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Ready made binary MLM software helps to run business fast and early.

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  • *Binary Plan

  • *Binary Plan Flow

  • *Session Includes: Binary Plan.

    Binary Plan Flow.

    Binary Plan Advantages.

    Binary Plan Requirements.

    Types of Binary Plan.

    Payout Calculation in Binary Plan.

  • *Binary Plan Advantages A binary plan allows every member a more equal opportunity to earn rewards from the same size teams and distributes rewards more fairly.

    A binary allows you to get paid to UNLIMITED depth in your team and there is NO disadvantage working with people a 1000 levels deep in your team

    Matching bonuses create an incentive to help the people you introduce earn more, the more they earn the more YOU earn!

  • *Binary Plan requirementsBinary plan requirements

    Commission related

    Achievement award/reward

    Deduction from payout

    Registration number and login ID

    Facilities required for members

    SMS related (Mobile SMS)

    Convention for members

    All Reports/Transactions

    Cheque printing

    Domain related information

    Company information

  • *Types of Binary PlanDaily Binary

    Level Binary

    PV/BV Binary

    Hyper Binary

  • *Payout Calculation in Binary PlanConsiderations

    Ratio required to form a first pair is 1:2 or 2:1 After that second set onwards ratio required is 1:1Set value for first pair is Rs.300 Set value for second pair onwards is Rs.200TDS Amount 11.33%Service charges 2%

    StepsStep 1: Joining Date of Members: 01/07/10

    UMember will join by Epin/DD/Cash/Credit.U is the root id join by Epin.

  • * Under root id two members get joined A and B; on left and right sideU Respectively. U is sponsor of A and B. BAU Under A one more members joins on left side and one member on right side.


  • *A is the sponsor for both C and D.These all members are joined on 01/01/2009.Calculation for first payout (01/07/2010 to 01/07/2010)In this payout U has been qualify for income.Left Count of U: 3 (A, C, D)Right Count of U: 1 (B)Total No. of pairs: 1First Pair: 2:1Carry Forward: 1:0Set Value for 1st Pair: 300Binary Pair Amount/ Commission: Total Commission=No. of Pairs * Set ValueTotal Commission=1*300 = 300 TDS= 11.33/100 * 300 = 33.99Service Charge=2/100 * 300 = 6 Net Amount = Total Commission Total Deduction = 300 - (33.99 + 6) = 260.01

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    MemberLeft CountRight CountTotal PairBinary Pair AmountCFTDSService ChargeNet AmountU311(2:1)3001:033.996260.01A11001:1000B00000:0000C00000:0000D00000:0000

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    Step 2: Joining Date of Members: 02/07/10 BAUDCEFGHIJKB is sponsor for E and F.

    C is sponsor for G and H.

    D is sponsor for I and J.

    J is sponsor for K who joined at right side of J.

  • *Calculation for second payout (02/07/2010 to 02/07/2010)

    MemberNew Left CountNew Right CountBFTotal PairBinary Pair AmountCFTDSService ChargeNet AmountU521:02(1:1,1:1)4004:045.328346.68A231:11(1:2), 2(1:1)7000:079.3114606.69B110:0001:1000C110:0001:1000D120:01(1:2)3000:033.996260.01E000:0000:0000F000:0000:0000G000:0000:0000H000:0000:0000I000:0000:0000J010:0000:1000K000:0000:0000

  • *Payout Details for Member U:

    Payout No.Total CommissionNet Amount1300260.012400346.68 Cummulative Earning 606.78

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    Sankalp Computer & Systems Pvt.Ltd.*MLM - Binary PlanSankalp Computer & Systems Pvt.Ltd.MLM - Binary Plan