More on work-packages Reminder: We have and continue to elaborate the WPs (reminder next slide) We have talked about main activities and CASC (reminder

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More on work-packagesReminder: We have and continue to elaborate the WPs (reminder next slide) We have talked about main activities and CASC (reminder the following slide)

Today: Workpackage responsibilities What are the workpackage leaders supposed to do the next 3-4 months ActivityDescriptionDeliverables (2016)Material budget Proj. Implementation, scope, cost studies, site, physics reach Update and improve CLIC cost model & civil engineering studiesTechnical Design (TD) and Project Implementation Plan (PIP) of CLIC ZeroImproved cost model, feedback to CLIC baseline review, site studies See talk of Roberto Corsini june 1st

Beam physics studiesBeam physics and overall designReview of the CLIC baseline design Beam dynamics studies for each area and overall stability/alignment, timing and phasing, stray fields Studies towards CLIC ZeroCTF3 +CTF3 consolidation and upgradeConsolidation and upgrade (higher energy, stability, reliability)Drive beam phase feed-forward experimentsUpgrade and operate TBL as 12 GHz power production facilityOperation with beam for several CLIC two-beam modulesCLIC ZeroInjector for the CLIC drive beam generation complexBuild and commission 30 MeV Drive Beam injector with nominal CLIC parametersBuild and commission a few Drive Beam accelerator nominal modulesParticipation to Technical Design of full CLIC Zero facilityRF StructuresDesign and fabrication of 12 GHz accelerating structures & PETSand associated R&DBuild and test close to 100 accelerating structuresBuild and test about 10 PETS prototypeEstablish manufacturing experience, quality control, brazing and assembly procedures for structure fabrication at CERNRF test infrastructureBuilding, commissioning and operation of high-power RF test standsSix 12 GHz klystron-based RF high-power test stations, for about 12 slots, running before 2016Continue high-power testing at 11.4 GHz (KEK and SLAC)Contribution to high-power testing in CTF3+ (TBL)Prototypes of critical componentsTechnical R&D design, build and test prototypes of CLIC critical componentsAlignment Quadrupole stabilization systemSeveral nominal CLIC two-beam modules, mechanically tested, beam testedR&D and prototyping of critical beam instrumentationDesign and studies of machine protection systemDR technologies , e.g. superconducting wiggler prototypes, test with beam, extraction kickers prototypesWarm magnet prototypesMDI and Post collision lines and beam dumpsControls DB RF system and powering WP planningPreliminaryCASC and activity leaders Agenda:Time allocated , Title, Resp. for preparation 10 - Minutes and actions (Stapnes) 15 - Critical and urgent issues (Stapnes) - Vary from meeting to meeting - Project meeting planning included - Issues that need a quick resolution 10 Collaboration Matters (Corsini) - Collaborators and CB issues 10 - Resource and planning matters (Schmickler and review leader) - Issues relate to WPs, resources, agreements/documentation and reviewing Activity Leader reports (Lebrun, Schulte, Corsini, Schmickler, Wuensch) and large workpackages (Doebert and Riddone) if needed.2 - AOB and next meeting Work-package responsibilities

What next ?Warnings: The work-package resources needed are still significantly above our forecasted resources, so the WPs might change scope and even be suppressed in a final analysisSome tuning of the work-package leadership and activity areas still probably needed In particular we need to be sensitive to collaborators that would like to phase in new people (not necessarily as WP leaders but deputies or task responsible), and it is possible that large collaborative contributions to specific work-packages should be combined with (co-)leadership of some of the WPs We do expect the work-package leaders to feel responsible and take ownership of the work-packages Some key issues to address: Understand/review the WPs content/tasks and resources with activity leaders (if not already done), (help to) improve documentation of tasks and resources Use the Granada Workshop (LCWS11) to review critical items and issues feed back into WP planning and tuning (see guidance from Daniel and co) Define/discuss with activity leader if a deputy or other substructure are needed fort the work-packageWork with activity leaders to understand, plan and increase the collaborations participation and help to put people in recognized responsibilities (task responsible, deputies, etc) Review with activity leader organisation of the work, meeting structures etc .. Participate/support activity leaders in preparation of the November workpackage planning meeting 3-4.11

ACE ?5What now ?We also know the some WPs (typical examples in the Parameters and Design) need to keep a close contact with other work-packages (for example related to Technical Developments, CTF3 activities, X-band work, or in the Implementation area) so it is important that these contacts are identified and documented again consult with activity leaders (and insist on good contacts)Keep in mind that meetings at activity level can take care of some of these issues - as well as the Project Meetings