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  • 1. Mobile Language Learning with busuu London, August 2012

2. What is 20122 3. is an online community for languagelearning we combine individual with communitylearning1 Individual learning2 Community learning MarcelteachSusanne + teachnative nativemedium beginnerbeginner High quality learning content based on 150+ Instant video-chat application for direct different audiovisual learning units conversation between users Approx. 180 hours of language learning content per Peer-to-peer correction of writing language exercises by the community Grammar material provided by publishers PONS & Currently, more than 30,000 texts are Collins dictionary from Macmillancorrected by our users per day! Language material available in 12 languages: Spanish, German, French, English, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Arabic, Japanese & 2012 3 4. Key milestones of our development 2008 Idea generation during MBA at IE Business School Private seed capital secured (300k EUR) company founded Open beta live with English, German, Italian, French 2009 End of beta phase - monetization of website with Freemium version Launch of our Italian course 2010 Strategic partnership with leading publisher PONS/Collins Launch of our Brazilian Portuguese and Russian course Angel round of business angel Johann Hansmann (300k EUR) Launch of our iPhone App 2011 Strategic partnership with The Guardian and Macmillan Angel round of serial entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky (200k EUR) Launch of our Polish, Turkish, Arabic course Launch of our Biz courses Launch of our Android and iPad Apps 2012 Launch of our Japanese, Mandarin 2012 4 5. With more than 20 million users, is the largest language learning community in the world!Growth of community [# of users]Data 25000 >40,000 new users per day >8 million visits per month 20000 >90 million page 15000 More than 20,000,000 impresssions per monthusers Users from over 230 10000countries Age range: 14-80+5000 50% female/male 0 time on the website:Users onlineUsers mobile18 min (!) May 08Jan 09 May 09 Jan 10May 10 Jan 11 Jan 12 2012 5 6. Many of our users have turned into huge fans of busuu.comMore than 250,000 fans on facebook Evelyne Weixelgarten,67 years old, learned 5 languages on 20126 7. Among other awards, was named Best Education Start-up in Europe in 2011 Awards (selection)Press (selection) UNESCO project in theInternational year of languages Silver Lion in theInternational MarketingFestival in Cannes AlwaysON Global 250winner European Language Label CeBIT innovation award Red Herring 100Europe Stiftung Warentest:Best iPhone App to learn English Best Education Start-Up 2012 7 8. Our iPhone/iPad OS & Android OS apps have been downloaded by more than 11 million people around the worldAward for BestLearning App inGermany 2011 Apps available for 11 languages Easy learning ON THE GO Possibility to synchronize progress with online account Apps available for iPhone and Android phones (Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola etc) Online Premium Members automatically get access to the whole mobile app 2012 8 9. Downloads of iOS and Androids 2012 9 10. Overview of our course 201210 11. The Method behind the learning Useful and day to day topics Words and expressions dont stand alone! A sentence is nothing without the actual context! Interactive writing and instant feedback Final stage: Testing and drilling And of course the fun element where you earn 201211 12. 2012 12 13. 2012 13 14. 2012 14 15. 2012 15 16. 2012 16 17. 2012 17 18. 2012 18 19. 2012 19 20. 2012 20 21. 2012 21 22. 2012 22 23. 2012 23 24. 2012 24 25. 2012 25 26. 2012 26 27. The advantages of at a glance: Complete flexibility Language learning whenever and wherever youwant Direct contact with native speaker Interactive and highly audiovisualonline courses combined with direct interaction within our worldwidecommunity Intelligent learning Tracking of the learning progress and adaptation ofthe system according to each individual user Innovative learning solution Social media 201227 28. Thank you!Contact:Busuu Online S.L.Eudcation Director: Oula -