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  • Leaving a Legacy to Further Your Charitable Intentions

    Written by Volunteer Paula Ristuccia

    “What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.”

    - Pericles

    While ancient Egyptians filled tombs with possessions to accompany them into the next life, modern Americans accept that you can’t take it with you. Whatever the size of one’s estate, a portion of what’s left in the end can advance the goals of a favorite charity.

    Campaigns such as Leave a Legacy encourage people to consider how planned giving can make a difference. The organization ( provides information on the variety of bequests possible, hoping to “inspire people from all walks of life and all income levels to think beyond their lifespan when doing good works.”

    Estate planning offers many options. One can designate in their will either a specific amount or a percentage of one’s assets. Gifting stocks is an alternative to cash donations, as well as transferring all or part of an IRA. Property owners can make provisions of real estate. A residual clause can direct the “rest,” or what remains, after the conditions of the will have been met and taxes and fees have been settled.

    Additionally, life insurance policies can be written to name a non-profit group as the beneficiary.

    Some of the methods listed above offer significant tax benefits. An attorney or financial planner can assist in detailing a plan.

    On occasion generous donors have honored Mt. Pleasant by remembering the shelter in their wills. Large outdoor exercise pens were made possible from such a bequest.

    The dogs who enjoy fresh air and extra room to run directly benefit from this lasting gift.

    When it comes time to map out the distribution of what you own, Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter invites you to consider how you can make a permanent impact and further the efforts of this lifesaving cause.

    The Newsletter of Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter Spring 2014

    Mt. P l e a s a n t A n i m a l S h e l t e ranimal crackers

    SERVICES/PROGRAMS • Kennel Enrichment • Shelter Partnering • Community Partnering • Pet Concierge and Kitty

    Companion pet matching services

    • Home to Home Adoption Microchipping

    ADOPTION CENTER HOURS Tuesday & Thursday 12‒7 Monday, Wednesday & Friday 12‒4 Saturday & Sunday 12‒5

    Closed all major holidays.

    MISSION STATEMENT Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter is a non‒profit animal welfare organization that is 100% privately funded. Our mission is threefold:

    • To provide exceptional care for homeless animals

    • To promote spaying/ neutering, microchipping and humane education

    • To place homeless cats and dogs in permanent, loving homes

    PRIVACY POLICY Mt. Pleasant appreciates your support. Each gift – no matter the size – makes a difference in the lives of our homeless animals. In accordance with our donor privacy policy, donor names will no longer be published in our newsletters. Mt. Pleasant does not sell, share, or release donor information under any circumstances and will not publish information without prior consent.

    Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter 194 Route 10 West • East Hanover, NJ 07936 • Phone: 973‒386‒0590 • Web:

    At Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter, no animal is ever euthanized for lack of space.

    “Like” us on Facebook. Mt. Pleasant

    Animal Shelter

    Follow us on Twitter. @mpasanimals

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    In Memory Of (continued)

    Russell Russell enjoying the sun and fresh air in one of our outdoor exercise pens, made possible through a generous bequest.

    In Honor Of Harry Benson Emily Bernabe Sam Brown Luna Bryan Cassie and Belle Burghardt Schooner Catona Gucci Cocja Blitz and Martha Dascoli Bailey Deren Angel Dinkle Duke, Mika, and Tyler Doherty Maggie Doherty Pepper Dorey Harry and Duke Duffey Coal and Keely Elanjian Venus, Daphne, and Hans Fortuna Ginger, Symon, SpenSir, and Zachariah Franklin Molly and Deja-vu #2 Frazer Lucy Frohman Max Gaddis Harley Gamba Snookie Gambino Nadia Glatzer Moose and Simon Gruno Buddy Halchak Ellie Mae, Beth, Maggie, and Wicker Hayden Penny Hildebrand Lisette Jahss Callie Katz Daisy Kelsey Murphy and Remy Koczerzuk Pets Lanigan Swiffer Lesch Hudson Lewish Merlin and Furgus Livingston Cali, Isabella McPoof of the Mountain aka Izzy, Jax, and Carter Lustig Harley, Bella, and Spanky Lynch Honey Mantineo Kelsey Marr

    Pepper Masini Kirby McCarter Riley McGeachen Dora McKeen Baby McQueeney Ajax Morrow Boots Moss Lang Nash Enola Neglia Nala Newman Duncan and Mikey Olivo Promethius, Reilly, and Zeus Pearlman Ike Peng Ashley, Gus, and Shayna Plansky Louie Ramsdell Sophie and Wally Rawn Teddy, Gigi, C.B., and Christmas Ridley Winter Roberts Andy, Sugar, Lu Lu, and Gino Romeo Chester, Amber, and Rocket Rosen Milo Rosen Banjo and Cupcake Rosengarten Mason and Teddy Salthouse All Searing Pets Present Sam, Buddy, Baby, and Little Grey Sharkey Oliver and Jimmy Shi Keira Spiegel Abby Stewart Mr. Purrsonality and Vedder Strahl-Losonczy Linus and Benji Swanson Fluffy and Cowboy Tuttle Mary Martha Updyke Max Villagra Sarabelle and Jessie Vochecowicz Molly Wallendjack Ralphie, Samantha, and Patrick Wary Daisy Wintermute Coco Wood Alice, Brad, and Cody Young Doc, Dama, and Boots Yuliano Lilly (Mt. Pleasant Alumni)

    Lenox Eliza, Pepper, Tippy Lesch Chico, Murphy, Max, Charlie, and Ginger Lewish Buffy and Ginger Liebman Jemma Livingston Zeke, Mikey, Oreo Jessie, Mia, Sydney, Jake, Sasha, Nellie, and Bailey Lohman Ferrari, Peter Panda, Oliver, Muffie, Spunkie, Tiki, Cassady, Belle, Buddy, Jane, and Winnie the Pooh Lustig Oliver Malkin Heidi, Shane, Gizmo, and Christopher Mantineo Theo Marinas Missy Crystal Martorano Little Orange, Orangina, Holly, Percy, Mistletoe, Bunny, and Tippy McCurdy Bailey McKeen Angel and Heidi McQueeney Spike, Fortuna, Toby Copain, Buddie, Bandit, and Liebfrau Measday Babe and Toes Meidling Stormy Mineo Lucy, Zoe, and Abby Moss Duke and Sammy Nash Molly Neglia Belle and Sprocket Nemec Geppetto, Lady, and Snoopy Nittolo Sox Olivo Buddy, Holly, Sprinkles, and Holly Belle Pascuite Buddy Patricola Rocki, Bullwynkle, Sugar Rae, Tigger, Pug, and Babble Pearlman Taylor and Macy Pifher Angel, Pisces, Diaran, and Molly Postighone Jasper, Fiona, Gwen, Megan, and Lleucie Potash Cowboy Prince Cody and Bailey Pugliese Boomer, Max, and Lil’ Bit Raab

    Gus and Molly Rawn Saki Reeff Kiley Reinhardt Mr. Cat and Marble Ridley Truffles Ristuccia Pooch, Schmugs, Silky, Sandy, Alfie, Toby, Annie, Jessie, Budgie, Dickie, and Sky-Blue Romeo Lucy and Spanky Rosen Peanut Rosen Ocho Rosengarten Bally, Jolie, and Cody Ross Meep, Marbles, Smokey, and Tigger Rothman Jack Salthouse All Searing Pets Past Sweetie and Princess Scoura Chloe and Bridget Sharkey KC, Mutchka, and Samantha Simonutti Bandit, Chad, Cal, and Chrissy Sorci Sandy Spiegel Jeepers and Tara Stewart Rugrat Strahl-Losonczy Dakota, Sam, and Molly Sullivan Max and Casey Swanson Dodger, Dee Dee, Dusty, and Duke Tryon Buffy, Minxxt, and Moses Tuttle Peggy Sue Victorine Scruffy and Katy Villagra Axl Vita Tigger Vito Smooch, Mindy, Andy, Fluff, Toby, and Samantha Vochecowicz Turbo Wachtler Spencer Wallendjack Butterscotch, Mimi, Ricky I, Ricky II, and Friskie Wary Hope, Rowdy, Boone, Simon, and Scout Wintermute Apache, Koko, Winifred, and Chana Young

  • happy tails An Evening of TributeEach year, Mt. Pleasant takes an evening to remember and honor the impact pets have on our lives. At the Tribute Ceremony, we light a candle for the pets of the past, the present, and all those we will save in the future. Unfortunately, due to weather, we were unable to do the lighting ceremony as planned this past December. With our staff, we lit the candles and read a short poem and now we wish to share those pets with you. Below you will find a list of pets honored and remembered.

    Letter From the Director

    Dear Friends of Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter,

    Countless puppies and kittens will open their eyes for the first time this spring. They are beautiful, irresistible, and yet often born into adversity. With your loyal support, Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter rescues animals who are destined for euthanasia elsewhere due to overcrowding.

    There simply aren’t enough homes to care for all of the animals that exist today. The more puppies and kittens that are born, the more that suffer. Unless we do something, the problem will grow exponentially worse.

    You make solutions possible and for that, I am tremendously grateful. You help us save innocent lives.

    There are several things you can do to save lives this spring:

    • Become a monthly donor. Just $15 per month will make a huge impact. • Make a donation in honor or memory of a friend or loved one. • Sponsor a pet who is waiting to be adopted. • Include Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter in your estate plans.

    You can also choose to become a foster parent to animals who aren’t quite ready for adoption. Our foster parents expand our capacity to save lives by taking in animals who are sick, injured or who don’t do well in the shelter environment. MPAS provides food, medicine, regular vet checks and guidance. Our foster parents provide the TLC that only a quiet, loving home environment can offer. If you are interested in opening your home and your heart to foster animals, please email for information

    Thank you for your support and desire to help animals. We certainly can’t do it without you