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Moda Immagine - Winter 2015 · PDF file 2017-10-27 · Moda Immagine - Winter 2015 Moda Immagine produces an exclusive range of Italian knitwear, and has become a Ravir favourite both

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Text of Moda Immagine - Winter 2015 · PDF file 2017-10-27 · Moda Immagine - Winter 2015...

  • 4/14/2015 Moda Immagine ­ Winter 2015 | Ravir Boutique­immagine­winter/ 1/3

    …naturally beautiful clothing

    Moda Immagine - Winter 2015

    Moda Immagine produces an exclusive range of Italian knitwear, and has become a Ravir favourite both summer and winter. All Moda Immagine garments are made in Italy, and are woven from the softest of natural fibres.

    These styles may be purchased through our online store, or you can email [email protected] to find out what colours and sizes are available.

    MG­4461 Roll neck poncho, navy MG­4461 Roll neck poncho, grey MX­Bianco Freestyle poncho

  • 4/14/2015 Moda Immagine ­ Winter 2015 | Ravir Boutique­immagine­winter/ 2/3

    MX­08/17 Ribbed Cardigan, midnight blue

    MX­08/17 Ribbed Cardigan, lilac MG­4048 Mini Cable Poncho

    MX­Massato Cardigan MX­Galati Honeycomb Jumper, ivory MX­Galati Honeycomb Jumper, sage

  • 4/14/2015 Moda Immagine ­ Winter 2015 | Ravir Boutique­immagine­winter/ 3/3

    MX­Vasari Jacquard cardigan MX­Ponte Jumper, snow MX­Ponte Jumper, tomato

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