MUH 2019 (section 0001) “American Popular Musicâ€‌ (Fall 2014, Class # 81325)

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MUH 2019 (section 0001) “American Popular Music” (Fall 2014, Class # 81325). Nicholson School of Communication Building (NSC), Room 0101 3:00 pm-4:15 pm (Tues-Thurs). Instructor: Scott Warfield Associate Professor of Music History Office: PAC M 227. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of MUH 2019 (section 0001) “American Popular Musicâ€‌ (Fall 2014,...

  • MUH 2019(section 0001)American Popular Music(Fall 2015, Class # 81995)Classroom Building I (CB1), Room 01213:00 pm-4:15 pm (Tues-Thurs)

  • Instructor: Scott WarfieldAssociate Professor of Music HistoryOffice: PAC M 227

    Graduate Teaching Assistant: Ms. Catheryn Van Kley Office: PAC M 203

  • Syllabus(& other Important Points)3 credits - may count toward GEP # 2.B. (check your catalog and speak to your advisor)Textbook & Other MaterialsCommunication (email, web pages, etc.)Testing and GradingClass Procedures and Decorum, etc.Final Details (Academic Integrity, SDS, etc.)

  • Some Important Web PagesMy home web page : Scott Warfield's Home page (google my name to find)MUH 2019 home web page : MUH 2019 - "American Popular Music..." - links to: Syllabus, Daily Assignments, Publishers Web Site, (my) Review Sheets, PowerPoint Slides, etc.Bookmark or add to your Favorites

  • TEXTBOOKREQUIRED4th Edition ONLYUCF Bookstore or.?- Buy - Rent (?)- Borrow (this edition)Download Access Card (for 60 audio examples)REQUIRED

  • FRIENDLY ALERTThursday, 27 Auugst 2015, beginning of classShort Pre-Test (no STUDYING required)General background and music knowledgeYour Score irrelevantCounts as extra credit for course (1-2 points)Bring Strawberry scantrons and #2 pencilMust complete to qualify for Financial Aid

  • American Popular MusicWhat is it?

  • AmericanUnited States of America (only)

  • What is Popular? from The Oxford English DictionaryEtymology: classical Latin populris (adjective) of or belonging to the people as a whole, belonging to or used by ordinary people, available to the whole community, of the common people, supporting or professing to support the interests of the common people, liked or admired by many people

  • OED definitions (selected)3a. Of, relating to, deriving from, or consisting of ordinary people or the people as a whole; generated by the general public; democratic.4. Of cultural activities or products.4a. Intended for or suited to the understanding or taste of ordinary people, esp. as opposed to specialists in a field; spec. (of literature, etc.) intended for and directed at a general readership.4b. Adapted to the means of ordinary people; low or moderate in price.

  • More OED definitions7a. Liked or admired by many people, or by a particular person or group.7b. Designating forms of art, music, or culture with general appeal; intended primarily to entertain, please, or amuse. Cf. sense A. 4, popular culture n.

    (Hint: 4 is best for this course)

  • Starr & Waterman defineIn this book we use the term popular music broadly to indicate music that is mass-reproduced and disseminated via the mass media, that has at various times been listened to by large numbers of Americans, and that typically draws upon a variety of preexisting musical traditions.(textbook, p. 6)

  • thus, popular music is:1. mass-produced and mass-disseminated (requires some sort of technology)2. listened to (used and consumed) by large numbers of people (in the U.S.) (now or in the past)3. generally based on a variety of (pre-existing) musical traditions

  • Five ThemesListening CriticallyMusic and IdentityMusic and TechnologyMusic is a BusinessMusic has Centers and Peripheries (places)

  • Chapter 1 Themes and StreamsCourse GoalsThink CRITICALLY about Music (A duck hearspeople listen)Learn the history and context of this music (who makes it and uses it, and why.)Learn many of the styles of U.S. popular music from the 1840s to the recent past

  • Music and Identity(Theme 2)What music do YOU listen to? (and why THOSE sounds?)Music is a Learned Behavior (and differs by communities). (My songs vs. Your songs)Music identifies (among many others): ethnicity, race, gender, age, and community

  • Defining Popular musicAre these popular . or something else? - Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos (compilation of chants part 1) (# 3 on Billboard Top 200 1994 Triple Platinum)- Henryk Gorecki-Symphony No. 3: II. Lento E Largo - Tranquillissimo YouTube (composed 1977)(well over 1,000,000 copies sold since 1992)What about these?- The Carter Family The Church In The WildWood YouTube- Woody Guthrie -- This Land is Your Land YouTube- Peter Paul and Mary, Puff the Magic Dragon - YouTube

  • Friendly Alert (Again)Thursday, 27 August 2015PRE-TESTBring a STRAWBERRY scantron& # 2 pencil

    MUH 2019 (FALL 2015)MUH 2019 (FALL 2015)*Day 1 - 25 Aug 15**DAY 1 - 8 JAN 13Day 1 - 25 Aug 15MUH 2019 (FALL 2015)MUH 2019 (FALL 2015)*Day 1 - 25 Aug 15*Day 1 - 25 Aug 15MUH 2019 (FALL 2015)MUH 2019 (FALL 2015)*Day 1 - 25 Aug 15*Day 1 - 25 Aug 15