Mobile Devices within the Primary Classroom

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>The use and advantages of mobile devices within the primary classroomIt is today that we create the world of the future. Eleanor RooseveltWhat are mobile devices?A mobile device is a small hand-held computing device. They typically have a touch screen with keyboard application. </p> <p>iPod TouchApple Mac</p> <p>MacBookiPadSome of the devices being used in Casllwchwr Primary School</p> <p>Discuss ways in which each piece of equipment is being used in school. Mention 1 thing each. Why are these devices being used in schools? To enhance all areas of the curriculum;Make learning accessible to all;SEN and MATs children are gaining greater opportunities;Improved enthusiasm. </p> <p>Tell audience of good examples of when the digital devices have been used to enhance certain subjects or topics being taught.How is it accessible?SEN Special Educational NeedsMATs More Able and TalentedHow have children shown enthusiasm? Give example facts and opinion group. How Casllwchwr are incorporating this technology</p> <p>Play video and see if there are any questions. AdvantagesIncreased enthusiasm for learning;Boys are becoming more engaged;Inclusive;Can be used across the curriculum;Improved home-school links;Wireless;Children are learning without realising. </p> <p>Discuss how boys are becoming more engaged what differences can be seen. Home-school links talk about how homework help is being improved and discuss use of show-me app. Research to support this...In October 2011 The Guardian wrote an article about a school in Carmarthenshire and how digital technology has made an impact. The comments (shown below) support Casllwchwrs findings. </p> <p>"We were looking to beef up technology and find ways of engaging the pupils in different ways. I'm convinced it's having an impact. </p> <p>"A lot of the boys especially don't like writing," she said. "They feel pressurised if they are asked to write down a story." Instead, they use applications such as Storyrobe, which allows them to use still images and video to create a story. They can add their own voice to tell the story rather than writing it down. "They can quickly share it with their peers, and they like doing that,"6DisadvantagesLack of equipment;Lack of training/confidence;Price;Life span (how long until something better is on the market?!);Pressure on parents;Security issues.</p> <p>Not always enough equipment to use throughout the school. A lot of forward planning required. Staff need to be using it themselves to build up confidence and knowledge. Dont leave it in a corner! Many parents may feel under pressure to buy such equipment and in these tough times it isnt affordable for all. Discuss the opportunity of having 1 per child and when these will be taken home (Y5/6 everyday/Y3/4 @ weekends). If this is the case there may be security issues outside of school. Research that agrees...November 2011 saw the release of an article on BBC news, Cornwall reporting on the influx of iPads for all 900 pupils at a local school. The idea wasnt welcomed by all and below are some comments made...</p> <p>"We're all for technology, but let's just remember an iPad is a premium product with a premium price."You can get cheaper laptops which are more hard-wearing. "If you think of the battering school equipment takes, do you think there's any chance that most of these iPads are going to make it through the next couple of years without some being broken or lost? That comes as an additional cost."</p> <p>What teachers thinkIt is an opportunity to practise skills across the curriculum in a fun and enjoyable way.It engages with a childs world.It arms them with essential skills which all sectors of the workplace already require.It has huge benefits for all children. Its inclusive and supportive. Its a chance to push those who are MATs.Discuss findings from questionnaires. Devices in SchoolDevice TypeLocationQuantityiMacLibrary/Reception class2MacbookLibrary2iPadLibrary/x1 per class27iPodLibrary15Ask Lisa for questionnaire photocopy and note in bibliography.10How much do they cost?</p> <p>Feedback from Leighton Andrews</p> <p>Casllwchwr have demonstrated what can be achieved through intelligent use of digital technologies. They have placed great emphasis on high quality, accessible digital classroom content that meets the need of both teachers and pupils.</p> <p>Welsh Education Minister Mr Leighton Andrews, Jan 2012</p> <p>Leighton Andrews visited school recently to see what the school is doing in regards to this relatively new technology. He was blown away with how they are incorporated throughout the school. We not only have known people visiting the schools but fellow teachers and teaching staff alike on digital days. (hold up poster) The school has hosted many of these days, giving people an understanding of how to use the iPads/iPods and how to implement them in the classroom. These have been beneficial to those attending as well as the school. What pupils thinkI love using the apple equipment because it is fun and I enjoy exploring the different apps to help with my topic.</p> <p>I think the iPads make learning fun. I have learnt a lot of new skills and enjoy using iMovie.</p> <p>My favourite app is Popplet. It is colourful and easy to use. I like that I can draw or put in a picture too.</p> <p>My favourite app to use is the football maths game. It is fun and exciting.</p> <p>Recordings of Y5 and Y6. What they think of the use of mobile devices, their favourite apps and how they are used. Casllwchwr hitting the headlines</p> <p>Casllwchwr have been in the focus of media attention for a while now due to the continued effort and support for the implementation of apple equipment throughout the school. Due to the hard efforts of both teachers, support staff and pupils we have gained a highly commended award from NAACE. We were the only welsh primary school to be nominated for the award and are very proud of what we have achieved. We have also caught the eye of the Welsh Minister for education Leighton Andrews. He has personally visited the school to see what we are doing and how the children are reacting and engaging with the equipment. He was so impressed that he has spread the word about how digital technology (implemented in the right way) can only enhance the learning opportunities of children today. This is the way that education is heading and to avoid it wouldnt equip our pupils with the skills they need for the future.Head teacher Simon Pridham and digital leader, Sarah Reece have also worked hard at teaching and guiding others by holding Digital Days in school. These have been very popular and give other teachers and leaders the opportunity to see how the equipment is being used and how it can effect both teaching and learning. 14</p> <p>Read the paper clip aloud as text is quite small. Explain about competition. ConclusionMobile devices have had a positive impact throughout the school;Introduction of more equipment has meant greater opportunities;The school is being recognised for the fantastic effort and progress being made, not just in Wales but further afield too!</p> <p>Teachers need access to innovative services. We must prepare pupils for the future workplace</p> <p>Finish with this quote and discuss that this is what it boils down to. If we just teach pupils skills on the PC we wouldnt be preparing them for the future. 18BibliographyBlip.tvSouth Wales Evening Post and pupils at Casllwchwr Primary SchoolTree banner -</p> <p>Pictures</p> <p>19Bibliography Cont...;lng=en Benjamin-nagelBob AugustVacekrae Picture of iPad2 by kun530Picture of Leighton Andrews authorised by Leighton Andrews. </p>