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  • April 08. Copyright Wastequip Company 2008, all rights reserved. Specifications are subject to improvement without notice. CautionEquipment manufactured by Wastequip and/or its individual companies should be operated by properly trained personnel. Operators should be familiar with OSHA, ANSI and any other applicable standards or laws for using this equipment. Improper use, misuse, or lack of maintenance could cause injury to people and/or property. Photos used in the literature are illustrative only. We assume no liability or responsibility for proper training/operation of equipment not manufactured by Wastequip. We reserve the right to make changes at any time without notice. Information contained within this literature is intended to be the most accurate available at time of printing.

    Mountain TarpHeadquarters1002 North 15th Street Middlesboro, KY 40965606-248-7717 phone800-248-7717 toll free606-248-2077

    Mountain Tarp - Monroe, OH940 Holman Avenue Monroe, OH 45050(Exit 29, I-75)513-422-7737 phone877-725-7772 toll free513-422-7757

    Mountain Tarp - Ravenna, OH4442 Street, Route 14 Ravenna, OH 44266(Exit 43, I-76)330-325-7722 phone866-344-7722 toll free330-325-7570

    Mountain Tarp - Louisa, KY225 Fullers RoadLouisa, KY 41230606-686-2117 phone606-686-2118


  • Company ProfileMountain Tarp began in September of 1987 as the brain child of President Jeff Bowling. He previously worked as a sales representative for a tarp company in Texas, but after five years Jeff returned home to Middlesboro, Kentucky to visit family and friends. There he noticed the great number of trucks and tractor trailers that were not being tarped or were tarped insufficiently. His decision was simple - to start his own tarping company that would provide the best quality product he could offer and at the most competitive price.

    Mountain Tarp not only manufactures our own tarps in-house but also most of the hardware and parts that go with each system. State-of- the-art welding and machine capabilities allow us to fabricate and assemble all of our own systems, ensuring all Mountain Tarp products are the best quality we can offer.

    In 2006 Mountain Tarp was acquired by Wastequip, a company nationally known for personal service, allowing us to now extend our products and services to customers around the world. As always, Mountain Tarp Has You Covered!

    ECONOMY .......................... 3 Landscape Dump Shade Econo Flip Tarp

    FLIP TARP ............................ 4 Dump Body Belly Dump Southern Spec (Small Trailers) Transfer Set Original Coal Bucket Frameless Demolition (Half Roun d) Transfer (Open Top) SIDE ROLL ...........................7 Ratchet Side Roll Lock-N-Roll Electric Lock-N-Roll Transfer Ratchet Side Roll Transfer Lock-N-Roll

    TARP-N-GO CABLE SYSTEM ...............................10 Anti-Pollution Semi-Waterproof Side-Drop

    SIDE FLIP ...........................12 Single Side Flip Double Side Flip

    ROLL-OFF CONTAINERS ....14 Waterproof Side Roll Tarp-N-Go Cable System Hand Tarp


    FLAT BED SYSTEMS .........16 Side Kit Hand Tarps Rolling Tarp System

    BEDLINERS ........................17


    Tarp Materials

    Hot top Gorilla mesh Mountain mesh Texnet

    22 oz. vinyl 18 oz. vinyl 14 oz. vinyl Trash net

    nothing wrong with map-this is bad trap issuefrom printer (note clean lines in some areas,chunky low res in others)

    Weve got you covered with innovative tarping products

  • Economy SystemsLandscape, Dump Shade, Econo Flip Tarp

    Mountain Tarp is pleased to announce our economy tarping systems created for economical pricing without losing the quality parts and workmanship that is standard with all our products. Currently we offer three different systems: the pull style Dump Shade, the Landscape, and the Econo Flip Tarp.

    Landscape Our Landscape tarp is simple yet practical, mounting at the front of the trailer or body by two end plates with the roller bar attached between. The Landscape tarp comes with our exclusive locking handle. To roll the tarp up just unlock the handle and crank in to cover, then secure the rear with tarp straps, roll up the excess, and lock handle back into place. The Landscape is also our most economically priced tarping system designed for the landscape trailer.

    Dump ShadeThe Dump Shade is shipped out fully assembled and operates similarly to a pull-down window shade. Constant spring tension is applied by our lifetime warranty heavy duty compression spring, while in the covered and uncovered positions. This system also comes with our smooth, aluminum housing and end plates mounted on the cab shield of the body. Made for virtually all small body needs, our Dump Shade can be fit to any size body.

    Econo Flip TarpThe Econo Flip Tarp is a specially designed light duty version of the Flip Tarp for smaller dump bodies and low-impact usage. This system is available with side mount springs or extension springs, and direct drive or manual (ground level) operation.

    Holds up to 32' of mesh tarp

    Lifetime warranty on spring

    Pre-assembled2-piece construction

    Extruded aluminumhousing & end plates

    Highlift gate dump body Mechanics body Transfer application Dump body top mount Simple pull operation

    Extension spring Side mount spring

    Optional wind shield& end plates

    Pre-assembledgear box

    Side orextension springsavailable



    3-Piece telescoping axle

  • Spring Options

    4-Spring side mount up to 18

    Through rail torsion spring up to 39

    Under rail torsion spring up to 36

    5-spring side mount up to 24

    One Arm, Three UsesMountain Tarp's one-piece tarp arms are the strongest in the industry. You can order one of three standard tarp arm configurations or custom order arms to your specifications. The three standard options are shown here. Tarp arms bent up for raised cab shields

    Tarp arm straightTarp arms bent forward-for extended cab shields

    Drive Options

    Roller Assembly OptionsYou have a choice of 2 options-an electric (left) or a manually powered roller system (right)

    Black mesh tarp is fastened to a full length tarp axle

    High polish anodized aluminum wind shield and end plates protect the tarp roller and are a classy look for your truck

    In cab shield option

    Flip Tarp Systems

    For Dump Bodies Flip Tarp systems are available for applications from 10 up to 48 and come with the industrys first Guaranteed Unbreakable tarp arms. The Flip Tarp comes as either a manual, ground-operated system or as a fully automatic system, equipped with a motor backed by the manufacturers 3-year, non-prorated warranty. The Mountain Tarp Flip Tarp is the most overbuilt system on the market.

    Roller assemblymounting options


    3-year motorwarranty

    Guaranteed Unbreakabletarp arms

    3300 lb. flipping pressure

    Tension hoop option locks tarp down on high cab shield mounts



    Tension hoop in untarped position.

    Remote controlRocker switch with solenoid

    Tarp Arm Guaranteed Unbreakable

    you break it, well replace it!

    Made of extruded aluminum, then polished and anodized for a lifetime shine.

    Custom arm attachments available.



    Flip Tarp Systems

    For Belly Dumps

    The belly dump tarp roller assembly is available with a Diamond tread plate roller box for manual systems or a smooth roller box for electric systems

    All tarp roller assemblies are custom built to fit your belly dump at no extra charge

    Standard kit includes all necessary attachments (custom attachments available)

    Available in electric or manual option

    Custom-built roller assembly

    Diamond tread plateroller box Guaranteed

    Unbreakable arms

    For Transfer Sets

    Specially designed for Transfer sets, trucks, and pups

    Uses 5-spring, side mount clock springs

    Springs can be mounted up to 18" below the top rail for high mount applications

    Outside-mounted arms on the front body, and inside-mounted arms on the rear trailer with spring covers to keep out debris

    Total electric operation

    For Southern Specs (up to 28 in length)

    Custom designed to meet the specifications for small trailers in the southern U.S.

    Standard with 3300 lb torsion springs and aluminum drop plates

    Available in electric or manual option

    Remote control option available

    Top-mounted smooth, electric roller


    Safety chain holds down tarp arms" either in the Belly Dump or Southern Spec section

    Top mountingroller assembly

    GuaranteedUnbreakable arms

    High torquewarranted motor

    Guaranteed Unbreakabletarp arm

    Spring assembliesmounted inside for

    transfer box


    They are requesting better photobut we don't have one



    Flip Tarp Systems

    The Original Coal Bucket (up to 36 in length)

    Many of our Original Coal Bucket tarping systems manufactured in 1990 are still being used today

    The roller box is mounted on two heavy duty braces, allowing the top of the box to be flush with the top of the bulkhead

    3300 lb torsion spring assembly can be mounted in or under the bottom rail by use of spring drop plates

    Available in electric or manual option

    Frameless Trailers

    Windshield and end plate roller assembly are mounted behind