Mr. Julian Kersey's presentation at QITCOM 2011

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QITCOM 2011Presentation:Super-fast broadband for QatarPresenter:Mr. Julian Kersey, Regulatory Manager - Vodafone Qatar

Text of Mr. Julian Kersey's presentation at QITCOM 2011

  • 1.QITCOM 2011Vodafone Qatar
    Super-fastbroadbandfor Qatar

2. Who areVodafone Qatar?
>Vodafone and Qatar Foundation (VQF) is the company formed by Vodafone Group and the Qatar Foundation VQF owns 45 percent of Vodafone Qatar
>Listed on the Doha Exchange
> Mobile license in June 2008; Fixed license in April 2010
>757,000 mobile customers = 26.7% market share
3. International experience in Fixed
>5th largest provider of fixed broadband in Europe
>5.4 million customers across 9 countries
>Fixed businesses outside Europe in Turkey, Egypt, New Zealand, Ghana and Qatar.
4. Fibre initiatives were involved in
MOU signed with TI and other players for Italian fibre NGN to cover 50% population.Ongoing negotiations on business plan, governance model, size of TI self-build carve-out and access conditions.
QNBNcompany formed and work underway forFTTH roll-out.
Vodafone Portugal and Optimus have granted reciprocal access to their FTTH networks covering 200K households each. Customer access/migration has begun.
Vodafone / Telecom have won fibre-wireless tender for Govt. NZ$285m Rural Broadband Initiative.
Vodafone heavily involved in NBN Co proposals (POI etc) as potential access seeker.Bill has passed Parliament for A$43 bn roll-out (93% population by FTTH, 7% wireless and satellite).
5. Fixed altnets
Mobile networks including incumbents
Incumbent fixed networks
Share of Free Cash Flow (Sep-05 to Sep-09)
The time is right for QNBN
Qatar has the opportunity to leapfrog a generation of copper access regulation which has not created sustainable competition.Altnets generate 5% FCF and virtually all of this is through cable networks.
6. Open architecture drives competition
WIK Consults recent modeling of different fibre architectures and wholesale models showed that:
Networks that can be unbundled are superior to bitstream-only GPON in terms of consumer surplus and welfare
P2P fibre and GPON over P2P showed greatest levels of consumer surplus and total welfare QNBN design allows for both
7. 8. Open architecture from the beginning
> As there is currently limited FTTH rollout the QNBN project will mean that all fibre deployed in Qatar can be open.
> Any legacy fibre not to QNBN standards will be upgraded or overbuilt.
> The standardised approach will benefit all providers and give certainty to developers.
> The QNBN also ensures a level playing field with access seekers purchasing access from QNBN on an equivalent basis.
9. A bold step towards the 2030 Vision
Actively leverage ICT to support the realization of Qatars overall national development goals and position Qatar as a leading knowledge economy enabled by ICT by 2015.
ictQATAR 2015 Vision
A knowledge-based economy characterized by innovation; entrepreneurship; excellence in education;a world-class infrastructural backbone; the efficient delivery of public services; and transparent and accountable government.
Qatar National Vision 2030
10. Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

  • QNBN Design

11. Governance 12. Medium and long term ownership 13. Regulatory Issues 14. RIOs 15. Copper switch-off 16. Prevent over-recovery of costs for incumbent 17. Ecosystem 18. Planning and rollout issues 19. Policy framework to drive uptake 20. International bandwidth