proven engineering power, unrivalled technological

    expertise, numerous patented developments and

    active participation in the production processes of

    the tyre manufacturers testify to the innovative

    character of our machinery and made us what we

    are today: the world leader in this technology.

  • 8/14/2019 Multiplex extruder


    Seite Multiplex Extrusion Lines

    MulTiplex exTruSion lineS

    High technology, high quality, high output

    The automotive vehicle tyre is a high-perormance

    precision unit. The requirements o saety, com-

    ort, economy and environmental compatibility

    demand a high level o quality in every single tyre


    For the manuacturer, this means the application o

    technologies, which combine excellent quality with

    high output.

    KraussMaei Berstors response to this challenge

    is the delivery o complete high-tech extrusion lines

    or the production o tyre components.

    Our know-how matured over decades, our own

    patented developments and our active participationin the innovative processes o the tyre manuacturers

    all go to make us an expert partner or the industry.

    The demands and expectations o our customers

    are met with closely-targeted advice, highly-develo-

    ped project management methods, computer-aided

    component design and state-o-the-art manuactu-

    ring and application-specic commissioning.

    Our Technical Centres oer practical pre-contract

    support with production-scale machinery and labo-

    ratories with inspection and testing acilities. Trials

    are conducted under real conditions to secure the

    basis or each investment. The result is customer

    satisaction right rom the outset.

    High-tech extrusion lines with the highest output

    rates conrm our position as the world leader in

    this technology as all the signicant manuacturersproduce their tyres on KraussMaei Berstor




    Belt layer 1

    Belt layer 2



    Tread compound





    Rim cushion




    Bead wire

  • 8/14/2019 Multiplex extruder


    Preline Seite

    MulTiplex uniTS For pre-ASSeMbly

    Pre-assembly: precision in detail

    Pre-assembly defnes the level o the production

    technology. This is because pre-assembly of

    passenger car and truck tyres utilises al l the

    reserves o rationalisation, whilst simultaneously

    raisng the tyre component quality to a high level.

    KraussMaei Berstor machines are designed in

    concept to meet the special demands o the manu-

    acture o semi-fnished components. Duplex,

    Triplex and Quadroplex extrusion sets guarantee

    precise combination o the dierent components,

    totally ree o air inclusions. The end result is

    always more than the sum o the individual parts

    here is component technology in perection,

    allowing signicant rationalisation by reducing

    the number o working stages on the tyre buildingmachines.

    Extrusion Passenger TruckExtrusion Passenger TruckHead Product car tyres tyresHead Product car tyres tyres

    DuplexDuplex Sidewall + rim strip Cap + base

    2-component apex

    TriplexTriplex Cap, base, wings Cap, base, cushion Black sidewall, rim strip, shoulder pad

    QuadroplexQuadroplex Cap, base, wings, cushion

    2 x cap, base, wings White sidewall, rim strip, shoulder pad Cap CushionWings Base

  • 8/14/2019 Multiplex extruder



    MulTiplex lineS

    Quality and perormance

    without compromise

    All tyre makers are seeking ever-tighter manu-

    acturing tolerances, whilst throughput rates are

    steadily rising.

    KraussMaei Berstor extrusion lines are concei-

    ved or high product quality and maximum output

    and are equipped with extruders o dierent types

    (GE-SC or GE-KS) and sizes.

    The modular design makes or rapid recongura-

    tion to suit the mode o operation Mono, Duplex,

    Triplex or Quadroplex.

    KraussMaei Berstor Multiplex extrusion sets are

    designed in a piggy-back arrangement to achieve

    the highest product quality through symmetrical

    material fow in the head. In addition, the compact

    design makes or real space savings. A urther

    eature to satisy the quality requirements is the

    special design o the fow channels in the extrusion

    head. These ensure a very gentle, even material

    transer rom the round section at the extruder

    outlet to the rectangular fat orm o the prole. In

    addition, the changes in direction o the material

    fow in the fow channel are kept to a minimum.

    All stages o the process are controled by a monito-

    ring system, thus ensuring operational security.

    Throughput rates o up to 10,000 kg/h or about

    30,000 passenger car treads per day are achieved

    with these modern extrusion lines.

    Flow channels in the Multiplex extrusion head

    Pre-assembly o a

    Multiplex extrusion set

    Multiplex Lines

  • 8/14/2019 Multiplex extruder


    Preline Seite

  • 8/14/2019 Multiplex extruder



    MulTiplex exTruSion heAdS And ToolS

    Versatile and efcient:

    systemised head operation

    The range o dierent tyres dictates the require-

    ments or changing the compound, dimensions

    and programs run on any production line, whilst

    the extrusion head determines the quality and

    eciency o the tyre production.

    Multiplex extrusion heads rom KraussMaei

    Berstor represent the state o the art with

    working widths up to 850 mm or up to 2 treads

    in one production pass

    locking orces up to 10,000 kN

    connection o up to our extruders o dierent

    types and sizes

    To achieve rapid change times or dierent prole

    dimensions, KraussMaei Berstor have two


    Casset te changer unit on the operator side,

    consisting o a housing and a vertical sliding unit

    on either cassette. One housing is in production,

    whilst the other is in the preparation position.