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MOBOTIX - Ecl-ips · PDF file installed by Worcestershire based MOBOTIX partner Ecl-ips, a specialist in delivering environmental and security threat management. “The implementation

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  • © MOBOTIX AG • Security-Vision-Systems 1


    Over twenty years ago, very few people knew about

    the hidden, underwater world off Pembrokeshire, on

    the west coast of Wales. However, in 1990 the creation

    of Skomer Marine Nature Reserve (MNR) covering the

    waters off the headland and around Skomer Island,

    gave the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW) a

    golden opportunity to study and protect this marine


    Skomer’s waters are famed for their amazing range of

    underwater marine life. Situated on the boundary where

    northern and southern species overlap, there is a huge

    variety of wildlife of all shapes and colours – making

    it a great place to study and monitor changes in the

    marine environment.

    An environmental wonderland Many species are studied in detail. These range from

    sponges to grey seals, and from tiny, colourful sea

    slugs to graceful, slow-growing seafans, a 120 of which

    are monitored and photographed every year to study

    changes in them. Over the last 20 years, King scallops,

    which are protected from all forms of fishing within the

    MNR, have increased more than eight fold.

    Eelgrass, a rare and sensitive habitat which harbours

    a wealth of wildlife, has increased in area and density.

    It is protected in the MNR by marker buoys and by

    providing moorings for visiting boats - eelgrass is

    easily damaged if anchors are dragged through it.

    The environment at Skomer has also been identified

    as Wales‘ only Important Plant Area (IPA) for marine

    algae, with over 240 species recorded.

    Helping to monitor conservation efforts with MOBOTIX technology

    Skomer Marine Nature Reserve, Island

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  • © MOBOTIX AG • Security-Vision-Systems2

    CCW Marine Conservation Officer for Skomer, Mark

    Burton said: “Keeping an eye on the Marine Nature

    Reserve which is only accessible by boat can be a

    challenge. This is especially tough in rough weather

    where winds of over 110 mph and waves over 13 metres

    high have been measured.” Burton’s duties include

    maintaining the site’s oceanographic monitoring and

    weather station. CCW collates data on temperature,

    salinity, turbidity, chlorophyll, PH and oxygen from

    probes on the seabed of the Skomer MNR which

    I  used as part of a UK wide research project on climate


    Marine Reserve Officers also need to manage human

    activity, so that it is in line with the conservation

    objectives of the site. More than 145,000 people have

    visited the Marine Nature Reserve exhibition at Martin’s

    Haven. Add to this more than 40,000 divers have

    explored the MNR – either for pleasure or to contribute

    to the survey and monitoring work.

    “We also need to make sure that illegal fishing does not

    occur within the protected area but with limited staff, it

    was felt that a remote, high resolution camera would

    be a major benefit,” explains Burton.

    All weather capability essential Based on a requirement for extreme reliability

    and ability to work in all-weather conditions,

    CCW selected a MOBOTIX solution from Ecl-ips (; a highly regarded

    Advanced MOBOTIX Partner. The MOBOTIX M24-SEC

    cameras are installed within a converted coast guard

    hut on the mainland overlooking the island and provide

    wide angle coverage across several key locations such

    as protected scallop beds and wildlife areas.

    The M24-SEC MOBOTIX cameras offers a higher

    30 frames per second capture at megapixel resolutions.

    The two new cameras each have a 60 degree lens

    system. Together, the cameras can cover critical areas

    of the island and estuary from its vantage point in the

    coast guard hut. Featuring a 64 GB of internal storage

    capacity, the M24 cameras can ensure that even if

    a communication link is lost; the island can still be

    monitored with recording for later analysis.

    CCW accesses the system via a fibre optic link and

    all footage is recorded for 10 days. Burton said: “The

    system also tags movement events and can generate

    an alert whenever a vessel comes into the area of

    coverage – this is useful for monitoring any illegal

    fishing within the area.”

    „High Definition Protecting Stunning Natural beauty“

  • © MOBOTIX AG • Security-Vision-Systems 3

    The high resolution images produced by the camera

    allow for accurate identification of objects within the

    field of vision. The megapixel capability also offers

    software-based zoom capability without the need for

    an additional mechanical PTZ enclosure.

    In common with all MOBOTIX cameras, the installation

    uses a decentralised concept which places intelligence

    within the camera. Through decentralisation, CCW

    avoids the need for any additional costly video capture,

    encoding or storage devices. Conservation Officers can

    control the cameras using a simple internet browser

    with all video images viewed from a simple PC or even

    mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. This

    technology innovation makes the monitoring process

    extremely flexible while reducing cost and complexity.

    The cameras also have two way audio capabilities

    which allow ad-hoc communication between the

    mainland and the hut on the island.

    To date, the cameras have proven extremely reliable

    and withstood extreme temperature changes and

    weather conditions without fail. The system was

    installed by Worcestershire based MOBOTIX partner

    Ecl-ips, a specialist in delivering environmental and

    security threat management. “The implementation by

    the team from Ecl-

    ips was extremely

    professional and

    the cameras have

    worked well ever since,” Burton adds.

    The real-time images have been made available to

    the public through the CCW website and also provide

    a guide for groups preparing to scuba dive or sail in

    and around the island. The installation is the first of

    its kind within a Marine Nature Reserve. The use of

    this innovative visual technology is helping to raise

    awareness and protect wildlife.


  • 4 © MOBOTIX AG • Security-Vision-Systems1


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    D14 D24 Q2 4


    The German company MOBOTIX AG is known as the leading

    pioneer in network camera technology since its founding in

    1999, and its decentralized concept has made high-resolution

    video systems cost-efficient.

    Increased Resolution Reduces Amount Of Cameras Needed 1536-line, high-resolution sensors give a better overview and

    allow users to monitor an entire room with just one camera.

    Reduced Installation Costs At Any Distance Standard Ethernet connection enables the use of common

    network components such as fiber, copper and wireless (wi-fi).

    Intelligent Cameras Reduce The Number Of Recording Devices The decentralized MOBOTIX concept makes it possible to

    store data from approximately ten times more cameras to

    a single storage device than is normally possible.

    Event-Controlled Image Format Minimizes Storage Costs Automatic image adjustment (frame rate, size) based on

    movement, sound or signal input reduces the bandwidth

    and storage requirements.

    Low Power Costs, No Extra Heating Anti-fogging without heating allows usage of standard PoE

    technology to power the system via Ethernet or two-wire

    cable, saving power cabling costs.

    Backup Power Supply Costs Reduced By Over 80 Percent Low power consumption, approximately four watts, enables

    year-round PoE (no heating required) with one centralized

    UPS from installation room using the network cabling.

    Robust And Practically Maintenance-Free Fiberglass-reinforced composite housing with built-in cable

    protection and no mechanical moving parts (no auto iris)

    guarantees longevity.

    Software For Thousands Of Cameras And Storage Devices Included The right premium user interface software for every application:

    MxEasy for compact video solutions, MxControlCenter for

    professional control centers.

    Unlimited Scalability And High Return On Investment While in use, more cameras and storage can be added at

    any time; image format, frame rate & recording parameters

    are camera specific.

    Additional Functions And Other Extras Included Audio support, lens, wall mount and weatherproof housing

    (-30 to +60 °C; -22°F to +140°F) are included; microphone

    & speaker available in almost all models.

    MOBOTIX AG Kaiserstrasse D-67722 Langmeil, Germany Tel.: +49 6302 9816-103 Fax: +49 6302 9816-190 E-Mail: [email protected]

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