Motivation Inspire Your Staff

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Motivation Inspire Your Staff


  • The CEO of, the founder and president ofgeoVue, the CEO of Intercosmos Media Group, and the corporatevice president of Northrop Grumman Corp. on:

    Motivation: How toInspire Your StaffWithout Financial

    CompensationMatt Ferguson,


    Jim Stone, President & Founder, geoVue, Inc.

    Sigmund Solares, CEO, Intercosmos Media Group

    J. Michael Hateley, VP, Northrop Grumman Corp.

    Ajob is just a job if your employees are there merely for a pay-check. But a job becomes a career when the employee is happywith his or her environment, benefits, and incentives. Keep-ing an employee satisfied doesnt always require a large salary: Thereare many other ways to keep employees excited about coming to workevery day. In this ExecBlueprint, four executives explore the optionsof inspiring your staff without destroying the payroll. n

    in partnership with Aspatore Books


    I. Environmental OpportunitiesTo foster loyalty, a company must create apositive work environment. Consider imple-menting a few nontraditional benefits.

    II. Communication Is KeyEmployees have many outlets to addresstheir requests and/or complaints. Keepingemployees informed and letting them knowtheir voices are being heard will maintainloyalty, productivity and satisfaction.

    III. Must-Have BenefitsCompetitive compensation and opportuni-ties for advancement are excellent motiva-tors, but your company will draw in newhires, and sustain current employees, ifyou offer some popular benefits.

    IV. The Golden Rules of MotivationKeeping the lines of communication openbetween the work force and management,and sharing your companys success bygiving everyone a personal financial stake,are two of the ways your company cancreate a productive work experience foreveryone on staff.

    V. Essential Take-AwaysCash is king, but employees will accept asmaller salary if their work environment isappreciative, enjoyable and productive.Employees want to be recognized for theirachievements and given a chance to devel-op on a personal and professional level.


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    Ideas to Build Upon and Action Points . p.11

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  • Books24x7, 2005 About the Authors ExecBlueprints 2

    About the Authors

    Matt Ferguson is the CEO, the nationslargest online job network withmore than 15 million unique visitors andover 1 million jobs. CareerBuilder.compowers the online career centers for morethan 400 partners reaching national,local, industry, diversity and niche audiences. Mr. Ferguson leads the daily

    operations and growth of the company,overseeing marketing, finance, sales,information technology, product develop-ment, integrated media, business develop-ment, customer care and human resources.Under his leadership, CareerBuilder.comhas risen to the number one position inonline recruitment with the company out-pacing the industry in traffic, job postings

    and revenue growth. In Mr. Fergusonsopinion, companies should create a corporate environment that is empower-ing. He urges his own employees todream, develop and succeed, and givesthem the tools and support they need todo so.

    Matt FergusonCEO,

    * Read Matts insights on Page 3

    Jim Stone is an industry leader in pre-dictive analytics solutions for chainstore companies. From 1982 to1993, he held executive positions in thecommercial real estate industry, and wasresponsible for the acquisition of over $25million of commercial property through-out New England. In 1993, Mr. Stonefounded geoVue, a leading provider oflocation-based decision support systems

    for the real estate, retail and restaurantindustries. Based in Woburn, Mass.,geoVue currently services a variety ofclients, including The Limited, UnitedParcel Service, Albertsons, DunkinDonuts, RadioShack, GMAC Commer-cial Mortgage and Prudential Real Estate.As the owner of a small company, Mr.Stone believes hes created a fast-growingand exciting place to work. His recent

    hires, many of which previously workedat larger companies, joined geoVuebecause they were willing to earn lessmoney in order to see an increase in theirquality of life.

    Jim StonePresident & Founder, geoVue, Inc.

    * Read Jims insights on Page 5

    Sigmund J. Solares is the founderand part owner of IntercosmosMedia Group, Inc. The 33 year oldCEO leads the company, which oper-ated, one of the 10largest domain name registrars in the

    world. According to Mr. Solares, a pos-itive and relaxed working environmentincreases job satisfaction. As such, hiscompany has created a welcomingatmosphere by expanding its breakrooms, installing popcorn and hot dog

    machines and establishing an officegym.

    Sigmund SolaresCEO, Intercosmos Media Group

    * Read Sigmunds insights on Page 7

    As the Corporate Vice President andChief Human Resources andAdministrative Officer ofNorthrop Grumman Corp., J. MichaelHateley is responsible for humanresources, benefits, ethics and businessconduct, diversity, community and edu-cation relations, contributions, security &crisis management, environmental, health& safety, flight services, leveraged services, travel, real estate and strategic

    facilities management. He also serves asChairman for Charitable Giving for theNorthrop Grumman Foundation and thePolitical Action Steering committee.Based in Los Angeles, the global defensecompany has approximately 125,000employees with operations in all 50 statesand 25 countries. Since 1993, Mr. Hate-ley has been involved in nearly 20 acqui-sitions and divestments, and has led theintegration process of TRW and Litton

    Industries. In Mr. Hateleys opinion,employees dont quit companies; they quitsupervisors. As such, hes made a signif-icant effort in providing leadership training and creating an environment inwhich his employees can be successful.

    J. Michael HateleyVP, Northrop Grumman Corp.

    * Read Michaels insights on Page 9

  • Motivating Your Staff More than one-third of U.S. work-ers surveyed by CareerBuilder.comin 2004 said their corporate lead-ers were ineffective in motivatingtheir staffs. The best way to fill yourworkforce with rocket fuel is to pro-vide an environment where theyreinformed and challenged and wherethey feel theyve made an impact.

    At, we are acompany of leaders. Each employ-ee has his/her own unique talentsthat contribute to the collective suc-cess of the company.

    Golden Rules of MotivationManagement abides by five Gold-en Rules for shaping the work expe-rience:

    Rule #1 You Are a Leader:Every individual at is considered to be aleader, regardless of title or tenure.Embracing an entrepreneurial spir-it, each employee is the CEO ofhis/her own position and is givenautonomy in managing his/herresponsibilities.

    Rule #2 We Will Keep You inGood Company: CareerBuilder.comis artful at nurturing teams, with-out stifling the individual. We hirepassionate individuals and sur-round them with others who havethe same energy and commitmentto the company mission. It is this

    network of expertise and solid sup-port structure that creates such agreat sense of camaraderie at ourcompany.

    Rule #3 We Move at InternetSpeed: is a com-pany that is always moving. Newideas become reality in a matter ofweeks or days or even hours.Employees are able to see the fruitsof their labor and experience suc-cess quickly.

    Rule #4 We Are Invested in You:To foster our employees professionaldevelopment, we offer group train-ing and one-on-one coaching ses-sions for all employees, and tuitionreimbursement for academic pur-

    suits. We host leadership seminarswhere employees from differentdepartments are invited to spend twodays with CareerBuilder.coms Chair-man and CEO. We also provideopportunities for employees in onedepartment, such as customer serv-ice or technology, to shadow thosein other areas, such as sales.

    Rule #5 We Share Our Success:We offer a generous quarterly bonusprogram that provides employeeswith a personal financial stake in thecompanys performance and enablesthem to share in the companys prof-its. We have special employee recog-nition and incentive programs toshow our appreciation. In addition, also has a char-

    Books24x7, 2005 Matt Ferguson ExecBlueprints 3

    Matt FergusonCEO,

    Taking the time to make your employ-ees feel like they are part of the organi-zations success goes a long way ingrowing that success.

    Recognized employment expert

    Regularly appears on national TV andradio to discuss the state of the jobmarket, hiring practices and workertrends

    MBA from the University of Chicago,JD from Northwestern University

    Matt FergusonCEO,

    Today, people are concerned about stability ofthe company, its real prospects for growth,community involvement, chances foradvancement, recognition, and co


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