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Presentation With the MobileMoney wallet, you can have immediate access to your money anytime you wish and anywhere you are – using your mobile phone or the internet

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PresentationWith the MobileMoney wallet, you can have immediate access to your money anytime you wish and anywhere you are using your mobile phone or the internet

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About MTN Mobile Money is a cash management service available on the mobile phone or internet. It is mainly about facilitating money transfer for the Ghanaian market. The service can also be used for reloading of MTN airtime units and for payment, of utility bills, goods & services. The service is available to both mobile and non mobile users

Innovation and Excellent DesignMTN MOBILE MONEY 5

About MTN Mobile Money is provided by MTN in partnership with banks. Mobile Money will also operate through authorized Merchants who will facilitate the service on behalf of the partner banks. MTN Mobile Money comprises of individual (subscriber) and merchant wallets. Wallets (individual & merchant) are created after the registration process is completed on the phone with the selection of a four digit Mobile Money PIN.

Mobile Money is an innovative service with 5 featuresMain feature Features enriching our offer Enablers

Money transfer

Airtime top-up

Bill payment

Cash in / out

Account Management

Account2Account Account2Cash Cash2Account Cash2Cash

Buy MTN Airtime

Pay electricity/water bills Pay TV subscriptions (DSTV)

Deposit/withdraw money from MobileMoney account

Account statement

MobileMoneyAs cash management services-It Serves the following Purposes1 2 3 4 5

Transfer money easily and quickly

Pay/purchase goods/services through a simple and convenient mean

Reduce fraud and theft

Pay its utility Bills (water, electricity...) and other (TV subscriptions) without queuing

Buy airtime, anywhere, anytime

Over 90% of Ghanaians dont have a bank accountThis creates a huge opportunity to extend cash management services to the unbanked

Target Market The main target is Mobile Telecommunication Subscribers of MTN. The Growing youth who are getting more abreast with Mobile Phones Customers who want to remit to parents, friends, sisters, brothers and wards who are at remote areas and cannot access banks but can have access to mobile phones.

How it WorksUser A 1. User A registers for the service with a Registration Dealer User A User A 3. User A sends money to user B via handset User B

2. User A funds his wallet



4 a) User B goes to an ATM to withdraw the cash User B

4 b) User B goes to a Cash-Out Dealer to get the cash User B

Main Security FeaturesThe MobileMoney solution is based on Banking Industry security standards. Accounts are password protected, data is encrypted, User authentication is required, authorization is profile specific, Account holder confidentiality is assured

Security Features

1 Account Opening MobileMoney Wallet opening is made to conform with KYC requirements MobileMoney Wallet will only be opened by Authorized MobileMoney Merchants

2 Using the Service In order to ensure that MobileMoney transfers are secured, a multiple authentication system is employed by the sender to validate a transfer. This involves the use of the Mobile number, transaction number and PIN. The beneficiary will access the transfer with a unique and own profile

Management of Account Customer Service Security To access his/her wallet a Before a subscriber interacts user must authenticate with a customer service officer, that he/she is the the subscriber will be required account holder by to identify himself/herself by entering a PIN. answering unique authentication questions or by After consecutively entering PIN on mobile. entering wrong PIN three times (seizures of wrong PIN), the wallet is temporarily blocked.




Value proposition is based on 4 Pillars Send easily money to my fellows Pay my utility bills easily without commuting and queuing Top up my airtime credit whenever and wherever I wish



Improve my time and cost of opportunity

Make and receive transfers within a short time.


Create and easily activate a M-wallet / Merchant account Enjoy an easy-to-use and instantaneous financial tool


MobileMoney solution is based on Banking Industry security standards. Accounts are password protected, data is encrypted, User authentication is required. Account/wallet is temporarily blocked when the wrong PIN is entered 3 times.

Value With over 4000 Merchant points, MTN Mobile Money service offer the widest spread and distribution of service points where subscribers can conveniently access the service. With 9 partner banks, the activities of MTN Mobile Money Merchant are adequately supported through the length and breadth of the country to ensure customer convenience With the widest network, MTN Mobile Money is available everywhere you go

Successes Opportunity to benefit from banking services all the time at all places where there is Mobile Phone coverage Simple, low cost and efficient transfer of funds between accounts and from account to persons Opportunity to top up Airtime credits anytime, everywhere you go.

Opportunity for traders to "bank" their cash sales without having to move to a bank

Success Offer employment opportunities Youth as registration agents and businesses as Mobile Money Authorised Merchants Mobile Money will bring more informal cash transactions into the formal sector Mobile Money will bring more people into the banking system Mobile Money will bring more cash into the banking system

Improve the banking culture of urban and rural populations

Successes Mobile Money will help achieve a high savings rate Mobile Money will promote economic growth through efficient infrastructure for e- commerce Improved monitoring of cash flows in the economy Innovative banking services that are easy to use and easily accessible Promote use of mobile channel for banking Make cash transactions fast and effective

Successes Promote customer loyalty

New stream of income An image of a progressive, innovative and technologically advanced Telecommunications Company


In the Nutshell MobileMoney (MM) is a cash management service on mobile.

MobileMoney is a Cheap, Simple, Fast and Convenient solution for money transfer and other transactions including purchase of airtime and other small value goods/servicesMobileMoney technical platform is built on Fundamo technology

In addition to significant security measures taken, MTN has also partnered with banksMobileMoney will comprise individual and merchant Wallets

MobileMoney will be accessible through the phone and Internet

Presentation on Payza A leader in Online Payments Platforms

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About Payza Payza is the leading global online payment platform that specializes in e-commerce processing, corporate disbursements, and remittances for individuals and businesses around the world. The e-wallet platform provides Payza members worldwide with convenient and flexible loading and withdrawal options, such as localized bank transfers, global bank wires, credit/debit card, checks, prepaid cards, among others.

About Payza With over 9 million members, Payza offers its services in 197 countries and in 21 different currencies. Payza has more than 75,000 merchants that use its all-in-one solution for accepting payments and managing their businesses. In addition, Payza offers foreign exchange services, fraud screening services, email invoicing, mass and single remittances and business management tools. Payza also provides under-serviced and emerging markets with an affordable and convenient way to receive international payments.

The Purpose To provide customers with the worlds truly global payment platform, to bring affordable and convenient payment methods to underserviced markets, and to connect the global marketplace with emerging countries, while offering outstanding customer service, superior usability and dependable security. To established a global presence in more countries than competitors like papal

Target Market Online Merchants in all countries Provide shopping Carts technology for all online merchants Corporate Entities-Payza offers online funds disbursement for all Corporate entities. Payza offers all E-Commerce Websites with all payment solutions. Individuals who enjoys shopping online.

Target Market Corporate and individuals who sends mass payments to freelancers, employees or affiliates across the globe at no cost to you and always hassle-free. With the Payza prepaid card, one can send his/her employees on business with the funds that they need, never worrying about going over budget.

Unique Features Add Funds and Withdraw- Load your e-wallet or claim your money - the way that works best for you! Pay and Get Paid- Make a payment or receive a payment anywhere, anytime! Send Funds-Send money by email quickly, easily & for free! Business Profiles-Manage multiple businesses from just one account!

Unique Features Corporate Disbursements-Pay your people for free in just one click! Request Funds and Invoicing-Request money and get paid instantly! Resolution Center-Rest assured you are being heard! Shopping Cart Integration- Your shopping cart goes further with Payza.

Unique Features Payment Buttons-Start making money with Payza Payment Buttons! Local Payment Options-Payza connects millions of members around the world with their money! Available Currencies-Supporting 21 currencies worldwide

Security Features Payza is doing their best to maximize online transaction security for all customers. They have the fraud prevention tools in place to allow customers focus, and to enhance shopper confidence and simplify the management of the online business. Payza Fraud Prevention Team-Their sophisticated Fraud Prevention Team uses state-of-the-art technology to monitor the funds flowing through electronic payment system. Payza proactively identify and assess threats and their consequences, so one can concentrate on running his/her business.

Security Features Account Verification & Merchant Website Review Payza has strict Know Your Customer (KYC) policy to ensure the security of our members' accounts and our network. Each new member is passed through a verification process to confirm their identity and to validate their banking and credit card information. Websites that use Payza Checkout Payment Buttons are thoroughly screened via an in-depth website review to ensure that merchants are in compliance with Payza's operating procedures and standards. These security measures enhance the overall security of your account and our network, and help keep fraudsters out of our system.

Security Features All transaction data are filtered through a 128-bit Security Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. The encryption system secures customers personal and financial data to prevent fraudsters from intercepting and exploiting this information. Payzas Fraud Matrix -Our state-of-the-art real-time monitoring platform, the Fraud Matrix, continuously learns and adapts to the suspicious patterns attempting to penetrate our system. When a transaction is flagged by the Fraud Matrix, Payza's highly-trained Security Team quickly intervenes and takes the necessary steps to shut down such activity and report it to the proper authorities. Anti-Money Laundering-As a worldwide financial institution, Payza.com is fully committed to conducting due diligence on their clients and to ensuring that all applicable laws and regulations are in place to forestall and prevent money laundering.

Security Features Counter-Terrorism Financing Statement (CTF)-As part of Payzas verification procedure, Payza cross-references all collected information via worldwide databases to ensure compliance with the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) requirements, global sanctions reports, government watch lists and screening processes. Resolution Center-If a Payza Account holder has a complaint regarding a completed transaction, they can visit the Resolution Center to file, respond to and resolve a transaction dispute.

Successes Payza is celebrated by nations all over the world for its easy-to-use, secure and customer-friendly services. The company is noted for having extended these great and convenient options to areas that are traditionally undeveloped, helping communities flourish through innovative technology. Payza offers both personal and business accounts, providing simple transactional business in over 20 currencies for more than 190 countries.

Successes A new report from The Wall Street Journal shares the recent success of an online payment system introduced by Indianapolis Marion County. The countys Treasurers Office partnered with one online payment company called Invoice Cloud to create an innovative payment system that allows residents to create and manage their own installment plans regarding property taxes. Payza is a leader in the online payment revolution and notes that Marion Countys effort is part of a widespread trend to move away from traditional payment methods.

Successes Invoice Cloud and Payza are both known for their convenient online payment systems that allow for paperless billing. This management is not only easy to understand; it is also environmentally friendly and allows consumers to have more control over their finances

Challenges Payza is now limiting Key account features for those based in the UK with little explanation. One of the biggest challenges that payment service providers face is the threat of fraudulent transactions