More Internationalisation @ FEB Internationalisation isn’t just exchanges

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  • More Internationalisation @ FEB Internationalisation isnt just exchanges
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  • Ekonomika trips New York o dates: February 3-10, 2014 o companies, NYU, UN, Nasdaq but also a musical or a basketball game (both optional) o cost: approx 1050 Euros Moscow o dates: April 8-13, 2014 o Companies, HSE, FIT, BE Embassy, but of course also the Kremlin etc o cost: approx 600 Euros
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  • New FEB Initiative: China lectures by Dr S. Grand Lectures provide Grands (disconcerting) insiders view on business in China Public opening lecture on Monday Dec 2, noon, Zeger Van Hee, followed by four closed lectures 18:00-20:00 on Dec 2, 3, 4, and 5, HOG 00.85 You earn a KU certificate if you attend all Need to register!! (35 seats only). Info and registration on
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  • USA Immersion Initiative (Chicago/StLouis) 11-day field trip @ Chicago, St Louis (Easter break), prepared by 13 seminar sessions @ Leuven (Feb 10 till March 24); Papers and presentations on following topics o General US issues: econ/pol history; current issues; trade policies o EU/US areas of conflict: GMO pro and con, Boeing v Airbus before WTO; climate change o Selected sectors/industries, related to the companies that we hope to visit in April (Kraft, Monsanto, ADM or Cargill, etc) Presentations commented on by experts (consultants, Embassy, EU, etc). Adversarial sessions. Active participation. Earns you 6 ECTS (capita selecta 2 e sem, on your ISP)
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  • The trip Chicago: o Futures markets o many companies, o U of Chicago, De Paul U Decatur IL: ADM (Agr commodities) Weekend at U Illinois, Urbana-Champaign: o One or two brief talks by UI academics o Meet with students UIs BUS & ACES o optional sports match (tbc) o Time off St Louis, MO: AB Inbev (?), Monsanto, Nestl USA
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  • The trip
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