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  • 1. Lions Clubs International District 308-A2FY 2009-2010 Monthly Activities Report REGION:3 ZONE:8 MONTH: August YEAR:2009/2010Club No:LCI 5234-025631Ros No.:(5)/PPP/SK/1273/67 International Dues Lions Club ofMiri Host1st Half USD1, 092.00 Paid On7/8/09 Tel 019-8857736Fax 085-435218 2nd Half USDPaid On Email:bongshiyee@yahoo.comDistrict Dues in FullRM4, 884.00Paid On9/8/09Club MembershipGainLoss MeetingDateAttendanceVenue 1st July 200955 BOD19 August 200993% Mega Hotel, Miri Last Month 56 General19 August 200943% Mega Hotel, Miri This Month 5600% Activities: As per list attached (Please enclose action photos & newspaper clippings). Information required are: 1. Date2. Activities 3. Project Chairperson4. Nos. of Clubs Involved5. Nos of Member Involved 6. Nos. of man-hours spent 7. Fund Raised8. Fund Expanded9. Nos. of People Benefited. Distribution:Due Date: DG/1st & 2nd VDG/Cs/RC/ZC/DC Activities & Bulletin/ Club File Receive by 26th of the current month President &/ or SecretaryBong Shi Yee Date 20 August 2009(Name and Signature)

2. MONTHLY ACTIVITIES REPORT LIONS CLUBOF MIRI HOSTREGION: 3ZONE:8MONTH: August YEAR: 2009/2010 No. ofFundFundNo. Of No. Of No. OfProject Type of Project DateActivitiesPeopleRaisedExpendedClubsmembers man-hoursChairperson (e.g. Sight First) Benefited (RM)(RM)involved involved spent 18 July Installation, Induction cum Banquet Dinner President LionFellowship- -1 2060 of Lions Club of Miri Mandarin Bong Shi Yee19 July Joint Installation, Induction cum BanquetZC Lion Simon Installation,490RM22, 800.00 RM 5 36 198 Dinner TingInduction &13,454.00 This is a joint Induction and Installation ofFellowship 43rd Lions Club of Miri Host, 17th Lions Club of Marudi Mandarin, 8th New Century Lions Club of Miri Resort City, 4th Lions Club of Lutong and 4th Lions Club of Miri Lambir.Our Club has 6 new members being inducted. New BOD members for 2009-2010 have been installed. During this event, a total fund of RM22, 800.00 has been raised and RM 13, 454.00 has been spent. (Photos 1 7)20 July Lunch with International Director, LionPresident LionFellowship5 20 60 Hajjah Ellis Suriyati Haji Omar, the Bong Shi Yee President and members of Sister Club - Lions Club of Cameron Highlands. 3. No. ofFundFund No. Of No. Of No. OfProject Type of Project DateActivitiesPeopleRaisedExpended Clubsmembers man-hoursChairperson (e.g. Sight First) Benefited (RM)(RM) involved involved spent 22 July Umbrella Project IPP Lion Albert Community ProjectRM2800.00 RM2800.0 1911 10 garden umbrellas have been presentedTiong0 to ACP Jamaludin bin Ibrahim, Ketua Polis Daerah Miri at Miri Police Headquarter. The objective of this project is to foster better relationship between the Police and the Clubs, at the same time to create awareness among the Miri Community to work closely with our Police force. (Photo 8)22 July On-the-Line ProjectLion BrianBusiness Meeting 1 832 - 11Discussion on how to set up Clubs website Taylor Aug and its requirement. Collection and compilation of information was done from 22 July 6 Aug, and the designing of the web from 6 11 Aug.26 July Distributing the fruit of Fund Raising - President LionBusiness Meeting1501 312 Bringing a Smile to the Children Bong Shi Yeefor Major Fund Discussion and building of a miniRaising Projects playground for 150 orphans from LembagaLions Service for Kebajikan Anak-anak Yatim Sarawak in Children Miri. 4. No. ofFund Fund No. Of No. Of No. OfProjectType of Project DateActivities PeopleRaised Expended Clubsmembers man-hoursChairperson(e.g. Sight First)Benefited (RM) (RM) involved involved spent 3-9 Youth Exchange Project - Joint Project PP Tong Shih Youth Exchange 10339 Aug with LC of Miri Host, LC of Miri Mandarin, Yee and LC of Miri Central 10 Japanese Youth Exchange (YE) arrived on 3 August 2009 and are welcomed by hosting families and Lions from Lions Club of Miri Host, Lions Club of Miri Mandarin and Lions Club of Miri Central. In the same afternoon, the YE visited 3 10 30 Nippon Oil Exploration (M) Ltd. Project Coordination Executive Mr. Shingo Otsuka welcomed them with a Welcoming Dinner. (Photo 9 & 10)4 Aug On 4 August, the YE visited Curtin PP Tong Shih 3 3 6 University. Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor Yee welcomed the YE. (Photo 11) Then, the YE paid a courtesy visit to Miri3 4 4 Mayor, whom was represented by Councilor Mr. Dennis Ngau. (Photo 12)8 Aug A farewell dinner has been organized for PP Tong Shih50 8 10 30 the YE. (Photo 13) Yee7 Aug Participation in Installation, Induction cum President Lion Fellowship3 9 Banquet Dinner of Lions Club of LimbangBong Shi Yee and Limbang Mandarin.9 Aug Participation in Leos Induction in Bintulu. President Lion Fellowship4 8Bong Shi Yee 9 Aug Participation in Installation, Induction cum President Lion Fellowship10 30 Banquet Dinner of Lions Club of Bintulus 4Bong Shi Yee Lions Clubs. 5. No. ofFundFund No. Of No. Of No. Of ProjectType of Project Date ActivitiesPeopleRaisedExpended Clubsmembers man-hours Chairperson(e.g. Sight First)Benefited (RM)(RM) involved involved spent 12 Aug Contribution to District LeadershipPresident Lion Excellence Club RM600.00 1Development Fund and DistrictBong Shi Yee Award Criteria 12Scholarship Fund. & 1314 Aug Managing Your Financial Attitude joinedLeo DesmondYouth Outreach754 10 20project with LC of Miri Mandarin LingIn the past, Lions have created awarenesson drug abuse issues among youth.However, there is another important issuethat is more critical and important as itaffects everyones life. This issue is theright attitude of managing money.Therefore, instead of organizing drugawareness talk, this year, we organizedManaging Your Financial Attitude tooutreach our youth. The objective of this 2-hour talk is to createawareness among our youth to be morecautious when dealing with money anddevelop the right attitude when managingmoney. (Photo 14 & 15)18 Aug Fellowship Lunch Z8C Lion JohnZone meeting and RM500.00 1 612Discussion of District Advisory CommitteeHiifellowshipmeeting, its format, reporting system, andpossible projects.19 Aug 2nd BOD Meeting and later, the General President Lion Club Meeting 23 23Members MeetingBong Shi Yee BOD and Members 19 Aug Fellowship gathering after meeting President Lion Fellowship252 23 23 Bong Shi Yee