Monitoring API Performance and Delivering a Scalable API Solution

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  • 1. WSO2 Practical Guide to API Management WebinarMonitoring API Performance and DeliveringScalable API Solutions Asanka Abeysinghe - Director, Solutions Architecture, WSO2Tharindu Mathew - Associate Technical Lead, WSO2 WSO2 2012. Not for redistribution. Commercial in Confidence.

2. Practical Guide to API Management Webinar Series 3. Requirement for Scalable API Solutions- Architecture- (ONLY) Business functionality execution point- Business (functionality) as a Service- High business demand- Subscription model- Unknown consumers / Applications- Unknown usage- SLAs (Service Level Agreements)- Market driven usage patternsPicture Credit : 4. Middleware for Scalable Solutions Picture Credit : / 5. API Faade Pattern cont.. External Format (Demand) FaadeMediation Backend Services 6. API Faade Pattern Generic PatternExternal Format (Demand)Faade Faade + MediationMediationBackend Services 7. API Faade Pattern WSO2 recommended architectureExternal Format (Demand)Faade Mediation MediationBackend Services 8. API Faade Pattern WSO2 ImplementationExternal Format (Demand)Faade MediationBackend Services 9. API Faade Pattern WSO2 Implementation extendedExt API Mediation / Service (Demand) Service Virtualization / PlatformsAPI FaadeOrchestrationOther Service Containers 10. API Faade Pattern WSO2 Implementation BIG PICTURE 11. API Management Platform Layered Architecture- Invoke the API: API Gateway- Secure : API Auth Server- Look-up, Subscribe : API Store- Govern, LCM : API Publisher- Monitor : API Analytics Platform 12. WSO2 API Manager Platform Component Architecture API Gateway API StoreAPI PublisherAPI Ext AuthAuth ServerAPI AnalyticsExt Load Balancer Ext LB Analytics2.0 PlatformBAM-2.0 Data Collector RDBMS (G-Reg +Analytics)2.0 BAM-2.0 Analytics + DashboardBAM-2.0 Data Store 13. Capacity Planning Facts Matrix Component Capacity Planning Guidelines API Gateway Peak load of the API calls Auth Server Peak load of the API calls API Store Peak load of the subscriptions and browsing API Publisher Peak load of the API publishing and LCM tasks Analytics System load of the API calls 14. Deployment Pattern : Minimum with internal store 15. Deployment Pattern : Minimum with external store 16. Deployment Pattern : Extend to scale 17. Deployment Pattern : as an internal API solution 18. Data to Scale : API Statistics Picture Credit : 19. WSO2 BAM Workshop : Palo Alto 20. More Info Corporate website: Solution Architecture Blog: Business development team: Asanka Abeysinghe Blog : Twitter : @asankama Tharindu Mathew Blog : Twitter : @mccloud35 21. lean . enterprise . middleware21 22. Monitoring API Performance and Delivering a Scalable API Solution 23. The feedback cycle Gather API dataAdjustSlice andparameters DiceDecide 24. Recap Monitoring stats available - Usage data such as number of hits, subscriptions, access time alreadygathered 25. Gathering API data What if you want custom data off of API requests? Plug-in a monitoring extension mediator Net total of each order total=259 APIBAM Manager 26. Slice and Dice Customers who have placed orders above 2 mil USD Select customer_name, sum(order_amount) from Orders groupbycustomer_nameCustomer_name Sum(order_amount)Coyote2,332,223Acme10,654,333 27. Decide 28. Decide (cont.) Check for trends Compare past resutls Get help with Reporting & Dashboards 29. Adjust parameters 30. Adjust parameters (cont.) Increase server capacity Increase redundancy Retire APIs Introduce new versions 31. Summary Create an effective feedback cycle Get proper alerts and dashboards in place Tune your APIs for maximum performance 32. Q&A


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