Morgellons Story by Judith Knilans, ND (pdf)

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Morgellons Story by Judith Knilans, ND (pdf)


  • This is a true horror story about a condition known as Morgellons.My journey began in the mid 90's, it is not over yet but greatly improved.

    This e-publication is to inform others about this disease.Physicians still deny that it is real.

    In 2011 I had to have a lobe of my lung removed and I demanded the lung fluid and the tissue be sent to a lab for fungal testing. Even though I had

    asked for this to be done many times previously it was not.The lab tests confirmed a rare fungus in my lungs called Scopulariopsis

    Species. Is that what Morgellons is - a rare fungus?

    But what about the insects that also form?Why are the physicians still calling people delusional?

    Why are they recommending Abilify (for bi-polar) to treat this?

    I certainly do not have the answers to these questions.

    But, I do have a degree in the natural health sciences and Iam willing to help people who have this condition. I know more about living with this illness and all that must be done to survive it than any

    medical doctor - by far.

    The conventional medical system is a complete waste of your timeand finances if you have this illness.

    This publication does not offer any treatment advice but will tell you how to obtain it from me at the end of the book.

    All rights are reservedCopyright 2013

    Self-Published by author

    Judith Knilans, ND., PhD

  • Introduction

    This e-publication will explain what my life was

    like as a result of a chronic, systemic, fungalinfestation. It all began in the 90s, and

    proceeded to the present. This is a journey of 20

    years of asking physicians to test me for fungus,

    in the summer of 2011 I was diagnosed with

    Lung Cancer (never smoked) and as the tests

    were being done I demanded that the lung fluid

    as well as the lung tissue be sent to lab for

    fungal testing. Both specimens at the local

    hospital lab grew fungus but they were unable to

    identify it so they sent it to Mayo Lab in MN

    results Scopulariposis Species (a rare fungus)!

    20 years of wrong diagnosis, 20 years of hell,

    without proper treatment and repeatedly labeled

    as delusional (which is on all my medical

    records from years back). I lost the lower lobe

    of my right lung (cancer) but I did not undergo chemotherapy or radiation.

    This e-publication is written and shared in an

    attempt that you or loved ones will not have

    your illness advance this far. How is anyone to

    know what to do since everyone is taught to

    ask your doctor? I spent nearly a week at

    Mayo Clinic and I told the group of doctors in

    my room that I believed I had a systemic fungus

    and they said, if you had a systemic fungus you

    would be really sick. Well doctors, I was

    really sick, and you are so inept at identifying

    fungal illnesses it is a total waste of anyones

    time and money seeking your advice. After 20

    years of asking my doctors I can truthfully tell

    you that they are clueless. Further, even after

    they identified Scopulariopsis I was told therewas no treatment for it but my medical recordsstill indicate that I am delusional! Hmmm

    I will teach you how to treat yourselves with

    naturopathic products and they will be more

    effective than any of the harmful conventional

    drugs. They can prevent as well as treatchronic illnesses, particularly fungus related.

    In my search for medical help I learned that the

    majority of physicians (99%) have little

    knowledge of how mycosis (mold/fungi)

    illnesses work, how to recognize them, or how

    to recognize that the symptoms in this

    publication may be indicative of a moldexposure or of a biotoxin illness. Worse yet,

    they frequently label the patient as delusional

    and prescribe psychosis type drugs because they

    do not understand the whole process of biotoxin

    related illness. They are not trained to look for

    causes that are outside the realm of their text

    book and drug based educations.

    Similar to having chronic Lyme Disease there is

    an apparent unwillingness to properly identify

    and treat these conditions. Why? Who is

    benefitting from the denial and cover up of these

    illnesses? I have asked myself, many times,

    does the government really want a percentage of

    people to die for economic reasons. Perhaps

    there is more truth in that than I am prepared to


    A recent EPA-funded study Guidance for

    Clinicians on the Recognition and Management

    of Health Effects Related to Mold Exposure and

    Moisture Indoors has started to turn a few

    physicians around. The study advises medical

    clinicians to be on the lookout for neurological

    affects from indoor mold. A few pediatricians

    and allergists are starting to recommend mold

  • testing to confirm indoor mold exposure, but

    most physicians still do not get it.

    The condition I have is just one type of

    manifestation, other illnesses are related to

    biotoxins include Autism, Chronic Fatigue

    Syndrome, Bipolar, ADD, Chronic Lyme

    Disease, allergies and insect bite (vector borne)

    related illnesses. I will share my very personal

    story of life with the fiber disease as my

    health continued to decline. I spent thousands

    of dollars trying to find help and answers.

    Thousands of other people, hundreds of whom I

    have either spoken to or had e-mail

    correspondence with, also suffer without help or

    recognition of what might be the cause of all

    their suffering.

    Our government has failed to realize the

    significance of monitoring our food supply and

    allow countless toxins to be consumed. Our soil

    and animal health directly impacts human

    health. Genetically modified organisms have

    opened up the DNA and via gene-transfer we

    now have completely new types of

    virus/fungus/bacteria producing within our

    bodies! Organisms never before seen or known

    to be possible at any time before now and thus

    the pathologists do not recognize them. Still

    this is all mostly denied by the medical system,

    even now after thousands of lives have been

    impacted FOREVER little information is made

    public. We are all "crazy delusional people who

    think bugs are in our skin". Mark my words,

    this is just the tip of the iceberg, as hundreds of

    thousands have the initial stages of this

    condition but have not realized it yet.

    It is my sincere hope that you will find help from

    this e-publication and will share it with anyone

    you know who has some of the symptoms that

    are listed. If you wait for the conventional

    medical system to catch up to what is going on

    you will likely be waiting a long, long time. It

    is very difficult to find a physician who is

    educated in treatment of fungus, biotoxins,

    mycoplasma, tick-borne pathogens, food borne

    pathogens, as well as toxicology. The only hope

    you have is to educate yourself to recognize what

    I am going to share with you and then take the

    steps necessary to take care of yourself and your

    loved ones. I will give you step by step

    instructions on how to get better or how toprevent it from ever coming into your body in

    the first place. Mold spores live in your

    surroundings most are harmless, even helpful,

    but now we have one that is deadly. Valley Fever is another deadly one. You need to be proactiveif you get it and take care of yourself and your

    loved ones. Oils prevent the fungus from ever getting a start so healthy folks need it too.

    Once the evidence is fully exposed the diseases

    of the 21st century will be handled differently.

    But, until we can also change the entire

    agricultural system of Franken-Farming and

    limit the overwhelming toxins we are subjected

    to there may be no hope of ever stopping the

    chronic illness plagues of our future. You

    have to get wise and become very selective in

    what you eat, wear and consume. Ridding your

    body of pathogens and detoxification must

    become a way of life to avoid disease.

    There are no protectors of your health. You

    must learn how to make wise choices for your

    family because what is being served up in the

    Sickening American Diet (SAD) is an assault to

  • your immune system. This SAD is the cause of

    the significant increase in auto-immune diseases

    and our medical system would like to have you

    believe it is YOU who bring on your obesity,

    diabetes, ADD, etc.... Noit is those who allow

    our environment and food supply to be

    contaminated with GMOs and with

    unimaginable toxins that cause our health

    problems. View the documentary Food Inc. and

    learn more about the sickening food system of

    our day. Please visit and study Jeff Smiths

    work at:

    Our medical system makes huge profits on

    sickness. 80% of all illness is dietary related yet

    all we keep getting fed are more prescriptions.

    Medical doctors have little or no education in

    nutrition. One third of the American people take

    five or more prescriptions daily when what they

    should be taking are five or more fruits and


    Farmers must learn how to farm the old

    fashioned way once again and get back to

    basics. Organic farming practices and

    sustainable agriculture needs to be the future

    method of all crop and livestock production.

    We will need to help farmers make the

    transition to become organic farmers and teach

    sustainable farming practices. Our health is

    directly related to the soils and plants growing

    from them. The Frankenfoods on our tables

    today are killing us all.

    In just my lifetime, the changes in food

    production have been a major contributing

    factor to the increases in chronic disease. We

    cannot keep pouring money into a bottomless

    health care pit thinking that research will help us

    find a cure. We must stop consuming the toxic

    soup that has been fed to us for the past 50

    years. Long shelf life should not be the

    objective in our grocery stores or in food

    production. Human health must once again be

    the main reason foods are grown. What good

    are profits when we are all sick and tired and

    cannot enjoy life?

    Here you will meet the fiber disease, also

    known as, Morgellons, the ignored emerging

    disease which is coming to a loved one near

    you! My objective is to empower you to take

    responsibility for you and your loved ones' own

    survival. You need to realize that the medical

    system does not always have your best

    interests in mind when providing you advice.

    Medical guidelines that are followed do not

    always represent the best interests of patients,but rather agendas of unethical individuals.

    YOU need to be informed so that YOU can

    learn how to heal yourself.

    Thankfully, I have studied alternative health

    extensively and therein I found a way to fight

    this condition and live on (I continue to fight it).

    The journey has been difficult, what I learned

    along the way was that I was oblivious to what I

    was exposed to in my food, air and

    surroundings. Sadly, I learned that there is a

    complete denial and possible cover-up of a

    condition that could destroy millions of people.

    The protectors of our health have ignored the

    warnings, even the FDAs recommendations

    were ignoredwhy--because corporate wealth

    usurps public health. And we are all paying a

    very high priceour health. I have permanent

    damage to my spine, lungs, tendons and very

    scarred skin but I have found a way to regain

  • better health, and many people with chronic illnesses can be greatly improved if they learn how and also take responsibility of their own healthcare.

    Illness, severe, chronic and deadly, can be the

    result of exposure to fungi (mold) of various

    types, Franken farming is increasing the mold grown in soil. Most of us pay little attention to

    how serious fungi can be and even when we are

    ill we usually do not link our illness to fungi

    being the possible cause. Sadly, medical doctors

    do not link the multitude of symptoms to fungi

    either so it becomes next to impossible to learn

    the cause of your chronic condition.

    This e-publication is written as a public

    awareness attempt to help you educate

    yourselves, your family and friends on how sick

    fungi and biotoxins can make you. You should

    tell others about this e-publication if they have

    any of the symptoms listed and cannot get to

    the cause. Anyone who has had water damaged

    homes should read it prior to remediation

    attempts on their own. Mold/fungi is serious

    stuff and should not be taken lightly. Valley

    Fever (25% death rate) can be prevented with

    natural essential oils which are best if used

    before exposure. Once exposed the outcome

    with the right essential oils would be better than

    with only use of the antibiotics.

    As you continue on in this e-publication you

    will come to the end which will require you to

    join the Naturopathic Healing Association in

    order to read about prevention, remediation and

    treatments. The reason for this is due to our FDAs strict prohibition of anyone saying that a

    non-drug product can treat or cure an illness.

    Our corrupt medical system is getting hurt

    financially by the millions of people who have

    wisely chosen naturopathic means of treatments

    rejecting harmful drugs in exchange for better

    and safer naturopathic products. They have

    tightened the noose around our necks to prevent

    us from freely sharing information regarding the

    use of herbs, essential oils, light, energy, and

    supplements. To avoid the wrath of our

    government, The Naturopathic Healing

    Association was formed by the members who

    desire to openly share information on all

    modalities of health care without regard to

    restrictions placed on us by the FDA and drug

    companies. By exercising our First Amendment

    Rights, the members of the Naturopathic

    Healing Association write about and share their

    experiences for the purposes of education as

    well as to promote the naturopathic uses of

    home therapies. Membership in Naturopathic

    Healing Association is mandatory to obtain the

    treatment information and consultation. The

    website for this Association is

    This book tells my personal story with systemic

    fungal illness (that was not accurately diagnosed

    until fairly recently) which began back in the

    90s when I had no idea of what was going on

    with my declining health, but I have now learned about what had been occurring back when I was

    experiencing the many symptoms related to

    fungal infections and what I have since learned.

    This e-publication has live links and lots of

    photos of the organisms that I had growing in

    me and in my surroundings. There are links to

    additional reading and the full version has the

    prevention and treatments with links to products that will be needed to resolve your illness.

  • .

    The first pages will be a listing of the wide

    range of symptoms caused by having exposure

    to toxic fungi, and biotoxins which are not just

    in your home but also in the soil and air. If

    you know anyone dealing with these symptoms

    and are unable to resolve them get this

    publication into their hands as soon aspossible. It may save their life.


    Unexplained milk or fluid from breasts

    Irritable bladder or bladder dysfunction

    Erectile dysfunction

    Loss of libido

    Queasy stomach or nausea

    Heartburn, stomach pain, GERD

    Constipation or Diarrhea

    Heart palpitations or skips

    Breathlessness, shortness of breath

    21 century illnesses = toxins, biofilms,

    biotoxins, nano-toxins. These illnesses or

    symptoms are most likely associated to the

  • fibers that are produced in the body which go

    undetected by most medical practitioners

    include but are not strictly limited to these:

    The fiber disease also known as Morgellons

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


    Various mental conditions,

    Attention Deficit Disorder






    Prion Diseases

    Multiple Sclerosis

    Auto-Immune Disease

    Images of what this condition looks like are in

    upcoming pages. These are all of myself and

    the fibers that came out of my skin. There are

    many online pictures from many others who

    suffer with the same condition. All the images

    are very similar. This is not a delusional

    situation when case after case offer their

    pictures in search of answers. UPDATE: If

    Morgellons is actually Scopulariopsis Species I

    would say it is not as rare as I have been told.

    Thousands of people have this.

    If you have several of the above symptoms study what I am saying in this publication and take action for yourself. To wait for the conventional medical doctors to figure this out will take too long.

    Defective Chromosome

    Many of the listed symptoms occur as a result of a biotoxin related illness. Fungus, Lyme bacteria and other types of illness have organisms involved that give off toxins. Some people can get rid of these toxins while others cannot.

    25% of the people have a defective chromosome and this defect changes how their immune system functions. Their immune system does not identify the biotoxins so when the other 75% get better after a bout with Lyme Disease or are exposed to molds the 25% group just gets worse with all kinds of symptoms.

    If you are one of the lucky 75% group with a normal functioning immune system and you come in contact with toxic mold (or any other biotoxin forming pathogen) you may have an episode of coughing and flu-like symptoms but in a short time your immune system will clean up the biotoxins and, provided you are not re-exposed to the pathogens, you regain full health.

    The 25% group does not get the same results. When biotoxins are presented to their immune system there is no recognition and thus no immune reaction at all! The biotoxins are able to multiply unchecked due to this defect. This group are likely to be the ones who get Morgellons even when others in their household do not. It is why some clear the Lyme toxins out and get well when others have chronic problems.

    The people with the defective immune system must do more heavy detoxification when using naturopathic treatments or the biotoxins continue to recirculate and they can never get well.

  • Meet Morgellons

    How would you like to have deep, painful sores like this all over your body and when you see your doc-tor they tell you stop picking yourself. Your tests all come back as normal, thus there is nothing wrong with you! Or the psychiatrist who said I looked unkept when I had at least 30 of these on my face! I cannot explain the degree of disappointment and frustration that I endured from the medical community when all I was seeking is someone who would actually LISTEN to help me figure this out. It took 20 years to finally get the diagnosis - Scopulariopsis. Multiple times I had requested that fungal tests be run because I kept saying to them I think I have a systemic fungus.

    One infectious disease doctor took these same pictures and threw them across his desk and basically yelled at me saying the only doctor I needed to see was a psychiatrist because I was digging at myself causing these sores to occur. When I pointed out there were fibers in the sores did he think I was putting them there? He replies those were fibers from fabrics that would get into any open sore like that. The stupidity was mind boggling from the so called professionals.At one point there was not more than a 2 inch square on my body that did not have some type of lesion on it. I wrecked my knee during this time and the therapist would not even touch me - his eyes bugged out of his head! He said why dont you see a doctor about this and I told him I had seen many. He could not believe that.

    These fibers come out of skin, sores, and form instant-ly from skin cells. They remain in clolthing, towels, sheets and everything in the house and become a continual source of reinfection. Disinfection becomes a routine in life to keep it all in check. It is not as easy as throwing out the drywall due to fungus, my body is the source of the fungus and it becomes a vicious cycle of treatment, clean, disinfect, repeat again and again... but it IS possible to get ahead of it. Its hard.

  • These fibers were in my skin and formed within my tissues in 2011 were identified in my lung (when it was removed!) Hey doctors, does this look like something I created?

    This entangled bunch could be found all over the house, on clothing, on the blankets, basically it was everywhere and needed constant cleaning to keep them under control. They are very irridescent under a black light at night. All the fibers are. That was another fact I shared with the doctors. I know that mange in dogs will show up glowing under a black light and because these all glowed the same way I was fairly certain it had to be of a fungal nature but not one professional tested it as I had asked, not until the lung surgery and cancer had formed.

    Below is an organism that came out of my scalp. The thread alongside it is for size comparison. These are visible to the naked eye not microscopic at all!

    These are shafts of my hair with the fungus growing on them. It also grows up inside the hair shaft and on the roots. It makes the hair on your face, eyebrows, and inside the area where there has been a long term sore become thick and unlike the texture of other hair. On the chin it causes itching and lots of whisker hair formations.

    This is not a hair, it is a fiber, notice how it has a twisted look to it. I believe these spread the fungus!

    This is a scab off one of the sores filled with many fibers. My skin would shed these and long dark fibers would instantly form from them when cleaning.

  • This image was taken before my condition really got bad. My face had very deep, huge sores between eyes, all along scalp and into hair. The nasal passage gets infected and involves eyes. I had sores in my nose and still have eye itching and weeping. This is taking a long time to heal, but after many months my nose and eyes are gradually improving.

    My legs also became way worse than this image. I was so sick that I stopped taking the pictures. This same look was on my back, rear, upper arms and shoulders not only my legs! My entire body looked worse than this during the worst part of my disease.

    Depression is associated with this disease, who would not be depressed if they look in the mirror and this is what they see! They do not need drugs for depression they need to get well. The disease does cause emotional issues which can also be helped with essential oils.

    Both of the back sides of my hands had so many sores at one point there was no visible normal skin to be seen. They looked like raw hamburger. The pain and itching is indescribable. When I saw physicians, even looking this bad, they told me I was digging at myself and causing these sores. They said the only doctor who could help me was a psychiatrist. No matter how I struggled to explain that was just not the case, I got nowhere with any of the doctors. In the end, when I had my lung removed - a fungus was identified in the lung fluid and tissues: Scopulariopsis Species (Mayo Clinic Lab)

    The Look of Morgellons - 20 Years Later Scopulariopsis Species Fungus Identified

  • My scalp was very raw and sore and continues to be the hardest area to get cleared up. This organism is inside the hair shafts as some of the other photos will show. I now have much shorter hair and I treat my scalp with essential oils overnight at least 3 times a week. The sores are now down to 3 or 4 and not so deep and painful as before. If you purchase a black light at your local hardware store you will see that your hair and some areas of your skin will have iridescent fibers and pores. This organism glows under UV lighting - in the dark! If you look at your clothes and furniture you will find them to be everywhere in your surroundings. You are shedding these fibers! They come out in sweat. My treatments get them out by the thousands and until you do get rid of them you cannot ever get well. If you are lucky enough to have a good physician he can use his Woods light and see these glowing fibers - but he still wont know how to get rid of them. At least you wont be told that it is all in your head when they see hundreds of these glowing things on your face, in your hair and on your clothes!

    This is a typical crater like sore that this disease causes. First there is a swelling under the skin which itches intensely and then whether you scratch it or not it erupts into a lesion, many are deeper and larger than this one. There are dark fibers in this sore that are not easy to see in this view.

    What I know now that did not know when I was going through all this is that the fungus forms masses under the skin and then does send up their hyphae or whatever the fibers should be called. You can feel the various swellings under the skin in advanced stages. They move, they itch and they involved all your tissues throughout your body.

  • The above two images are of more sores.

    The images on left are a scab off a sore viewed at 60X magnification. It shows all the fibers that are in the sores and skin. This one shows black, blue and red fibers which are the primary colors but some are clear as well. I have seen many organisms come out of my skin and they all have the fibers in them somewhere.

    The image below is a couple of different fibers, or perhaps different stages of growth.I really do not know what I am looking at in many of these photos. Do YOU think I cause these by digging at myself! How dumb can these doctors be??

    The Look of Morgellons - 20 Years LaterScopulariopsis Species Fungus Identified

  • This is a skin flake from sore under 60X magnifiction. Again note all the fibers running through it. Why, with this kind of evidence presented, would an infectious disease doctor take these same photos from me and literally throw them across his desk and say you have a condition called delusional parasitosis and there is a specialist in Madison, WI, who deals with just this type of mental illness! My recommendation is you go to her. I am still stunned and disgusted with how the medical community has addressed this disease. Is there a cover-up that has been developing in your environment? I think so. Are genetically modified organisms now causing these strange formations within our bodies? Perhaps, but then since the 20 plus years of evidence has never been accurately documented how can we ever reach a point where the research is funded?

    This is a group of clear fibers with one of the organisms forming on it (I think). It appears to be the goo that forms under the skin and causes the swellings mentioned above.

    This organism likes nails, cuticles and hair. This is a piece of cuticle from my finger that to the naked eye looked like a tiny dark speck in it and under 60X magnification you see it is a bundle of fibers. These specks are all over your house, sinks, tubs, toilet seats.... as you will see I have photos of them in other locations as well as those in and on my body.

    The Look of Morgellos ngus Identified!

    The Look of Morgellons - 20 Years Later Scopulariopsis Species Fungus Identified!

  • This cluster of fibers was on my toilet seat. I used clear scotch tape and just pressed it on the seat where I could see a small speck and I but the tape on a slide. This is a 60X view of fibers and the seat is coveredwiththefibers after every use. I highly recommend disinfecting the seat after every use with Thieves so as not to infect the next user. You need to be very clean in your bathroom if others are using it as they are going to get infected if you do not get serious about your disinfection techniques.You must constantly disinfect your entire home and clothing as it continues to reinfect you, pets, and people if you do not!

    This image is one of a scotch tape sampling off my remote control and put on slide at 60X. You can see that it too is loaded with this organism. I did this throughout my house and it is in the car, in the refrigerator, freezer and on everything that I tested. The inside of the microwave was clear so I guess nuking them might kill them off! I nuke my books so that I can keep them from reinfecting me. I won't throw them away but that is recommended for many items. I do have a way to help you with all that disinfecting mess however.

    One of the cleaning jobs that I hate the most is cleaning out the bathtub trap or sink traps, but since I was checking on all the other areas of my house I put some of the debris from out of my tub drain on the slide - here is the result! Basically the trap was all hair and this organism. If you pour Thieves household cleaner down your drains you should hopefully kill some of them if done often enough. It is going to become a way of life, that you must adapt to - running around with the spray bottle of Thieves to wipe counters, sinks, toilet seats... on and on... all the time! You need to wear masks when you dust and vacuum to avoid breathing in the dust particles.

    The Look of Morgellons - 20 Years LaterScopulariopsis Species Fungus Identified!

  • The top two images were floating in my tub after a very good therapeutic soak with prod-ucts that I will describe in my therapy area. This time there had been several dozen clusters floating in the tub and I put these on a slide and are showing them at 60X.Atonepointofmydealing with this when I stepped out of the tub there would be hundreds of fibers and specks that looked like pepper floating in the water. I used various products and it is a constant effort to keep the skin cleared of the organisms.

    One of the internet misconceptions is that once you get the sores to clear up you have gotten rid of the disease. This is certainly not the case. This is a systemic disease and even if you are lucky enough to get rid of the sores if you are not addressing the internal pathogens AND the household environment, car, HVAC ducts etc..., you are just going to be reinfected in a matter of a few weeks. Everything you touch is contaminated. The spores are in the air, your skin cells shed and spread the illness. Your lungs are full of it too. Household dust is mostly skin cells, and for those with this condition, it is just waiting to infect something else as it comes along. Constant cleaning is essential. Don't take the blame for speading it, this is everywhere and YOU did not cause it.

    The third image is of a fiber at 200X. Note that organisms are attached to and are around the main dark fiber. I believe the fibers are carriers of the disease, but that has yet to be proven. And since no one even believes this is real, the evidence will not be studied anytime soon! I am only showing you visual evidence of my own disease. One thing I do know for certain: These fibers self-assemble instantly! When you are cleaning your house you may be wiping down the kitchen counter and all of a sudden there appears a long dark fiber - instantly. I have seen it happen hundreds and hundreds of times.

    The Look of Morgellons - 20 Years Later Scopulariopsis Species Fungus Identified!

  • The top left image is showing a sore with the fiber on the edge of it. The sore also shows holes where organisms have come out of the flesh.

    The next is a close up of a red fiber.

    The lower left is an organism with a wad of fibers coming out of it and the other lower right photo shows an organism with red fibers twisted through it.

    I have photos of many different organisms that seem to all have fibers in them, but I have no idea how they can all be part of this disease. It perhaps is able to produce many kinds of organisms.

    The fibers seem to have a twisted look to them sort of like a DNA Helix formation.

    Now, 20 years after I first began to get the sores I did get the diagnosis of Scopulariopsis. Are these images what Scopulariopsis looks like?It does in fact form fibers.I also learned that mites love to eat Scopulariopsis so did my fungus cause mites to come to my skin to feast on it? There are lots of unanswered questions however I know that many people are suffering and I hope my storygives you some hope - just to know. I went for so long without knowing and at least now I know. Life is better as I have learned to control it. Not easily.

  • This disease heavily involves hair and skin as I previously mentioned. The first photo is 3 of my hair shafts with the fibers entangled around them at 60X magnification.

    The lower two photos are of hair shafts and root in the first one showing the organism inside of the hair itself. These hairs came out of a sore on my head. I did not shave my head but I do think it might help control reinfection of scalp. I use essential oils on my hair and scalp and it does help a great deal but getting my head sore free has been a very long, hard process and I have not quite yet arrived but am so much better than a year ago.

    FYI head lice shampoo does nothing to con-trol this. Dog shampoo for fleas and ticks does nothing to control this. Ivermectin does nothing to control this internally or externally. Initially I tried all these things before I had any understanding of what was going on - do not do it - no insecticide shampoo helps kill this. I used Lindane for a summer under prescription - it did nothing. So, please dont add those chemicals to your body I can assure you that they do nothing.

    What I use to keep this under control are energy type naturopathic products: essential oils, special energized bath salts and water, including frequency machines and products to launder clothes, linens and bedding.

    If caught in the early stages it is possible to end this condition but most people have no idea what is going on with their health until they are already in a 5 or 6 years process of not being able to get better. The longer it continues to grow and contaminate then the more difficult it becomes to arrest it.

    Conventional doctors are a waste of your time and money as they are clueless.

    The Look of Morgellons - 20 Years Later Scopulariopsis Species Fungus Identified!

  • The fibers form lint balls that you will see around your house, they come off your skin out of your pores or sores and then they grow. This is a fiber lint wad - they glow under black light in the dark. You will find them all over your house. I do not know if they are spreading the disease but I suspect they are. They easily float through the air and attach themselves to other surfaces. I have also pulled 2-3 inch long glowing fibers out of my sofa, they embedded into it. They were not that long when they left my body, they got into the sofa and continued to grow! Just use a black light at night and you can pull them out of fabric, carpeting etc... very bizarre and very scary. Glowing fibers everywhere!

    The next image is of hair and fibers from my hairbrush. Hair brushes spread this condition so do not share them and disinfect them between uses. It might be best to only use a comb and keep it in Thieves cleaner between uses. The same would be true of not sharing towels, toothbrushes or clothing.

    Also, now that I understand this disease I surely would never recommend anyone use secondhand clothing and certainly do not donate your clothing to a recycled clothing shop. It is in the collars and waistbands waiting to infect someone else.

    This image is of a flake of skin, one of the fibers coming out of it and one of the little specks that appear all over the place coming off the fiber. The red organism seems to be the flesh eating aspect of this disease but it seems to form from the fibers or is drawn to them. Not sure on this.

    I dont understand any of this and had I not been experiencing it all myself I would not believe it. This is a very strange disease.

    God help us.

    The Look of Morgellons - 20 Years Later Scopulariopsis Species Fungus Identified!

  • Read about fungus here:

    Read about Scopulariopsis here:

    This woman was infected with Scopulariopsis when she received Botox injections - read how she gave up on the conventional treatments. Search for this article.Treatment-resistant Scopulariopsis brevicaulis Infec-tion after Filler Injection

    Read about Valley Fever (25% mortality rate)

    Note: My products could prevent Valley Fever when used regularly throughout your home! If begun at first signs essential oils may provide better results than the 25% mortality rate. Detoxification after treatment would help those with lingering ill effects from this rapidly increasing fungal illness. I would not advise you not to immediately seek conventional medical care if you suppect you have this but I will tell you that you can prevent it and if you do get it use the oils in combination with conventional therapy for best outcome.

    Read about a Morgellons Study here:

    CDC Fungus Page

    Naturopathic products can, more effectively, remediate a home or building that has a mold problem.Naturopathic products can be used safely around children while they sleep to clear their lungs from many of the pathogens causing their allergies.

    Naturopathic products can be used throughout the home to prevent the entire family from ever getting sick from fungi. Prevention is better than going through what I have gone through.


    What to do

    When you have mold spores in your home, and in my case throughout my body, treating yourself to rid your body of the fungus and bugs is not an easy thing to do, but now added to that horrible task you have to also be dealing with everything you own and come into contract with! This means your clothes are all infected, the bedding, towels, carpeting, furniture, walls and car are all going to need a total disinfection process. This may need to be repeated for a long time until you stop emitting the fungal spores. You will need to keep your home's humidity level below 60%.

    I can teach you the best way to remediate your home and also how to begin getting better. It all has to be done at the same time and it could take many months, even years.

    When you have Morgellons, or Scopulariopsis, whatever we should be calling it now, you really have a big problem because YOU are spreading it from your skin cells, from your hair, from your sweat so it won't be as easy as removing drywall from a moldy house. It is a constant chore of cleaning and treatments much the same as battling cancer, worse actually, since cancer does not make your living area infectious. The battle is long and difficult but I can help you. Most people are so sick and broke by the time they figure out what is wrong they have no options left. It is so frustrating to me in my position to know how many are suffering but cannot afford the products needed to get well. No insurance covers any of it and it is not cheap.

    What has helped me survive all these years has been essential oils, herbs, electronic frequencies and other naturopathic products. If you elect to become a patient I will require first that you become a member of Naturopathic Healing Association. Then once you have done that you can go to my website at and submit a request for consultation. Information will then be provided to you on how to proceed. I will assist you along the way to fight this beast of a disease.

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