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A numerous assemblage of students tookplace in the Theatre of the Aldersgate St.School, on Saturday, the 24th instant, towitness the adjudication of the above prize,which consisted of an elegant set of trans-fusion instruments, contained in a mahoganycase, with a suitable inscription engravedon the brass-plate. Mr. Waller conductedthe examination, and lIessrs. Watson, Dou-bleday, and Rushforth (medical practition-ers), were present, to decide on the meritsof the respective candidates. After a con-test, which lasted upwards of four hours,Mr:W. J. E.,Wilson, of Greenhithe, Kent,was declared the successful candidate. Themanner in which the questions were an-swered, reflected equal credit on the stu-dents, and their preceptor.[We heartily wish that the plan of reward-

ing attentive pupils, which is adopted by allthe teachers of this school, was more gene-rally followed ; but, at the same time, theutility of such exhibitions, would be muchenhanced if the questions were proposed byany other pereons than the lecturers them-selves. An examination conducted by thepreceptor himself, in the presence even ofthe public, cannot, we apprehend, in many instances, be looked upon as an eligiblemeans of ascertaining the abilities of theexamined. In the various prizes that are

about to be distributed at this season of the

year, this hint will be found deserving ofattention.—ED. L ]


A Letter to the Members of the Temper-ance Society, showing that the use of Teaand Coffee cannot be safely substituted forthat of Spirituous Liquors, and proposingfor their adoption a rule of diet, from whichthose substances are excluded. By JamesIlenry, M.B., &c. Dublin : Hodges andSmith. 1830. pp. 59.A Letter to William Lawrence, Esq., on

the Nature and Causes of Intellectual Lifeand the Mind. By W. Addison, M.R.C.S.London: Underwood. 1830. pp.35.

Plain-Instructions for the Management ofInfants, with Practical Observations on theDisorders incident to Children. To whichis added an Essay on Spinal and CerebralIrritation. By John Darwall, M.D., Phy-- sician to the Birmingham Dispensary.London: Whittaker and Co. 1830. pp. 244.- On Broken Knees, and their treatment;’with some account of a new operation.Also, Observations on the effects of temper-ature on the skin, and on the treatment ofhorses’ feet ist the stable. By F. C. Cherry,

Vet. Surg. to the King. London. Simpkin.1830. pp. 24.The Farrier and Naturalist ; and Horse.

man’s Chronicle. Vol. II. London. Simp.kin. pp. 392 ; and the Nos. to April 1830.


" Miss Brown begs to acknowledge the re.ceipt of the note left at THE LANCET Office,and announced in the number for April 17th,as handed to Dr. Copland ; and she sincerelythanks Mr. Peskett for its contents."" April 27, 1830."Inquirer, Inceptor, F. B., and many

others. There are so many colleges, and somany regulations with respect to expenseand terms of study, that nothing less than atabular view of the subject would couvey aclear idea of it. We may, however, state,that the graduation fee in Edinburgh Uni.versity is, in round numbers, twenty-fourguineas, exclusive of from three to fourpounds for the printing of a Thesis, and aguinea for Janitors’ fees. The price of theten tickets now necessary for the diploma,is about forty guineas ; and the time spent in taking them out, four years ; with someexceptions, however. As to giving our

correspondents an account of the expensesof medical education and graduation in thethree schools of Dublin, it would be quiteimpossible to attempt doing so without de.voting more space to the subject than wecan afford; it is rendered unnecessary also bythe fact, that the terms and expenses of theScotch, Irish, English, and Parisian schoolsand hospitals, are to be found in most of thelittle works called Medical Students’ Guides,or Calendars.The paper signed Veluti in speculum was

destroyed, or it should have been returned.The letter of W. F. is an advertisement.Our correspondent from Doncaster in

communicating to us the particulars of thesupposed hernia case,l mnst send us, in con-fidence his name and address. ’.

The letter of Mr. Hawkes was mislaid. Itshall appear next week.A note lies at THE LANCET OFFICE for

Mr. Bottomley. Shall it be forwarded toMr. B.’s address ?

J. L.-Reformer-R. Y.-B. C. R.—and .several others, allege that the Old Hags ofRhubarb Hall are, at this time, practisingupon their unfortunate dupes a system ofextortion, by demanding, under the threatof a lawyer’s letter, the 11 additionalfee forthe town certificate." We have only to say,that the Act of 1315 does not authorise the ;demand.


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ERRATUM :-No. ;;46, p. 77, col. 2, line =

S8, for " cuticular " read " auricular."