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    Addendum No. 2

    April 5, 2017

    Building 40 Modular Purchase – SIM Lab (Building A) & Computer Lab (Building B)

    Bid No. 3156

    To All Bidders: All bidders shall acknowledge receipt of this Addendum on the bid form.

    Acknowledgement of receipt of this Addendum shall be taken as prime facie evidence that, prior to submission of this bid, the bidder was fully cognizant of all provisions of the Addendum and of all work and conditions affected thereby.


    In case of conflict among Bid Documents, Contract Documents and this Addendum, this Addendum shall govern.

    This Addendum forms a part of the Bid Documents and modifies the original bid documents for the above-referenced project. The following changes, additions, or deletes shall be made. All other terms and conditions remain the same.

    Changes/Additions: Item No. 1: Hardware cut sheets, see attachments Item No. 2: Added project summary schedule, see attachments RESPONSE TO RFIs:

    QUESTION 1: Is there a DVBE for this project? Response: This purchase does not require DVBE participation goal. QUESTION 2: Why is single story modular required to be steel rigid frame construction?

    A shear wall building will serve purpose and comply with all codes. Response: See Lines 12 – 19 on the Sim Lab and Computer Lab Modular

    Specification Chart that call for Type V non-rated and wood floor.

  • Bid No. 3156 Addendum No. 1

    Page 2 of 10 QUESTION 3: Type-V non rate 2013 code, this should be to 2016 code? Response : Yes, the 2016 code. QUESTION 4: What window coverings are to be provided? Response: The owner will provide the window shades. QUESTION 5: Will this project require DSA approval? Response: No, but we want it built to DSA standards QUESTION 6: Will it require HCD approval? Response: Yes QUESTION 7: Will local city approvals and permits for the foundation and ramps be

    required? Response: No QUESTION 8: If this is a DSA project would we be using our PC plans to submit over the

    counter? Response: N/A QUESTION 9: Is an Architect assigned to the project? Response: N/A QUESTION 10: The site plan for building “A” depicts an existing building. Who is

    responsible for removing or demolishing building? Response: The Owner will have the existing modular removed prior to the modular

    vendor’s work starting. QUESTION 11: Is there a soils report available? Response: Not yet, assume a continuous poured in place concrete footing, on the

    perimeter, 3’-2” deep by 1’-4” wide, with 2’-6” below grade, with intermediary footings to support the interior frames. Awarded vendor will be provided with final soils report, and the contract amount adjusted based upon quantities of materials.

    QUESTION 12: Is the modular vendor responsible for excavating the pits and removing

    the soil?

  • Bid No. 3156 Addendum No. 1

    Page 3 of 10 Response: Yes, all underground work / soil preparation and construction of the

    foundation will be the responsibility of the modular vendor. The site utilities, power, water, sewer and data will be provided by the Site Utilities contractor, as a separate contract.

    QUESTION 13: Are there civil plans available showing existing underground utilities and

    site elevations? Response: Yes, We will provide a civil plan and a package of site utilities will be bid

    as a separate project on April 6, 2017 at 10:00 am. The Site Utilities contractor will pull the existing utilities out of the way of the foundation zone and then install the new utilities inside the foundation for hooking up the new modular.

    QUESTION 14: Will the modular vendor responsible for providing temporary fencing? Response: Yes, See General conditions handed out at the job walk. Mt SAC will move

    the existing K-rail for access on the east and west sides. QUESTION 15: We noticed that building B shows concrete decks and ramps, will this be

    the same on building A and is the modular vendor responsible for these? Response: Yes, See item 25 on the Modular Spec charts and the site plans. The units

    are to be set at +8” aff on the north side for the SIM Lab and at the north side for the Computer Lab, so the area will drain around the units. The ramps are to be concrete for longevity and constructability due to the low height of the ramps to the doors. NOTE there are ramps to all of the exit doors on each modular (2 exit doors per modular).

    QUESTION 16: Will the modular vendor be responsible for designing and installing a fire

    alarm system? Response: No, the school has a fire alarm vendor who can provide that service. QUESTION 17: Is a fire sprinkler system required? Response: No QUESTION 18: What type of HVAC system will be required end mounted or roof mounted

    system? Response: A roof mounted system will be preferred due to the anticipated longevity

    these units. QUESTION 19: The specification charts refer to other specifications i.e. item #35 states:

    “See specs for sinks, faucets, valves and hardware”? Is there another specification document other than the matrix charts?

    Response: Yes, see 18 page cut sheets for the following:

    Chicago faucets – Electronic –SSPS faucet 116.931.AB.1 for restroom

  • Bid No. 3156 Addendum No. 1

    Page 4 of 10 sinks – 2 pages Sloan Royal Flushometer 111-1.28 – 1 page Zurn ZERK-CPM flush retrofit kit for closets – 1 page Vacuum Breaker Trap Primer VBF-72-A- 1 page Olsonite Commercial heavy – duty plastic toilet seat – 1 page Dahl – mini-ball valves – 1 page Chicago faucet for kitchen – 2301-8E34ABCP Manual faucet with sprayer – 1 page Pro 750 in-sink-erator Evolution Series – 1 page Elkay double sink Model ELUHAD311855PD – 2 pages McGuire Cast Body P-trap with cleanout – 1 page American Water Heater light duty model LDCE32-40L – 4 pages OR Alternate Bradford White ElectriFLEX LD Light duty commercial upright water heater model # LE240S3-3 – 2 pages

    QUESTION 20: The floor plan for building “A” shows a Tub in one of the restrooms, will a

    shower head also be required? Response: Yes this is to be a residential quality bathroom. QUESTION 21: Will the modular vendor be responsible for providing any of the furniture

    shown on the plans? Response: No QUESTION 22: What is the engineer estimate on the project? Response: The estimated cost is $270,000, but feel free to bid less QUESTION 23: Will there be public opening of the bid? Response: Yes, see posted documents – Bids are due at April 13, at 2:00 pm. QUESTION 24: Will there be a scheduled job walk on the project? Response: Yes it was held on April 4, 2017 at 10:00 am

    a) If not can we arrange a site visit? Response : No, we cannot reschedule another job walk. QUESTION 25: Is the Bid no. 3156 or 3157? Response: Bid no 3156

  • Bid No. 3156 Addendum No. 1

    Page 5 of 10 QUESTION 26: Is there a link to your website to download all documentation regarding the

    above project? Response: QUESTION 27: What code “CBC or IBC” do we use for the modular building? Response: Use CBC 2016 QUESTION 28: General condition list “A”. Item #1.1 – modular vendor to supply 4 each of

    33 gallon trash cans and 1 broom and dust pans. Does Mt. Sac have any specification requirements on what type or model?

    Response: No any good functional broom and dust pan, and heavy duty plastic trash

    cans with lids will work. QUESTION 29: Item 11.2 – modular vendor to protect the site with construction

    fence. Please provide how much area do we need to cover so all bidder will have the same quantity?

    Response: The site plans are scaled. Provide fence inside the K-rail at the SIM Lab

    or 5 ft. out from the Computer Lab modular on all sides. QUESTION 30: Building “A” drawing I-1.0 furniture plan: Who is responsible on providing

    the furniture’s? Response: See response to question 20.

    QUESTION 31: What is the occupancy classification “A” or “B” or “E” or “I” for the 36 x 60? Response: Type B QUESTION 32: Page 2 of 5 of the bid #3156 under additional scope of work page 2. Item

    #1: “in-ground foundation as per plans”, and should make certain exterior dimensions are true dimensions and any modification to the building chassis shall be included.

    a) Where is this drawings in the RFP package?

    Response: See response to 25 above. There should be no chassis on a modular.

    b) What type of in ground foundation “wood” or “concrete”?

    Response: Provide a poured in place concrete foundation per response on question

    10 above. c) Who is responsible on construction of the foundation, inclusive of the saw cut, demo, shoring, excavation, backfill, haul off, rebar and concrete?

  • Bid No. 3156 Addendum No. 1

    Page 6 of 10 Response: The modular vendor is responsible for the foundation construction

    including the saw cut,