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  • 2/28/2006


    (C) Honda Motor Co. , Ltd.. 2006 A rights reserved

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    ISO International Organization For Standardization


    #NAME? AH Clinic

    Emission Control Emission Control




    Work to develop new technology, which is the root to creating attractive products.

    Industrial Engineering

    A technique as a whole, where the expertise from various fields are used for the design. These fields include mathematics, natural science, and social science, as well as the principle or method of technical and engineering analysis and design. This is used for improvements and is applied to the system that covers personnel, resources and facilities, where the results are predicted and evaluated.

    International Organization for Standardization

    Initial Quality Survey

    Intended for customers three months after purchase

    Events for Honda North America to make a diagnosis of new car model designs for North America at development stage to incorporate user-needs into the design.


    Engineering Large Project Leader

    A general project leader of engineering section.

    Engineering Quality Project Leader

    The project leaders of Production/Enginerring departments in the factory.


    Electoronic Countermeasure Request Form

    Electronic voucher to input Electronic CRF for use by in house notes system.

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    () EDPS Electric Data Processing System

    E theme




    EP-PL The project leader of the plant division.

    EP ROM

    E Division Engineering section. See SED system.

    Electric Data Processing System

    E EA00E(EG, EP, EQ, EB)13 * EG * EP * EQ * EB 4

    Referes to theme brought forward by E in each department (EG, EP, EQ, EB) from the production standpoint to satisfy A00 of E. (Basically 13 themes)Specifically; consists of the following 4 items:* EG --- new production engineering* EP --- Plant requirement items (Plant Production Engineering)* EQ --- Quality requirement items* EB --- Procurement

    Environment Protection Agency

    This is an agency in the U.S. which controls emissions.

    Engineering Project Leader

    The project leader of the engineering division.

    Engineering Buyer Project Leader

    The project leader of the procurement division.

    Engineering Production Project Leader

    Electrically Programmable ROM


    ROM which can delete the program (data), or ROM which can convert the data as required.

    E SED

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    ()E Requirement A00

    share rate

    #NAME? image mock-up model

    EA00 E The requirement to be met by E divisions operations.

    1001001.A1001002.A 70 70B 30 30

    Shows by how many percent the parts are ordered from the supplier. When the parts are ordered from more than one supplier, the total of the share rate of each supplier should be 100%.When 100 parts are required.-1. When purchasing 100 parts from supplier A, the share rate for A is 100%.-2. When purchasing 70 parts from supplier A and 30 parts from supplier B, the share rate for A and B is 70% and 30% respectively.

    consignment research cost


    Honda pays a set percentage of its sales amount to HG, EG, KG (vaporizer research center) as research consignment fee. This amount is referred to as the consignment research fee.

    lump-sum settlement method

    This is a method of payment alternative to a draft.Based on the three-party contract established between the parent company, subcontractor, and financial institution, the subcontractors can ask the financial institution for a loan or payment by mortgaging or transferring their credit for their subcontracted work.What is unique to this method is that the payment is made via a financial institution, while the payment is directly made from the parent company to the subcontractors when paid in cash or draft.

    Real-size models assembled when quick building of a mock-up is necessary quickly to acquire overall image.

    IMPACT IMPACT (Information Management of Parts Suppliers Contact Totalization system)

    A system that attempt to expedite communication between Honda and to reduce suppliers and lead time.

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    AH American Honda Motor Sales company in the U.S.


    expert evaluation



    receiving receipt & verification

    When the parts are delivered from suppliers, the contents and the quantity are collated with the delivery slip.

    Australian Design Rule

    Design regulations in Australia which are applied to the vehicles sold and used in Australia

    Means that experts from each field evaluate the project subject and give advice from an objective position.

    Supplemental Restraint System

    Passenger protection system which supplements the seat belt.

    Selective Enforcement Auditing


    Sampling inspection from the mass production line.A person responsible from the EPA directly goes to the vehicle manufacturer to check the conformity of the vehicles (measuring EM, others).

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    () SED system

    SA Situation Analysis

    SAE Society of Automotive Engineers


    SKD Semi Knock Down


    Honda specific PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM. * S --- (Sales) Refers to Sales Dept. of Honda HQ where user satisfaction oriented sales strategy is created.* E --- (Production) Refers to EG/SS department where preparation of equipment and dies, production of prototypes, investment, assessing of mass production cost for jointly developped products are carried out.* D --- (Development) Refers to departments of HG-A, HG-T, etc. where resarch and development of general technology mainly function and appearance of the products necessary for development of motorcycles, vehicles, general-purpose, supplies are carried out and drawings are issued.

    (Seriousness) (Urgency) (Growth)

    Listing the pending matters- Clearly describe the meaning.- Separation (when the necessity arises)- Prioritize the matters judging from seriousness, urgency, or growth of the problem.

    Positioning of the process

    Society of Automobile Engineers

    Production Engineering Strategical Chief of the Factory


    Super Handring ALL-Wheel Drive

    Refers to a four-wheel drive system capable of variable driving distribution to front and rear wheel and distributing the driving force sent to rear wheel to left and right.


    Parts which are assembled in Japan are disassembled to some extent of assy., and packed and shipped to the production country. (No parts are locally procured.)

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    () SG SG

    H Horizontal

    HIC Head Injury Criteria Head Injury Criteria

    HC Hydro Carbon Hydro Carbon

    HCM Manufacturing company in Canada

    NHC New Honda Circle

    NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

    Nox Nitrogen oxides Nitrogen oxides


    Situation where HG (for new model) stays at Suzuka Factory. For the similar meaning, CG (Saitama), MG (Hamamatsu), and KG (Kumamoto) are used. In the abroad, HAMG (America) and HCMG (Canada) are used.

    ( Horizontal (Overall height method for completed vehicles)

    HEM Honda Energy Material

    Activities Honda has been doing to save energy and resources.

    Honda of Canada Mfg., Inc.


    QC circle generally carried out. Honda named it New Honda Circle, with the expectation that NHP (New Honda Plan) will produce more favorable results.

    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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    () NCAP


    FMC Full Model Change


    FOB Free On Board

    FC Fuel Consumption Fuel Consumption

    FTA Fault Tree Analysis

    ML Maker Lay-out

    New Car Assessment Program

    NHTSA35 HIC1000

    A test conducted by the NHTSA to evaluate the safety of new vehicles, where a head-on collision at 35 miles/h should offer an HIC value of 1000 or below.

    Failure Mode and Effect Analysis


    Refers to FMEA, a technique to analyze a failure mode (factor) of components to detect imperfection of design and potential defect.


    Overall design changes, including changes in engine and interior/exterior. For passenger car, FMC is usually done once in a period between 4 years and 6 years.

    Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard

    Safety standards which are applied to vehicles and motorcycles sold and used in the U.S., and offer strict regulations on the function of parts and complete products. Sampling inspection is applied to mass-produced products, and if sampled products have any problem which do not satisfy the standards, all relevant vehicles are recalled, and sometimes a penalty of hundreds of millions of yen is imposed for each problem.

    Shows the shipment method, with the invoice price of the cargo up to the time of loading them on the vessel at the domestic port.

    Refers to a tree analysis of failure, a technique to analyze the occurrence course and origin, occurrence probability by developping the unfavorable phenomenon for reliability or safety by developping a retroactive tree diagram using functional symbol.

    Decide on the parts suppliers which the parts are ordered from.

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    () MQS

    MTOC Model Type Option Color


    LCL Lower Control Limit Lower Control Limit

    LP-1 Line Product-1

    LPL Large Project Leader Large Project Leader Engine Assembly Engine Assembly


    stress measurement stress measurement