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Ms. Underwood. 8 th Grade ELA. A little bit about me…. 8 th year teaching at Bogle This year… 8 th grade ELA … both on-level, honors and AVID classes Cheerleading Coach Team Leader - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Ms. Underwood8th Grade ELA

  • A little bit about me8th year teaching at BogleThis year 8th grade ELA both on-level, honors and AVID classesCheerleading CoachTeam Leader Originally from Scranton, PA University of Scranton, BS in Elem. Ed. and M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction17th year teaching overallTX, FL and AZPrivate, Catholic and Inner-city Public5th 8th gradeCaden5th grade at Navarrete ElementaryLove football, especially Penn State and the Philadelphia Eagles!

  • Common Core CurriculumThe state of AZ, along with many states nationwide, has adopted the Common Core Curriculum/Standards. These standards are currently in full implementation in ELA & math and will be rolled out to the other content areas over the next few years.

  • Common Core Cont.The biggest shift from the AZ standards of the past is that the Common Core standards are thematic in nature. The standards are divided among units. The 8th grade language arts units are:Unit 1: Urban Setting in America: It Happened in the CityUnit 2: Rural Setting in North America: It Happened in the CountryUnit 3: Looking Back on AmericaUnit 4: Authors & ArtistsUnit 5: Dramatically SpeakingUnit 6: The Road Not Taken

  • Common Core Cont.Each of the units consists of the following standards:LiteratureInformational TextWritingListening & SpeakingLanguageWe will be studying the units in an order that will more closely align to the social studies curriculum than in past years. First quarters we will be studying Unit 3: Looking Back on America.

    Curriculum Example: This quarter we will read Paul Reveres Ride by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. We will try to uncover what makes someone a legend What facts over time change into fiction or exaggeration. We will analyze Longfellow then compare and contrast it to the REAL life of Paul Revere and see what we uncover.

  • Additional Titles for Literature StudyCUSD has recently released a novel list for grades K-12. The list has both required and optional titles for 8th grade on-level and honors ELA. The Bogle ELA dept. is currently determining what novels will be taught by which teachers, so stay tuned. Possible titles for both on-level and honors are, but arent limited to: House on Mango Street (Sandra Cisneros)Taming of the Shrew (William Shakespeare)Fahrenheit 451 (Ray Bradbury)The Diary of Anne Frank (Anne Frank)

  • AR/SSRBogle has a school-wide SSR reading time. The entire campus reads for 20 minutes AFTER 3rd period every day.During that SSR time students may read and/or take AR quizzes. Reading logs must be kept for all AR books and one parent signature is required when the book is finished in order to be able to take a quiz. If a student attempts, but does not pass an AR quiz that student may ask me for a pen and paper AR book report ONLY after the online quiz has been attempted unsuccessfully. AR counts as a test grade in language arts. Test grades are worth 300 points. Students are expected to have a book with them at all times. Students will be STAR tested during library orientation on Aug. 5th and will receive their AR goals then.

  • Infinite Campus & Student PasswordsAs of 7/29/13, a new directive was passed along to teachers. Students/Parents should be able to access IC using their son or daughters BJHS Internet password and ID. The hitch to this is that CUSD also put in place a new policy requiring passwords to be changed every 45 days for security purposes. Sadly, teachers will have to change their passwords every 45 days as well, so I feel your pain. This new change means teachers will no longer be able to look up forgotten student passwords. Stay turned for how that will work out

  • BYOT Bring Your Own Technology! CUSD has modified their technology policy.Students ARE now allowed to bring iPads, Kindles, Nooks, etc along with cell phones which have always been allowed.Students may use electronic readers during SSR time and TEACHER-directed time ONLY. Cell phones still must remain in backpacks, with ringers turned off, while within the campus gates.Please be reminded of two things:Bogle will not be responsible for lost, stolen or broken technology.If a student violates the BYOT policy, the technology will be taken away, brought to the office and a parent will have to come to pick it up. This is a BJHS school-wide policy.

  • BJHS School-wide Vision for 2013-2014TED Talks: Angela Lee Duckworth: The key to success? Grit

  • Thank you for coming to our Open House!


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