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Mob Hits Calendar


You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©


Dean O'Banion (1892-1924) North Side Gang boss (1919-1924)

Hymie Weiss (1898-1926) North Side boss (1924-26)

Bugs Moran (1896-1957) North Side Gang boss (1927-1935)

Vin Drucci (1898-1927) North Side Gang boss (1926-27)

You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 2

3 4 5 6 7 8 91990 - Brooklyn: Louis

Tuzzio shot dead in his

Chevy Camaro by

Bonanno men

1919 - Detroit boss

Antonio Giannola shot

dead on River St

1988 - DeCavalcante

Capo Jimmy Rotondo

shot dead outside his

Brooklyn home before


New Orleans:

1888 - Stuppagghieri

Rocco Geraci kills

Giardinieri Tony Bonora

1889 - Vincenzo Ultonino

throat cut

1979 - NYC: Martin

Krugman vanishes

1997 - Las Vegas: Fat

Herbie Blitzstein shot

dead in his home by

mobsters from Buffalo &


1992 - Gravesend

Brooklyn: Nicky Black

Grancio shot dead in his

car by Greg Grim Reaper

Scarpa during a Colombo

family internal war

1929 - Al Capone ally,

Union Siciliane Pres

Pasquale Patsy Lolordo

killed in his home by Bugs

Moran's North Side Gang

& Joe Aiello

1939 - Brooklyn: Murder

Inc's Irving Knadles

Nitzberg shoots Albert

Plug Shuman in back of


10 11 12 13 14 15 161983 - Roy DeMeo, head

of Gambino hit squad,

shot dead at a NY body

shop on orders from Paul


1943 - 5th Avenue: Carlo

Tresca, Socialist It.

newspaper editor, killed

by Carmine Galante &

Tony Bender Strollo

shotgun blast

1925 - North Side Gang's

Bugs Moran, Hymie

Weiss, Vin The Schemer

Drucci's failed attempt at

drive-by of Al Capone

1962 - Providence:

Hitman Mad Dog

Nazarian shot dead

leaving craps game by Fox

Taglianetti & Rudy Sciarra

1904 - Carbondale, PA:

Former Italian Police

Chief Joseph Colandri

mortally wounded by

razor attack

1945 - Peter LaTempa,

witness against Vito

Genovese, dies of

poisoning in jail while

under DA protective


17 18 19 20 21 22 231906 - Scranton: Bomb

put in Antonio Fazio's

house for not paying


1967 - Dorchester:

Money maker Whimpy

Bennett vanishes for

being stoolie - Frank

Salemmi & Rifleman

Flemmi suspected

1963 - Detroit car bomb

nearly kills boss Santo


1926 - Henry Spingola,

brother-in-law to Genna

Brothers, killed by

Chicago Outfit

1933 - Charles King

Solomon killed in men's

room of South Boston's

Cotton Club by John

Burke & James Coyne

24 25 26 27 28 29 301925 - Johnny Torrio

wounded by North Sider's

Bugs Moran, Hymie

Weiss, & Vin Drucci;

Moran ran out of bullets

with final click at Torrio's


1925 - Bugs Moran,

Hymie Weiss, Vin Drucci

shoot up Al Capone's car,

failing to kill him for 2nd

time in 2 weeks

1962 - Naples, Italy: Lucky

Luciano dies under

suspicion of poisoning

while meeting with

Hollywood producers

1966 - Brooklyn: Gasper

DiGregorio's men fire

upon Joe Bonanno's men

on Troutman St

1939 - Murder Inc: Gov't

witnesses Louis Cohen &

Isadore Friedman killed

1939 - White Plains, NY:

George Weinberg

commits suicide while

under police protection

before his testimony

against Dutch Schultz



You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©


You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 2 3 4 5 61932 - Gunmen burst into

Bronx apartment & kill

Patsy Del Greco, Fiorio

Basile, & Emily Torrizello

in a failed attempt to kill

Mad Dog Coll

1919 - Detroit: Pasquale

Danni, brother-in-law of

boss Sam Giannola, killed

on Biddle Ave 1920 -

Chicago union head

Maurice Enright shot


1931 - Masseria man Joe

The Baker Catania killed

on orders from Sal


1942 - Andrew Izzo shot

dead on NY sidewalk

1984 - DeMeo Crew man

Rich DiNome shot dead in

home 1990 - Lucchese

man Tony DiLapi shot

dead in Los Angeles

garage on orders of

Gaspipe Casso

1917 - Giuseppe Chiarell

killed by the Brooklyn


1941 - Murder Inc: Benny

Tannenbaum killed while

babysitting 1969 -

Tom Zummo of

DiGregorio Faction shot

1970 - Cranston, RI:

Patriarca has Louie The

Fox Taglianettie shot

7 8 9 10 11 12 131979 - Peter Waring, NYC

cocaine dealer turned

informant, killed & cut-up

by Gambino's DeMeo


1932 - Mad Dog Coll

gunned down with a sub-

machine gun in a Bronx

drug store phone booth

1977 - San Diego boss

Frank The Bomp

Bompensiero gunned

down in a phone booth

1976 - San Fran: Barboza

shot down hiding out

from New England Mob

1986 - Gaspipe Casso has

NY cops Eppolito &

Caracappa kill diamond

merch Israel Greenwald

1976 - San Francisco: Joe

The Animal Barboza is

beaten to death by JR

Russo while in witness

relocation program

1970 - New England:

Handicapper Gil The Brain

Beckley missing - testified

against boss Ray Patriarca

14 15 16 17 18 19 201929 - Al Capone's crew,

in police uniforms,

machine-gun down

remaining 7 members of

Bugs Moran's crew on

North Clark St

1936 - Machine Gun Jack

McGurn shot down at a

Chicago bowling alley on

Milwaukee Ave

1926 - Urazio Tropea,

Genna Brothers, shot

dead in drive-by

1913 - Roussomano & his

bodyguard Capalongo

shot dead in East Harlem

door-way as revenge for

Prisco murder

1933 - Denver boss Joe

Roma shot dead at home

1914 - Louis Lazazara,

East Harlem stable

partner of recently killed

Ms Spinelli, is stabbed

dead by Angelo Lasco

1979 - Brooklyn: Freddie

Todaro's cut-up, packed

body left at Fountain

Avenue Dump by

Gambino's DeMeo Crew

21 22 23 24 25 26 271937 - Newark, NJ:

Gaspare D'Amico severely

wounded in a failed hit

ordered by Joe Profaci

1889 - Joe Mattaino killed

in his New Orleans home,

head burned in fireplace

1926 - Vito Bascone,

Genna Brothers, is killed

in Stickney, IL

1933 - Ray & Rosario

Porrello shot playing

cards at Cleveland smoke


1945 - Nathan "Slots King

of Ohio" Weisenberg


1930 - Bronx: Leaving his

mistress, Lucchese boss

Gaetano Reina killed by

Vito Genovese shotgun

blast on order of


1961 - Gallo Brothers

kidnap Frank Profaci

1959 - W. Orange, NJ:

Abner Longie Zwillman,

under Sen. Subpoena,

hanged in home

28 291950 - Fresno, CA:

Abraham Davidian shot

dead waiting to testify in

drug trial


You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©


You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 2 3 4 51936 Chicago poolhall:

Machine Gun Jack

McGurn bro Tony De

Mory machine gunned

1935 - Cohoes: Dutch

Schultz shoots Jules "The

Comisar" in front of

lawyer Dixie Davis

1935 - Brooklyn: Murder

Inc's Max The Jerk Golob

kills John Spider Murtha

1944 - Louis Lepke

Buchalter, leader of

Murder Inc, executed in a

Sing Sing electric chair

1982 - Gambino men kill

Nicolina & Mike Lizak in

retaliation for murder of

Rob Russo

6 7 8 9 10 11 121980 - Joe Coppolino is

decapitated & his corpse

left in street by DeMeo

Crew for talking to

Federal agents

1980 - Billy The Kid

Sciolino shot down

midday by a group of

masked men at a Buffalo

Metro Rail construction


1952 - Brooklyn shoe

salesman A. Schuster shot

in each eye for helping

cops nab bank robber

Willie Sutton; hit ordered

by Anastasia seeing

"squealer" on TV

1993 - Montreal home:

20+ bullets into ex-WWF

star Dino Bravo Bresciano

for cheating on cigarette

smuggling scam

1968 - Sam Perrone & Bill

Bonanno shot dead in

Brooklyn by Frank Mari of

the DiGregorio Faction of

the Bonanno family

1909 Palermo: NYPD Lt

Pertosino hit ordered by

Don Vito Cascio Ferro

1965 S. Boston: After

bruglary setup Barboza

hits Teddy Deegan for

robbing Mob bookies

13 14 15 16 17 18 191891 - Angry lynch mob

storms New Orleans jail &

kills Joe Macheca & 10

others acquitted of

assassinating Police Chief

Dave Hennessy

1981 - Philadelphia: boss

Phil Chicken Man Testa

killed by nail bomb placed

under his house front


1932 - V Genevese hits G

Vernotico to marry his

wife Anna Petillo 1967 -

Chicago Outfit: Alan

Rosenburg beaten dead

for owing money to Felix


1917 - Yonkers: Harlem

mobster Joe Chuck

Nazzaro murdered

1967 - Miami Beach:

Genovese Capo Futto

Biello hit on order of

retired Joe Bonanno

1979 - Charlie Padnick,

Will Serrano & 2 others

have their cut-up body

parts disposed of by

Gambino's DeMeo Crew

after traveling to NYC for

a large cocaine deal

1943 - Frank The Enforcer

Nitti commits suicide by a

Riverside, IL railroad after

being indicted

1998 - Philadelphia: Tony

Turra shot dead on way

to federal court

20 21 22 23 24 25 261912 - Aniello Zopo the

Gimp Prisco guns down

Pasquarella Spinelli at her

East Harlem stable as

revenge for her step-

daughter, Nelli Lenere,

stabbing Chick Monaco


1928 - Chicago: Diamond

Joe Esposito killed on his

front porch by a drive-by


1980 - Philly boss Angelo

Gentle Don Bruno killed

in his car by shotgun blast

1978 - Manhattan: NJ

Teamster official Sal

Briguglio, awaiting trial &

asked about missing

Hoffa, shot 5 times in

face at Little Italy's

Andrea Doria Social Club

1979 - James Padnick's

cut-up body is disposed

of by Gambino's DeMeo

Crew after traveling to

NYC looking for his

missing dad Charlie

27 28 29 30 311977 - Chicago Outfit hit

man Chuckie Typewriter

Nicoletti shot in head in

his car in Northlake, IL

1977 - Gov't informer

Thomas Palermo


1955 - New Jersey boss

Stefano Bedami is

stabbed dead in a Newark



You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©


You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 21910 - Spanish Louie,

Humpty Jackson Gang,

killed in drive-by on

Lower East Side by Lenox

Ave Gang

1869 - Stuppagghieri

Mafia, New Orleans,

shoots Raffaele Agnello in

face with blunderbuss


3 4 5 6 7 8 91980 - Brooklyn: Whitey

Tropiano (former Murder

Inc) gunned down

crossing street 1984 -

Buffalo: Big Al Monaco

shot dead in field for

skimming mob loan shark


1927 - Chicago: Vin The

Schemer Drucci is killed

while being arrested

1967 - Dorchester:

Whimpy Bennett's bro

Walt has vanished at the

hands of Richie Grasso &

Pete Poulds

1884 - Camillo Farach

killed with sword cane by

his Brooklyn cigar store

partner Antonio


1956 - NY: Johnny Dio

blinds reporter Victor

Riesel with acid

1950 - Kansas City boss

Charles Binaggio &

enforcer Mad Dog

Gargotta shot in the head

4 times each at the

Democratic Club

1968 - Prov., RI grocery:

Rudy Marfeo & Tony

Melei buckshot from Pro

Lerner & John Rossi

1972 - Little Italy: Crazy

Joe Gallo shot eating at

Umberto's Clam House,

staggers out & dies in st

1962 - Tony Bender

Strollo, Genovese Capo,

taken from his Fort Lee,

NJ home & killed

1913 - Amadeo

Buonomo, member of

recently killed Zopo

Prisco's gang, is shot dead

in the back of the head in

an East Harlem wine


10 11 12 13 14 15 161972 - Frank Ferriano

murdered driving into

NY's Holland Tunnel

1903 - Benedetto

Madonia stabbed &

stuffed in a barrel of

sawdust by Ignazio Lupo

& Guiseppe Morello on

Lower East Side

1930 - Milwaukee: DA

Clinton Price mortally

wounded by shotgun

blast at his home

1991 - Bensonhurst:

Gambino man Bobby

Boriello killed, ordered by

Lucchese's Gaspipe Casso

1887 - Jersey St., NYC:

Antonio Flaccomio shoots

killer sent by John Farach

1973 - Chicago Outfit hit

man Sam Mad Dog

DeStefano shot dead in

his garage awaiting trial

1931 - Coney Island: Boss

Joe Masseria killed at

Nuova Villa Tammaro

after Luciano goes to

toilet by Bugsy Siegel, Joe

Adonis, Anastasia, Vito

Genovese & Ciro

Artichoke King Terranova

1912 - E. Harlem: Charles

Bario, Calogero Morello &

Joe Pollizzo exit bar;

Morello shoots at Bario,

Bario returns fire,

Morello & Pollizzi shoot

each other; all mortally


17 18 19 20 21 22 231912 - 5 men die in

gunfight between Joe

Morello & Joe Baker on

113th & 3rd Ave

1985 - Former Frank

Sinatra bodyguard Rob

DiGiulio killed for dating

mobster's girlfriend in

1951 - Brooklyn: Boss

Vincent Mangano

vanishes day before his

bro Phil found dead in

Sheepshead Bay marsh

1967 - Medford, MA:

Snitch Joe Lanzi shot by

Angiulo enforcers

1972 - Dave Wolosky shot

down outside Beth Israel


1979 - Roy DeMeo shoots

dead Dom Ragucci after

car chase mistaking him

for Columbian cartel


1872 - Joe Agnello shot

dead by Joe Maressa, Joe

Florada & 2 others at

Picayune Pier in New


1955 - Charlie Wall killed

in Tampa

1978 - Mike DiCarlo, who

has been shot, stabbed,

beat dead, is cut up &

disposed of by Gambino's

DeMeo Crew

1944 - Frank Abatte killed

in Calumet City

1978 - Rochester: Sammy

G Gingello killed by car


24 25 26 27 28 29 301984 - Bonanno Capo

Cesare Tall Guy

Bonventre cut-up in three

55-gallon glue drums in

Garfield, NJ warehouse

1939 - East Harlem:

Whitey Friedman,

recently called in for

police questioning,

gunned down by a

Murder Inc drive-by

1979 - Long Branch:

Genovese Capo Tony

Little Pussy Russo killed

for revealing Las Vegas

secrets on FBI wire taps

1983 - Philadelphia:

Pasquale Pat the Cat

Spirito shot dead in back

of head in car

1987 - Staten Island:

Mentally ill Will Ciccone

tortured dead in candy

store for shooting at John

Gotti's Bergin Hunt & Fish


You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©

MayMurder Inc

known members: Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel, Vincent The Executioner Mangano, Louis Lepke Buchalter, Albert Mad Hatter & Lord

Executioner Anastasia, Abe Kid Twist Reles, Bugsy Goldstein, Pittsburgh Phil Strauss, Allie Tick Tock Tannenbaum, Seymour Blue Jaw Magoon, Harry

Happy Maione, Mendy Weiss, Hyman Curly Holtz, Jack Shapiro, Frank Dasher Abbandando, Charlie The Bug Workman, Joe Adonis, Louis Cohen, Frankie

Carbo, Louis Shadow Kravitz, Philip Little Farvel Kovolick, Sam Red Levine, Louis Capone, Mike Blackie Connolly, Sonny Boy Ricchiettore, Al Fatman

McConville, Jodie Big Bump McConville, Jimmy Squillante

You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 2 3 4 5 6 71964 - Boston: Vinnie

The Butcher chops up

Francis Regis Benjamin

1957 - Frank Costello's

head grazed from bullet

by Vin The Chin Gigante

1972 - Miami: Henry

Rubino shot dead on 10th

green of golf course

1938 - Detroit boss Joe

Tocco shot by 5 pistol &

12 shotgun rounds to his


1919 - Mike Maltisi & Joe

Buccellato shot dead in


1981 - Bonanno men kill

family Capos Dom Big

Trin Trinchera, Al Sonny

Red Indelicato, & Philly

Lucky Giaccone at 20/20

Night Club

1963 - Irving Vine killed in

a South Side Chicago

hotel after turning gov't

witness against Murray

The Camel Humphreys

1977 - 596 Club: Ruby

Stein lured by Jimmy

1909 - Chicago: Mariano

Zagone shot dead outside

son-in-law's Gault Court


1929 - Cicero, IL: Al

Capone beats dead Joe

Guinta, John Scalise & Al

8 9 10 11 12 13 141922 - East Harlem:

Vincenzo Terranova shot

dead from a car - Joe

Masseria shoots at

Umberto Valenti

1974 - Buffalo: John

Cammilleri shot dead

entering Roseland Rest.

1932 - Bootlegger Sam

Carlino shot dead in his

Denver home

1947 - San Francisco boss

Nicholas DeJohn

strangled to death and

left in trunk of his car

1939 - NYC: Tootsie

Feinstein, associate of

Murder Inc's Louis Lepke

Buchalter, is killed

1920 - Chicago: Big Jim

Colosimo shot down

outside his Café by

Frankie Yale

1921 - Tony D'Andrea,

Genna boss, shot & killed

entering apt

1979 - Gateway Park,

NYC: Chris Rosenberg

killed by DeMeo Crew for

killing Columbian dealer

1977 - Boss of Hell's

Kitchen Irish Mob Mickey

Spillane is killed outside

his Queens apartment by

the Westies

1908 - Eastman Gang

leader Max Zwerbach &

Vach Lewis are ambushed

& killed by members of

the Five Points Gang

15 16 17 18 19 20 211979 - Brooklyn: Rob

McMahon & Joe Manri

shot dead in Buick

1935 - Tough Tommy

Protheroe and his

girlfriend are gunned

down in Queens

1915 - Boss Giosue

Gallucci & son Lucca are

shot & killed at Lucca's

coffeehouse in East


1936 - Buffalo boss Steve

Magaddino's sister is

killed by a bomb

explosion in attempt on

his life

1976 - Lucchese's Joe

Brocchini shot dead by

Gambino's DeMeo Crew

in unsanctioned hit

1915 -Brooklyn Camorra

kill Felicio Lacolla

1965 - Tyngsboro, MA:

Kidnap victim Will

Fergnani shot dead for

telling police

22 23 24 25 26 27 281973 - Staten Island:

Kidnapper Jimmy

McBratney shot dead at

Snoope's Bar by 3

Gambino men, 1 being

John Gotti

1914 - Fortunato

Lomonte shot dead in

East Harlem by Brooklyn

boss Sal D'Aquila hit man

Umberto Valenti

1913 - Fortunato

Lomonte is shot at, his

bodyguard killed, on Fifth

Avenue in East Harlem

1937 - Brooklyn parking

garage: Murder Inc ice

pick kill George Rudnick

1967 - Revere, MA: Benny

Zinna kills Connie Hughes

on highway with rifle

1939 - Brooklyn: Murder

Inc's Tick Tock

Tannenbaum executes

Teamster President

Morris Diamond

1925 - Chicago: Boss &

Unione Siciliana Pres

Bloody Angelo Genna

killed by Bugs Moran,

Hymie Weiss, Vin Drucci

after high speed car chase

29 30 311933 - Manhattan:

Bastiano 'Buster from

Chicago' Domingo shot

dead playing cards at

Castle Café

1927 - Philadelphia: Vin

Cocozza & Joe Zanghi

shot dead on corner by

Sal Sabella

1931 - Harlem: Mad Dog

Coll's bro Pete killed by

Dutch Schultz men

1930 - Detroit family

founder Gaspar Milazzo

shot dead at fish market -

a cause of Castellamare


1930 - Chicago Outfit kills

Red McLaughlin historybycalendar.com

You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©


You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 2 3 41930 - Fox Lake, IL:

Vernon Miller guns down

3 Chicago Outfit men to

avenge prior day's killing

of friend Red McLaughlin

5 6 7 8 9 10 111950 - Tampa Boss Jim

Lumia killed on street

corner by shotgun blast

on orders of Santo


2007 - Rudy Cue Ball Izzi

is shot in head at his

Brooklyn home

1963 - Gallo men Emile

Colontuono & Al

Mondello, killed by

Profaci men

1930 - Mob controlled

Chicago Tribune reporter

Jake Lingle shot dead at

Illinois Central Station

1902 - Sal Luciano & Vin

Vetura shot & stabbed in

their New Orleans

grocery by Sicily Calamia


1929 - Cleveland: Black

Sam Todaro killed in

parking lot after meeting

with Big Joe Porello

12 13 14 15 16 17 181975 - Andrei Katz is

stabbed & dismem-bered

in a Brooklyn grocery

store by DeMeo crew

1976 - Brooklyn: Vin

Governara shot dead by

Gambino men

1925 -Chicago: Cops kill

Mike The Devil Genna

1979 - Brooklyn lot: Paolo

LiCastri shot dead 1989 -

New Haven, CT: Wild

Man Grasso killed by

Gaetano Milano

1925 - Bugs Moran & Vin

Drucci wounded in drive-

by shooting

1986 - Tony The Ant

Spilotro & brother Mike

are beaten & buried alive

in an Enos, IN cornfield

1989 - William Wild Guy

Grasso, Patriarca

underboss, shot in head

& dumped in Connecticut


1979 - N. Hollywood:

Courier of skimmed

Vegas casino cash Victor

Weiss placed dead inside

trunk of Rolls Royce

1933 - Kansas City: Trying

to free Frank Jelly Nash,

Vernon Miller, Pretty Boy

Floyd, Adam Richetti kill

FBI agent, OK Police Ch, 2

KC cops & Nash at Union


1953 - Joe Valachi kills

Steve Franse as payback

for Anna Genovese

divorce testimony

1957 - Bronx: Frank Don

Cheech Scalice killed at

vegetable market

19 20 21 22 23 24 251975 - Oak Oark, IL: Sam

Momo Giancana shot in

basement while frying

sausage; 1 head shot, 1

mouth, 5 under chin

1979 - E. Haven: Capo

Midge Amnunziato killed

by Tommy The Blonde


1947 - Bugsy Siegel is

killed with a .30 caliber

army carbine at the home

of Virginia Hills in Beverly


1895 - Gioacchino

Cocchiara shoots friend

Antonio Caro Armblissa in

Boston based on

suspicion he will carry out

Giuseppe DeLucca's


1929 - Broadway mobster

Frankie Marlow

murdered in Queens

1946 - James Ragen,

owner of Continental

Wire, servicing many

Chicago gambling houses,

shot down by shotgun

blasts on Pershing Rd

26 27 28 29 301971 - Joe Colombo shot

3 times in head by

Jerome Johnson at Unity

Day Rally; Johnson is

immed-iately shot dead

by unknown gunman

1930 - West Side:

Chicago Outfit man

Thomas Somneiro

strangled to death

1978 - Milwaukee:

Augusto Palmisano killed

by a car bomb on the

order of Boss Frank


You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©


You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 21927 - Brooklyn: Frankie

Yale is gunned down in

his Lincoln on 44th St by

four men in a black sedan

1929 - Religious leader

Benjamin Evangelista,

wife & 4 children killed

after bad real estate

dealings with mob

3 4 5 6 7 8 91982 - Father & son duo

Tony & John Romano

shot dead by DeMeo

Crew for robbing Crew

man Pete LaFroscia

1895 - Mafia leader

Antonio Spadola shoots

Nicolo Errico dead in

Waterbury, CT

1930 - Cleveland: Boss

Joe Porrello & Sam

Tilocco shot in rest.

owned by Frank Milano;

Milano now boss

1965 - Bronx: Puerto

Rican heroin dealer

Nelson Cantellops who

helped mobsters set up

Vito Genovese dies from

bar fight

1949 - Tony Bender

Strollo kills Vincent Trupia

on a contract hit from

Vito Geovese

1925 - Chicago: Anthony

The Gentleman Genna

shot dead in ambush by

North Siders led by Vin

The Schemer Drucci

10 11 12 13 14 15 161937 - Joe Vaglica killed

in Tampa

1931 - Irving Shapiro

killed outside his Bronx


1979 - Bonanno boss

Carmine Galante shot

dead in back-yard garden

of Joe & Mary's

Restaurant in Brooklyn,

hit ordered by Rusty


1966 - Providence: Willie

Marfeo killed eating pizza

by Butch Miceli & Bear


1976 - Florida: Gambino

men Tony Gaggi & Roy

DeMeo shoot & stab

George Byrum in a motel

bathroom for helping to

rob Gaggi's home

1972 - Crown Heights:

Boss of Genovese family

Tommy Eboli shot five

times in head & neck

leaving girlfriend's home

1912 - NYPD Lt Charles

Becker orders Beansie

Rosenthal shot at Hotel

Metropole by Lefty Lou

Rosenberg, Frank Cirofici,

Gyp The Blood Horowitz

17 18 19 20 21 22 231964 - Quincy, MA:

Ex-boxer Paul Colicci &

Vin Bisesi killed for saying

NE mob boss Ray

Patriarca was a fag

1916 - Giuseppe DeMarco

shot dead at his East

Harlem gambling house

with Nine-Fingered

Charlie Lombardi on

orders from Ciro

1914 - Chicago police

detective killed on 22nd

St with the knowledge of

Big Jim Colosimo

1869 - Joe Agnello & Sal

Rosa kill Joe Banano &

Pedro Allucho of the New

Orleans Messinians

1902 - Brooklyn: Joe The

Grocer Catania stabbed

by Ignazio Lupo then

stuffed in a potato sack

1983 - Cicero: Nick

Calibrese kills Rich Ortiz24 25 26 27 28 29 30

1917 - Detroit police

detective murdered by

Andrea Lacatto

1916 - Mike Averna killed

by the Brooklyn Camorra

1909 - Danbury, CT:

Giovanni Zarcone,

arrested for ties to

Madonia Barrel Murder,

shot dead at home

1931 - A 5 yr old dies & 4

kids wounded on 107th St

in failed try by Mad Dog

Coll to kidnap Dutch

Schultz man Joey Rao

1919 - 2nd Ave NYC:

Johnny Spanish shot

entering restaurant by Kid

Dropper Nathan Kaplan

1932 - 3 of the Volpe

Brothers are gunned

down in a Pittsburgh

coffee shop

1941 - Whitey Krakow,

Murder Inc turned gov't

witness shot down by

Bugsy Siegel on NYC's

Delancey St

1975 - Teamster Pres

Jimmy Hoffa attends

meeting near Detroit, 31

1930 - Chicago: Tom McNichols & Bozo Schupe shoot each other to death on Madison St

1937 - Catskills: Murder Inc Jack Drucker & Big Gangi Cohen kill Walter Sage with ice-pick, tie him to slot machine, dump in Swan Lake

You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©


You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 2 3 4 5 61970 - Chicago loan shark

Mike "Hambone" Albergo

executed on orders from

Frank Calabrese

1975 - Jacob Molinas,

convicted of bribing NY

basketball players, killed

in his Los Angeles home

1964 - S. Boston: Harry

Hannon given the Chinese

knot & Will Delaney

tortured with blow torch

to genitals are dumped

dead into harbor for

robbing Mob bookies

1993 - Mickey Chang

Ciancaglini is shot and

killed while walking down

a South Philly street

1929 - Boss Steve

Monastero shot dead

entering Allegheny

General Hospital

1951 - The Two Tonys,

Brancato & Trombino,

shot dead in a car in LA

for robbing Vegas'

Flamingo Hotel

7 8 9 10 11 12 131989 - Tommy Gambino

orders death of Rich

Costello, President of


Longshoreman's Union

1932 - John Bazzano

stabbed, strangled & put

in burlap bag in Red

Hook, Brooklyn

1990 - Ed Tall Guy

Garofalo gunned down

walking to his Cadillac in

Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

1961 - William Action

Jackson is tortured to

death by fellow Chicago

Outfit men at a

Streeterville meat plant

with a meat hook & cattle

prod on suspicions of

talking to FBI

1920 - Joe Manzello

mortally wounded in a

Detroit drive-by

1926 - Hymie Weiss &

Vincent The Schemer

Drucci escape an ambush

by South Side gunmen on

a Chicago street

1920 - Manzello gang

retaliate against John

Vitale, shoot Antonio

Badalamenti in front of

his Detroit grocery store

1922 - Manhattan: Lucky

Luciano kills Umberto


1933 - Gas Fascone kills

Ferris Anthon & is then

shot down by Kansas City


14 15 16 17 18 19 201930 - Masseria man

Giuseppe Morello killed

with body-guard Piranio

in his East Harlem office

1926 - Hymie Weiss & Vin

Drucci escape 2nd hit

attempt in 5 days

1930 - Harlem: Masseria

guard Pietro Clutching

Hand Morello killed by

Anastasia & Scalise

1936 - Phily boss Big

Nose Avena is killed by

Lanzetti Brothers

1981 - Sonny Black

Napolitano killed in his

basement for allowing FBI

agent Donnie Brasco (Joe

Pistone) in his crew

1920 - John Vitale's 17 yr.

old son Joe is gunned

leaving his Detroit home

1954 - Chicago: Cherry

Nose Gioe shot dead by

Joey Glimco men

1976 - Hells' Kitchen:

Eddie The Buthcer

Cummiskey shot dead by

Mad Dog Sullivan at

Sunbrite Bar on orders

from Fat Tony Salerno

1961 - Gallo man Joe Jelly

Gioielli is killed while

deep sea fishing by Joe

Profaci men

21 22 23 24 25 26 271938 - Loch Sheldrake:

Murder Inc dumps

Hyman Yuran in lime pit

1965 - Boston: Waddy

David killed for selling

heroin - order Patriarca

1935 - Newark: Vincenzo

Troia gunned down for

conspiring to become

New Jersey boss

1976 - Cleveland: Leo Lips

Morceri of the Licavoli

family killed by John

Nardi-Danny Green


1940 - Louis Riggiona shot

leaving a NYC Bowery

clam bar; of 6 Riggiona

brothers: 3 killed, 2 in

prison, 6th escaped this


28 29 30 311933 - Los Angeles… 1988 - Willie Boy Johnson

is gunned down by Gotti's

crew for cooperating with

the FBI

1970 - Chicago: Frank

Calabrese kills loan shark

Mike Hambone Albergo


You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©


You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 2 32006 - Chicago Outfit:

Little Tony Zizzo


1929 - Westside

O'Donnell gangster Frank

Cawley killed

4 5 6 7 8 9 101939: Puggy Feinstein

strangled, ice-picked by

Pittsburgh Phil Strauss &

Bugsy Goldstein in

Murder Inc's Abe Kid

Twist Reles Brooklyn


1930 - Times Square: Fat

Joe Pinzolo shot dead in

office by Dominic The

Gap Petrilli

1976 - John Cutrone

machine gunned at a

Brooklyn lunch counter

1932 - Sam Maraglia the

Bronx Beer Baron killed

1975 - NYC: Coke dealer

Carmine Consalvo thrown

out of window by

Gambino crew

1928 - Capone ally

Antonio The Scourge

Lombardo is gunned

down on Madison St by

Bugs Moran

1916 - Nick Terranova &

Charles Ubriaco killed by

Morano gunmen at

Vollero's Café in Brooklyn

1935 - Manhattan: Bo

Weinberg killed by Dutch

Schultz in Midtown hotel

room for meeting with

Longie Zwillman

1931 - Park Ave: Sal

Maranzano stabbed &

shot by Jew gangsters

posing as IRS agents

1932 - Brooklyn: owner of

rest. Masseria killed in

Gerardo Scarpato

suffocates in burlap bag 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

1965 - Chicago Outfit:

Manny Skar killed for

turning evidence

1989 - Staten Island: Fred

Weiss, facing charges,

shot by DeCavalcante

hitmen on Gotti's orders

1936 - Murder Inc kills

Brooklyn candy store

owner & gov't witness

Joe Rosen

1931 - Pittsburgh: Boss

Joe Siragusa is shot dead

in his basement

1984 - Phili: Capo Salvie

The Prince Testa shot in

back room of Too Sweet

candy store on order of

boss Nicodemo Scarfo

1986 - Nick Calabrese kills

Big John Fecarotta behind

Chic. bingo hall

1949 - Philip Little Farfel

Kavolick of Meyer

Lansky's crew is killed in

Valley Stream, NY

1972 - Lucchese capo

James Plumeri strangled

to death

1931 - NYC East Side:

Meyer Shapiro killed by

former associates Abe Kid

Twist Reles & Martin

Bugsy Goldstein

18 19 20 21 22 23 241934 - Ferdinand The

Shadow Boccia dumped

in Hudson R. by Willie

Gallo & Hawk Rupolo -

order by Genovese

1992 - Boston: Kevin

Hanrahan 4 face shots

1957 - Joe Scalice is killed

at his welcome home

party by Vincent

Squilante for threatening

to avenge his brother

Frank's murder

1926 - Cicero: Al Capone

survives 6 car drive-by

shooting dining at the

Hawthorne Restaurant in

the Anton Hotel

1952 - East Harlem:

Eugenio Giannini shot

dead in a gutter outside a

deli by Genovese men

1930 - Chicago: machine

gun hit of Unione Siciliana

Pres Joe Aiello

1966 - Route 114: Chico

Amico & Barboza kill

Hughes & Lindenbaum -

ends Irish Gang War

25 26 27 28 29 301950 - Chicago Outfit:

Former police captain Bill

Drury & lawyer Marvin

Bas gunned down

1959 - Queens: Tony

Little Augie Pisano

Carfano & date shot dead

in new Cadillac

approaching La Guardia


1902 - NY Centre St gang

fight: Paul Kelly Club,

Young Whyos, Cherry Hill

Club, West Side Tigers,

Five Points Gang & East

Side Social Clubhistorybycalendar.com

You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©


You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


2 3 4 5 6 7 81920 - Detroit boss John

Vitale hit by 18 bullets

from drive-by

1937 - Max Rubin shot by

Murder Inc for not

leaving NY fast enough

1919 - Detroit boss

Salvatore Giannola shot


1951 - Willie Moretti,

Genovese under-boss &

cousin of Frank Costello,

shot down eating lunch at

Joe's Elbow Room in

Palisades, NJ by

Anastasia's hitmen

1912 - Eastman Gang

boss Big Jack Zelig shot

down by Red Phil

Davidson on 13th St

trolley on Manhattan's

Lower East Side

1916 - Antonio Notaro

kills Giuseppe Verrazano

at NYC Broome St


1977 - Irish mobster

Danny Greene killed

leaving a Cleveland

dentist by a car bomb

1930 - Ignazio Lupo kills

Roger Consiglio in New

York City

1962 - Buffalo: French

Connection smuggler Al

Agueci tortured dead for

threatening to inform on

boss Magaddino; 30 lbs

of flesh cut from body

while alive

9 10 11 12 13 14 151933 - North Side Gang

financier Smiling Gus

Winkler is machine

gunned down by Charles

Babe Baron

1928 - Boss Sal Toto

D'Aquila is gunned down

in front of his family

standing by his car in the


1926 - Hymie Weiss, boss

of North Side Gang, shot

down in front of

Chicago's Holy Name

Cathedral heading to his

office above the Schofield

flower shop

1916 - Sal DeMarco,

Neapolitan gang leader,

head axed & throat slit in


1939 - Mario Perla killed

in Tampa

1979 - Car dealers Falcaro

& Daoud cut-up by

DeMeo Crew

1915 - Tom Lomonte shot

down on 5th Ave in East


1927 - Cleveland mob

boss Big Joe Lonardo &

brother Joe gunned down

at a barber-shop owned

by rival Joe Porrello

1888 - Carlo & Vincent

Quarteraro stab dead

Antonio Flaccomio in

front of NY's Cooper

Union Building

1928 - Dutch Schultz man

Joey Noe killed by Jack

Legs Diamond men at

Chateau Madrid club,

54th St

16 17 18 19 20 21 221931 - Los Angeles boss

Joe Iron Man Ardizzone


1929 - Staten Island:

Maranzano men force

Lucky Luciano into limo,

beat, stab & demand he

kills Masseria

1977 - Evansville, IN: Ray

Ryan car bombed for

testifying against Johnny

Shoes Caifano

1914 - Neapolitan boss

Nick DelGaudio is shot

dead in the loft of an East

Harlem stable

1965 - W. Roxbury:

Barboza & Chico Amico

kill Punchy McLaughlin

1915 - Ippolito Greco

shot in head at his East

Harlem stable 1940 -

Tampa Bay: Ignazio

Antinori shot dead by

window at juke joint by

Charlie Wall's crew

23 24 25 26 27 28 291930 - Chicago: Unione

Siciliana President Joe

Aiello shot 59 times with

Al Mineo machine-gun by

order of Masseria

1935 - Newark: Dutch

Schultz, Abe Landau, Lulu

Rosencranz, Otto

Abbadabba Berman -

Palace Chop House -

Charlie Bug Workman

1957 - Manhattan: Albert

Anastasia gunned down

at the Park Sheraton

Hotel barber shop

1905 - Tomasso The Bull

Petto killed by Giuseppe

DiPrimo crew as he hid

from cops (Browntown,

PA) for Madonia Barrel

Murder (DiPrimo's

1958 - John Robilotto,

hitman & suspected

turncoat, is killed

1868 - New Orleans:

Litero Barba, meets with

Joe Macheca's Innocents

Gang, shot dead by Mafia

boss Raffaele Agnello

1911 - Nellie Lenere stabs

Chick Monaco 25 times

for beating her & trying

to rob step-mom's East

Harlem stable safe

30 31


1961 - Long Wharf: Charleston Mob leader Bernie McLaughlin shot by Winter

Hill Gang leader Buddy Mclean for wiring car w/ TNT

1979 - Jim Eppolito & son, related to mafia cop Louis Eppolito, shot dead by

Tony Gaggi & Roy DeMeo

1965 - Somerville: Steve Hughes hits Buddy McLean

in Pal Joey's Lounge

You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©


You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 2 3 4 51987 - Mike The Bat

DeBatte killed at Tali Bar

in Brooklyn on orders

from Sammy The Bull


1959 - Gallo man Frank

Abbatemarco killed

leaving bar in Park Slope,

Brooklyn by Profaci men

1928 - Park Cent. Hotel:

Arnold Brain Rothstein

mortally shot in groin

1959 - Joe Jelly Giorelli

kills Frankie Shots


1976 - Bonanno capo

Pietro Licata killed on

Knickerbocker Ave

1930 - Al Mineo & Steve

Ferrigno are mowed

down by gunfire in

courtyard of a Bronx

apartment building by

Maranzano soldiers

6 7 8 9 10 11 121990 - NYPD mob cops

Eppolito & Caracappa kill

Gambino soldier Ed Lino

on Belt Prkwy

1912 - Gopher boss

Owney Killer Madden

shot by Hudson Dusters

at NYC Arbor Dance Hall

and lives

1961 - Albert Transom

Testa shot twice in head

by Chicago Outfit in back

alley on Francisco Ave

1967 - Frankie 500 Telleri,

Smitty & Jim Di Angelo

are shot down at the

Cypress Garden

Restaurant in Queens by

Bonanno men

1924 - Chicago boss Dean

O'Banion shot down in his

Schofield flower shop by

Tossio & Capone men

John Scalise & Al Anselmi

1917 - Brooklyn: Antonio

Mazzara & Antonio

DiBenedetto killed on N

5th St

1941 - Coney Island:

Murder Inc's Abe Kid

Twist Reles falls dead

from Half Moon Hotel

window while under

police protection

13 14 15 16 17 18 191925 - Chicago: Sam

Samoots Amatuna, Genna

ally & head of Unione

Siciliana, shot down by

North Siders Jim Doherty

& Vincent The Schemer

Drucci at barbershop

1909 - Manhattan:

Genaro Gallucci shot

dead in brother's bakery

by Aniello Zopo the Gimp

Prisco 1954 -

NY: Frank Callace, 3

bullets in head on Sicily

return w/ dope

1906 - NYC: Girolamo

Mondini shot dead at

305E & 106 St for ties to

Madonia Barrel Murder

1965 - Revere Beach,

Mickey Mouse Club Bar:

Barboza kills Ray DiStasio

& bystander

1966 - N. End Boston:

Tashe Bratsos & Tom

DePrisco killed in Nite Lite

Lounge collecting bail

money for Joe Barboza

1929 - John Bilikens Rito

is killed after leaving the

Genna Brothers for the

North Side Gang in


1925 - 1st no-show

bodyguard of slain Sam

Amatuna, Ed Zion, is

gunned down in his

Chicago driveway after

attending the funeral

1898 - Camorra men

D'Angelo & LaRosa shoot

Vin Gallucci on NY's Canal


20 21 22 23 24 25 261925 - 2nd no-show

bodyguard of slain Sam

Amatuna, Abe Goldstein,

shot at Chicago drugstore

1889 - Giuseppe DeLucca

kills Edward Cunningham

in Dedham, MA

1939 - LA: Big Greenie

Greenberg killed by

Murder Inc's Allie Tick

Tock Tannenbaum,

Frankie Carbo & Bugsy


1962 - Cadillac Charley

Cavallaro & 11 yr. old son

blown-up by a car bomb

in Youngstown, OH

1975 - Jimmy Massaro

shot dead at his

Rochester const co

1914 - Barnet Baff shot

dead by Sicilian gunmen

at his East Harlem market

1991 - Hank The Bear

Smurra shot in head in

car at Brooklyn donut


1932 - Greenwich Village:

Mike Little Apples

Reggione shot 3 times in


1933 - Brooklyn: Alex

Alpert shot dead in back

on St by Murder Inc's

Harry Rudolph

1914 - Gopher gang

leader Owney Killer

Madden kills Hudson

Duster Will Moore in a

saloon on 8th & 41st St to

avenge Nov 7th

assassination attempt

27 28 29 301904 - Vigilance men

Tolerico & Ferressi killed

trying to arrest Santo

Carressi in Carbondale,


1914 - Owney Killer

Madden kills Hudson

Duster gang member

Little Patsy Doyle

1933 - Vernon Miller

beaten to death and

dumped in ditch out-side

of Detroit

1929 - Los Angeles: Joe

Iron Man Ardizzone

eliminates Vintner Frank



You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©


You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 2 31986 - Brooklyn:

Recently arrested NJ

pizzeria owner & drug

trafficker Tommy

Mazzara is killed &

stuffed in garbage

1911 - Jules Morello,

hitman for Eastman

Gang, shot dead on dance

floor on Manhattan's

Lower East Side's 2nd Ave

1992 - Lucchese man Pat

Testa shot dead in

Brooklyn used car lot on

orders of underboss

Anthony Gaspipe Casso

4 5 6 7 8 9 101904 - Pete Scalise

survives being knifed in

his Pittsburgh apartment

by men of the Boston


1991 - Bensonhurst,

Brooklyn: Rosario Nastasi

shot dead playing cards at

Belvedere Social Club

1983 - Philadelphia: Rob

Riccobene shot dead in

front of his mother

1918 - Giro Accunzo, NYC

Court St butcher, killed

1916 - East Harlem:

Gaetano DelGaudio shot

dead serving coffee in his


1939 - Dave The Beatle

Beedle shot dead in front

of The Spot Bee bar in


1996 - Philadelphia: Joe

Sodano out of Newark, NJ

shot dead

11 12 13 14 15 16 171948 - Jimmy Velasco

killed in Tampa

1912 - East Harlem: Zopo

The Gimp Prisco shot in

head meeting with

Giosue Gallucci by his

nephew John

Roussomano in back

room of bakery

1985 - Gambino boss Big

Paul Castellano shot

down by John Gotti's

crew in Midtown rush

hour at Sparks Steak


1978 - Queens: Parnell

Stacks Edwards shot dead

in his apartment

18 19 20 21 22 23 241931 - After his trial in

Troy, NY Jack Legs

Diamond is shot in back

of head after passing out

at party on Dove St in


1973 - Chicago: Corrupt

Chicago ex-cop Richard

Cain gunned down in a

Grand Ave sandwich shop

1931 - Irish mob boss

Frankie Wallace & Dobo

Walsh killed by Joe

Lombardi & Phil Bruccola

in Boston's North End

1925 - Chicago: Dynamite

Joe Brooks & Sheriff Ed

Harmening shot dead

inside car at Marquette


1967 - Dorchester:

Whimpy Bennett's

brother Billy found dead -

a victim of Richie Grasso

& Pete Poulos

1905 - Charles & Joseph

Rizzo's Pittsburgh home

dynamited by Black Hand

25 26 27 28 29 30 311971 - NYC: Bruno Latini

is shot dead in his car

1920 - Manhattan: Monk

Eastman killed by corrupt

federal agent Jerry Bohan

leaving Bluebird Café

1929 - Chicago boot-

legger James Walsh is

shot & killed by Charles

Babe Baron after a prize


1911 - Antonio Pietrolino

shot dead in Hartford, CT

1907 - Barber John

Bentivazna shot &

mortally wounded in Los

Angeles; he just left NYC

after quarrel with the

Black Hand

You Can Order Mob Hits Calendar

From History By Calendar©