Mobile Platforms And Devices

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Presented at the Arkansas Museums Association annual meeting March 2013. This presentation covers a number of aspects to consider when choosing mobile platforms and devices. Presented with Kelly Miller, Mill Creek Software.

Text of Mobile Platforms And Devices

  • 1. Picking and Managing Platforms and DevicesMonday, April 1, 13
  • 2. Presenters: Kelly Miller Founder Mill Creek Software Heather Marie Wells Digital Media Specialist Crystal Bridges Museum of American ArtMonday, April 1, 13
  • 3. Mobile AppsMonday, April 1, 13
  • 4. Options Native - Write to the specic consumer platform Hybrid - Web to native consumer app Web - Web site for mobile device Cell Phone - Call in to hear audio Dedicated - Device built to purposeMonday, April 1, 13
  • 5. De De vel vice op Fea Tim Spe Cos tur e ed e t * s Native All Fastest Highest BYOD Hybrid All* Mixed Mid BYOD Web Limited Mixed Low BYOD Cell Phone Low OK Fast BYOD Dedicated All Fast Depends HighMonday, April 1, 13
  • 6. Device features Camera Push notications Calendar Geofencing Microphone Indoor location Contacts App storeMonday, April 1, 13
  • 7. Native App Pros Cons Fit and Finish Cross Platform No Limits Cost Best ExperienceMonday, April 1, 13
  • 8. Hybrid App Pros Cons Cross Platform Can look un-natural Use Web Skills Supplier Lock-in Dev Speed PerformanceMonday, April 1, 13
  • 9. Mobile Web Pros Cons Cross Platform Ofine Support Cost Latency Easy to Deploy Changes ExperienceMonday, April 1, 13
  • 10. User Behavior Apps for things we do multiple times. Web sites for single frequency events. Apple users download apps, Android users not near as much. OS upgrades.Monday, April 1, 13
  • 11. Device ManagementMonday, April 1, 13
  • 12. Consumer Products: A Blessing and a Curse Pros Cons Cost Enticing to public Openness Durability Public knows how to use Public knows how to useMonday, April 1, 13
  • 13. In Use at Crystal Bridges For checkout: Procedures Turn around and charging time Accessories Cleaning suppliesMonday, April 1, 13
  • 14. In Use at Crystal Bridges Installed in gallery: To make noise or not Cleaning Charging Monitoring FixturesMonday, April 1, 13
  • 15. Why didnt they tell me? In store displays are special. OS updates will change things. People will do unexpected things - Intentionally and Unintentionally. Dont over estimate staff comfort level with devices and dont expect it to be uniform.Monday, April 1, 13
  • 16. What Can I tell You?Monday, April 1, 13
  • 17. Thank You for Coming! Kelly Miller Mill Creek Software Heather Marie Wells Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art HeatherMarie.Wells@Crystal Bridges.orgMonday, April 1, 13