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Mount Erebus. Beth Fleming and Christine Francis. Ross Island, Antarctica World's southernmost active volcano!. Discovered: 1841 Latitude: 77°32'0"S Longitude: 167°10'0"E. Form and Dimensions. Mt. Erebus. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kamresse Bounds & Ben Howard Dept. of Geology, Colby College Mount Erebus www.gopixpic.comBasic Information: Discovered in 1841 by James RossRoss Island, AntarcticaLocated on Antarctic plateElevation of 3794 metersStratovolcano 4 active vents Lava lake Inner crater, main crater floor, side crater and a phreatic crater

Eruptive History:Has erupted roughly 13 times since 1900Currently erupting Current eruption began in 1972Frequent strombolian eruptions with rare lava flows and infrequent ash eruptions Eruptions and Hazards:Eruptions cause lava bombs Bombs up to 10 feet wide 50 bombs ejected a day No real hazards posed to humans due to lack of population Eruptive styles tend to be timidAir New Zealand Flight 901 crashed into Mount Erebus in 1979, 257 killed and Deposits:The petrology consists mostly of phonolite, basanite and phono-tephrite depositsMinor deposits include trachyte and trachyandesite Chemistry of lava flows consists largely of Si02 (64%)Al2O3 (15%), FeO (6%), Na2O (7%), K2O (5%)

Volcanic Form: Cinder cone on top of shield volcanoCinder cone at summit created over the past 1000 years Although there are rare lava flows inside of crater, much activity comes from lava lake

Active Monitoring: Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory provides seismic activity reports Frequent images are posted by Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory Other information such as wind speed, tilt and temperature are reported

Ice Caves: Ice tongue created from steam off of Erebus33 feet high Ice caves extend off from tongueStalactite icicles Attraction for research station occupants Footage

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