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  • Mobile Construction Solutions Digital Pen and E-Form Vertical CCT has several solutions designed to capture information at the construction site and report it back to stakeholders

    wherever they may be. Digital capture can be used for several applications in construction including:

     Timesheets*

     HR forms*

     Inventory Forms*

     QA/QC forms*

     Handover and Commissioning forms using ATLAS 3D™ *

     Any process which uses paper and needs data captured.

    * Available from CCT International—sold separately

    Easily convert paper to e-forms for

    your tablet!

    CCT Digital Capture Solutions with Papyrus™ Technology

    Digital Pen Technology:

    CCT’s digital pen solutions offer site and office staff the ability to:

     Capture and report information from virtually any paper-

    based process using a special digital pen and printable pa-

    per. CCT’s integration layer called Papyrus then captures and

    transforms the written data into the necessary fields and


     Significantly reduce data entry time

     Keep paper trails for legal purposes

    E-Form Technology:

    The very same paper forms can also be transformed to tab-

    let based forms using naturalForms®. The advantages of

    this technology include:

     Ability to design Smart forms which “adapt” to input in

    real-time. For example a form which is identified for

    site X, may require additional or less questions than

    site Y.

     Digital signatures that replace ink, thus, increase ac-

    countability and tracking.

     Cross-platform compatibility (Apple and Android)

    through a free application.

    Available on:

  • Mobile Construction Solutions Capture site activities on the go

    For more information contact:

    CCT International Inc.

    Tel: +961 1 819500/3



    Mobile Pipeline Construction System (MPCS)

    MPCS is a near real-time data acquisition solution that

    automates the process of progress monitoring and data

    collection for daily pipeline construction activities. Track-

    ing pipes activities starts from mill to coating yards, and

    including all transitional stages like shipments, ports,

    trains, trucks, laydown areas, etc. When integrated with

    back-end database/ERP system, the solution provides

    users with the ability to generate accurate progress re-

    ports for stringing, bending, pipe cuts and detailed weld-

    ed report that contribute in building the final Pipe books


    Using the latest emerging technologies from Barcode,

    RFID, GPS and cameras, the solution eliminates the pa-

    per-based process and adds more data validation by hav-

    ing all data in-hand while on construction site. Collected

    data is logged back in the construction ERP system for

    data reporting and visual geographical presentation

    when using a GIS interface.

    Devices by:

    MFCS (Mobile Fuel Consumption System)

    MFCS is a complete fuel management solution which

    utilizes mobile handheld devices at fuel dispensing cen-

    ters, as well as barcoding for vehicles and equipment

    requiring fueling. Includes a web-based graphical re-

    porting platform with several ready made reports.

    Works with IBM® MAXIMO®.

    Technology Partners:

    Other applications:

     Mobile Spool Tracking System: MSTS is a mobile application for managing fabricated spools within laydown yards using the latest technologies such as Barcode, RFID and GPS. MSTS logs the location of spools upon receipt and makes it easier to find them saving time, cost and re-fabrication.

     Mobile Warehouse Management System: MWMS enables you to leverage the full value of data con- tained in your backend warehouse management and inventory business system by providing real-time inventory visibility. MWMS is designed specifically for contractors and fabrication shops.