Most iconic characters Most expensive games Realistic games Styles of gaming Popular video games

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Text of Most iconic characters Most expensive games Realistic games Styles of gaming Popular video games

Video games

Most iconic charactersMost expensive gamesRealistic gamesStyles of gamingPopular video games

Video games1Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Most iconic charactersSonic Sonic the hedgehog

Gordon Freeman - Half life

Pac-Man Pac-Man

Super Mario Super Mario Bros2Final Fantasy 7 for PlayStation - $145 million

Star Wars The Old Republic for Microsoft /Xbox 360 - $150 200 million

Call Of Duty 2 Modern Warfare for PS3, Xbox 360, Microsoft and OSX - $200 million

Grand Theft Auto 5 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox 1 and Microsoft windows - $137.5 million to $265 million

Destiny for PS3, PS4, XBOX 360 and Xbox 1 - $500 million

Most expensive games3

4PublisherRankingTotal games publishedTotal games developedNintendo1864181Electronic Arts2834151Activision Blizzard3544135Ubisoft4636814 leading publishers of games, 20105Realistic games according to this guy6Photorealism(Realistic style of gaming)Styles of gaming

Cel-Shading(Cartoon/comic style, uses brightVibrant colours)Abstract(Doesnt really have a A theme or represent anythingreal)Exaggeration(Features in the game would Be exaggerated such as eyes,Weapons etc.)7Super Mario Bros

Popular video games


Legend Of Zelda


I met the needs of the viewers and communicated effectively by including a good variety of presentation styles eg video, table, text, pictures, graphs. I communicated numerical facts clearly by using a graph and the audience could understand the costs involved because I graphed this data. I used colourful pictures to hold the audiences attention.

1: Describe why you have chosen to use IT to do this task?It was part of the assignment that was set for this course.

2: Describe the methods, skills and resources you need to complete the task? My methods consisted of using PowerPoint to create the slides, transitions and animations for the presentation while my main form of resources came off the internet and various sites.

3: Describe any factors that may affect the task?My main problem was getting the right transitions for the slides and having them timed perfectly to go with the animation and images.

4: Describe any legal or local guidelines that may apply to the task or activity?Using software that has been provided by Birmingham city council as well as images and videos that are off the internet so long as its used as part of an education service.

5: Describe how the purpose and outcomes have ben met by the chosen IT tools, systems and software applications?Everything seems to have gone fine without any trouble. The software is great for doing presentations, adding videos, sound, creating tables and adding charts too. I have also made it so that it can be timed perfectly without causing confusion with any images that are on the same slide.

6: Describe the tools, how you used them and whether they were fit for purpose.There are various tools with PowerPoint and a lot of them consisted of adjusting font size, word art, colours, design, transition and animation. My graphs were produced using Excel while the video and pictures came from the internet.

7: Describe ways to make further improvement to your work?I would improve my work by adding more information to the slides but that would involve more typing and font size adjusting. I could also adjust the timing of some of the slides to make it slower so it doesnt seem rushed.

8: Describe ways to improve productivity and efficiency?I cant really think of anything besides adding more images and slowing down the speed on the animation and slides.8