Mtweeter enjoys success with recent desirable member contest

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<p>Mtweeter Enjoys Success with Recent Desirable Member Contest</p> <p>Summary: Mtweeter is proud to announce the winners of their recent Desirable Member Contest.</p> <p>Location: Malaysia</p> <p>MTW The Most Desirable Member Contest in mTweeter, held from 26 March to 24 April, has received more than 2887 entries.</p> <p>According to sources, the contest was open only for the paying or registered members. The profile page of each member had a Like button below their headshot. Contestants had to get other members to vote for him or her as the most Desirable Member. They were allowed to add more friends and tweet more to promote their page. They were not permitted to vote like in his or her personal profile page. Only other members votes were considered as a successful vote. Every member was only allowed to vote 1 Like for each contestant.</p> <p>Only customers of Maxis Mobile Services Sdn Bhd ("Maxis") could participate in the contest. They had to be the residents of Malaysia with age 16 years or above. Candidates who are below 16 years and wish to take part in contest needed permission from their parents. </p> <p>Participants who received the maximum numbers of likes at the end of the promotion period were selected as the contest winners. In the event there was a tie, the benefit was given to the contestant who was the first to achieve the score. Prizes are non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash.</p> <p>Techninier would like to congratulate and announce the winners for mTweeter Most Desirable Member Contest. The winners are:</p> <p>1Nor Asma Ul-Husna</p> <p>2Siti Zubaidah</p> <p>3Muhd Nor Firdaus Bin Abdullah</p> <p>4Nurul Azura Bte Syukri</p> <p>5Nurul Farahdiana Bte Dani</p> <p>6Shehrol Bin Gedon</p> <p>7Wan Nurul Izzah Bte Mior Yahya</p> <p>8Siti Nor Amelia Bte Arif</p> <p>9Nurul Azira Bte Mohd Asni</p> <p>10Noraziyanti Safiya Bte Abu Bakar</p> <p>Winners of 1st to 10th position will get RM100 Hotlink Reload Card as prize each.For More Information Visit at Mtweeter is the best place to follow the tweets of your favorite celebrities.</p> <p>Categories: Mtweeter, Malaysia, social media, Twitter, Desirable Member Contest</p> <p>Contact: N/A</p>