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    MPA Boston Chapter 1

    MPA Boston Chapter October 26, 2005

    Feature Presentation in coordination with 2005 Project Summit NE:

    Microsoft Office Project, Portfolio Management and IT Governance-What’s it all about?

    Presentation will be posted in Members Only area of:

    Burlington Marriott Hotel Burlington, MA

    MPA Boston Chapter 2

    Dinner6:00 PM

    EPK Group – Allison J. Robin, Consultant, presenting for Rich Murphy, Managing Partner

    Microsoft Office Project, Portfolio Management and IT Governance - What’s it all about?

    7:10 PM Feature

    Collect Meeting Response/Feedback Forms Prizes Drawings Approve PMI PDU forms

    8:15 PM - 8:30 PM

    Registration – Networking5:30 PM

    MPA Boston –Meeting Response/Feedback Forms –Prizes Announcement - MPA Mission & Benefits –Boston Chapter Officers & Sponsors - Join MPA and Get Active!

    Microsoft Project Update - Matt Roderman, Microsoft New England

    7:00 PM


    MPA Boston Chpater - 10/26/05 Meeting

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    MPA Boston Chapter 3

    Prizes & PMI PDUs

    Various prizes will be given out from a drawing using the meeting response cards. PMI PDUs will be issued for attendance at meeting

    MPA Boston Chapter 4

    MPA Mission

    The mission of MPA is to provide the installed user base of Microsoft® Project with a forum to exchange ideas, support, and experience in order to improve understanding and utilization of all Microsoft Project related products. MPA is an independent users group formed with the support and recognition of Microsoft. We will actively seek out related organizations worldwide and collaborate with them to encourage the appropriate exchange of information to MPA membership for all levels of Microsoft Project experience.

    MPA Boston Chpater - 10/26/05 Meeting

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    MPA Boston Chapter 5

    MPA Boston Chapter Mission

    In support of the MPA Mission, the Boston Chapter will:

    Serve as focal point for MS Project User Community in Boston area: – Forum for sharing practical, “how to” knowledge. – Access to “members only” MPA Intellectual Capital.

    Foster improvements in productivity & effectiveness thru use of MS Project Provide “how to” approaches towards implementing PMI-based project management processes. Provide opportunities for members to network & to enhance professional development. – Increase proficiency with Microsoft Project. – Broaden leadership & organizational skills & experience through

    participation in officer positions. – Network & develop business interests through increased visibility within MS

    Project user community.

    MPA Boston Chapter 6

    MPA Membership Benefits

    The Project Network Monthly Ezine "Members Only" web site Regional meetings MPA's "backdoor" technical support MPA "Members Only" special offers Evaluation, Beta and preview Microsoft software Opportunities for knowledge sharing Networking opportunities

    MPA Boston Chpater - 10/26/05 Meeting

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    MPA Boston Chapter 7

    Boston Chapter Officers Slide 1 of 3

    Mark Gould Dir., Exec. & Prof. Dev. Programs Northeastern Univ.

    Director - University Relations

    Prof. Vijay Kanabar, PhD, PMP Bos. Univ. Global/Met. College

    Director - University Relations

    -TBD - John Cirignano, PMP (Acting)

    Secretary/ Treasurer

    Chris Mauck, PMP Senior Consultant Pcubed

    Vice-President - Programs/ Commun.

    Adjunct Prof. John Cirignano, PMP Pres., Patriots Tech. Consulting Bos. Univ. Global/Met. College


    MPA Boston Chapter 8

    Boston Chapter Officers Slide 2 of 3

    Matt T. Davis, PMP Senior Consultant Pcubed

    Director - Special Projects

    avanti_pandit@yahoo.comAvanti Pandit, PMP Product Release Manager Jenzabar, Inc.

    Director - Special Projects

    Graham Briggs, PE Project Manager Skyline Group

    Director - Special Projects

    MPA Boston Chpater - 10/26/05 Meeting

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    MPA Boston Chapter 9

    Boston Chapter Officers Slide 3 of 3

    Doug Sinclair , PMP Partner Atlantic Information Sys., Inc.

    Director - Boston MA PMI Liaison

    barbara.karten@earthlink.netBarbara J. Karten, PMP Product Manager

    Director - Central MA

    PMI Liaison

    matthewventura@hotmail.comMatthew Ventura, PMP CTT+ Project Management Consultant

    Director - RI PMI Liaison

    Dave Lendry, PMP Program Manager Kenrob and Associates, Inc

    Director - NH PMI Liaison

    MPA Boston Chapter 10

    MPA Global Sponsors

    Pcubed Inc. –

    Microsoft Corporation –

    MPA Boston Chpater - 10/26/05 Meeting

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    MPA Boston Chapter 11

    MPA Boston Chapter Sponsors

    Atlantic Information Systems, Inc. –

    Boston University/Metropolitan College Project Management Certificate Program

    – Microsoft New England District

    – Northeastern University Executive & Professional Development Programs

    – Patriots Technology Consulting

    – Pcubed Inc.

    – Skyline Group, Inc.


    MPA Boston Chapter 12

    Sponsor Benefits (Subject to MPA Rules)

    Exposure and awareness among a highly qualified Microsoft Project audience. Mention at with links to the sponsor’s website, grouped by sponsorship level. Sponsors may receive mention in chapter communications. Sponsors may provide marketing materials to be made available at chapter meetings. Sponsors are also permitted to contribute prizes to be given away in the chapter’s usual comment card drawing at the end of each meeting. Sponsors may collect attendee contact information separately on a voluntary basis.

    MPA Boston Chpater - 10/26/05 Meeting

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    MPA Boston Chapter 13

    Join MPA and Get Active!

    To join MPA, please visit: –

    To view upcoming Boston Chapter events: –


    MPA Boston Chapter 14

    MPA Boston Chapter

    Matt Roderman

    Project and Visio Solutions Specialist

    Microsoft Project Update

    MPA Boston Chpater - 10/26/05 Meeting

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    MPA Boston Chapter 15

    This presentation will be posted on after this meeting – MPA Members may then download the

    presentation and utilize the hot links to view further conference details.

    Time Left to Project Conference 2006!: 85 Days

    MPA Boston Chapter 16

    Project Conference 2006 Announcements – US Show Announcements

    New! Show is already 50% booked in the first 4 weeks of registration being opened! New! Mike Angiulo, Project General Manager will keynote on Day 1 New! Gene Kranz, Flight Director for Apollo 13 will keynote on day 2 on “Failure is not an Option!” New! Steve Ballmer will keynote on Day 3. New! Show Exhibitor booths are sold out! New! Session Titles will be posted to this week New! Sponsorship packages are available for partners, contact for more information New! If you are from the Microsoft field and wish to attend, please see Overall Show Information section for information regarding how to register, the Project Conference will be the best way to get readied and trained on Project.

    MPA Boston Chpater - 10/26/05 Meeting

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    MPA Boston Chapter 17

    Overall Show Information – For more information on the Project Conference 2006

    visit For questions about registration or logistics questions contact: For questions about event sessions, tracks, exhibitor and sponsorship information contact To register non-Microsoft attendees visit

    – Registration Information US Show Confirmed Registrations: 520 (50% of Plan) Who’s Invited: Project Partners, Customers, MVPs and fulltime Microsoft employees $349 registration fee required to attend

    MPA Boston Chapter 18

    US Overall Show Info – Show Hours/Location: Jan 17-19 - 8 AM – 5:00PM –

    Westin Hotel - Seattle, WA – Tracks: 9 tracks > All sessions will be recorded.

    – Show Sessions/Schedule: 85 Sessions (75 mins in length), all sessions will be recorded.

    – Partner involvement: 15 exhibitor booths, 5+ partner lead sessions

    – Keynotes: Day 1 – Mike Angiulo GM Project