Missions and Missionaries Around the World, 1611-1922

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    1885-1910. Gedenkblatt Der Neuendettelsauer Heidenmission in Queensland Und Neu-Guinea Flierl, Johann; 1858- 1910 German Neuendettelsauer


    A B C (Or Three Hundred Character) Catechism: Being a Statement of the Fundamentals of Christian

    Doctrine in Simple Style and With the Use of Only 303 Separate Characters - Includes Also the Story of the

    Prodigal Son and Concludes With..., The

    Price, Philip Francis; 1864-1954. 1917 Chinese Missions

    A Brief History of Missionary Enterprise in Antient sic and Modern Times: Lecture Memoranda World

    Missionary Conference, Edinburgh, 1910.

    1910 English Missions

    A Brief History of the Beginning of the Mission Work in Nicomedia by the American Board of Foreign


    Nergararian, Garabed. 1885 English Missions

    A Brief History of the Church of the Brethren in China 1915 English Missions

    A Brief Narrative of the Operations of the Jaffna Auxiliary Bible Society: In the Preparation of a Version of

    the Tamil Scriptures.

    1868 English Missions

    A Budget of Letters From Japan: Reminiscences of Work and Travel in Japan Maclay, Arthur Collins; 1853- 1886 English Missions

    A Century in the Pacific: Scientific, Sociological, Historical, Missionary, General 1914 English Australasia

    A Century of Jewish Missions Thompson, A. E. (Albert Edward); b. 1870. 1902 English Missions to Jews

    A Century of Protestant Missions in China (1807-1907): Being the Centenary Conference Historical Volume 1907 English Missions

    A Chapter of Mission History in Modern Japan: Being a Sketch for the Period Since 1869 and a Report for

    the Years Since 1893 of the American Board's Mission and the Kumiai Churches in Their Affiliated Work

    Pettee, James H. (James Horace) 1895 English Missions

    A Chinese Christian General: Feng Yu Hsiang Goforth, Jonathan; 1859-1936. 1919 English Missions

    A Circuit of the Globe: A Series of Letters of Travel Across the American Continent, Through the HawaIIan

    Republic, Japan, China, the Straits Settlements, Burma, India, Ceylon, Australia, Egypt, Palestine, Syria,

    Turkey, Greece, Italy, Switzerland...

    McLean, Archibald; 1850-1920. 1897 English Voyages around the


    A College of Colleges 1887 English Missions

    A Colony of Mercy, or, Social Christianity at Work Sutter, Julie. 1904 English Missions

    A Concise History of Missions Bliss, Edwin Munsell; 1848-1919. 1897 English Missions

    A Concise History of the Foreign Christian Missionary Society 1910 English Foreign Christian

    Missionary Society

    A Concordata Mutilada E Torcida Pelos Propagandistas: Vindicada A' Sua Integridade E Genuino Sentido Rivara, Joaquim Heliodoro da Cunha; 1809-1879. 1860 Portuguese Missions

    A Crusade of Brotherhood: A History of the American Missionary Association Beard, Augustus Field; 1833-1934. 1909 English Missions

    A Cry From the Land of Calvin and Voltaire: A Sequel to "the White Fields of France": Records of the Mcall


    1887 English Missions

    A Cycle of Cathay, or, China, South and North: With Personal Reminiscences Martin, W. A. P. (William Alexander Parsons); 1827-1916. 1900 English Missions

    A Cyclopedia of Missions: Containing a Comprehensive View of Missionary Operations Throughout the

    World: With Geographical Descriptions, and Accounts of the Social, Moral, and Religious Condition of the


    Newcomb, Harvey; 1803-1863. 1858 English Missions

    A Decade of Christian Endeavor, 1881-1891 Pratt, Dwight M. (Dwight Mallory); 1852-1922. 1891 English Young People's

    Society of Christian


    A Decade of Foreign Missions, 1880-1890 Tupper, H. A. (Henry Allen); 1828-1902. 1891 English Southern Baptist


    A Dictionary of All Religions and Religious Denominations, Jewish, Heathen, Mahometan and Christian,

    Ancient and Modern: With an Appendix, Containing a Sketch of the Present State of the World, as to

    Population, Religion, Toleration, Missions

    Adams, Hannah; 1755-1831. 1817 English Religion

    A Dictionary of the Kaffir Language: Including the Xosa and Zulu Dialects. Part I. Kaffir-English Davis, W. J. (William Jafferd) 1872 English Xhosa language

    A Dissertation on the Theology of the Chinese: With a View to the Elucidation of the Most Appropriate Term

    for Expressing the Deity, in the Chinese Language

    Medhurst, Walter Henry; 1796-1857. 1847 English Missions

    A Exposicao Do Venerando Corpo Do Apostolo Das Indias, S. Francisco Xavier, Em 1878: Noticia


    Albuquerque, Viriato Antonio Caetano Bras de. 1879 Portuguese Missions

    A Flight for Life and an Inside View of Mongolia Roberts, James Hudson; 1851-1945. 1903 English Missions

    A Fruitful Life: A Narrative of the Experiences and Missionary Labors of Stephen Paxson Drury, B. Paxson; (Belle Paxson) 1882 English Missionaries

    A Garo Jungle Book: Or, The Mission to the Garos of Assam Carey, William; 1861- 1919 English Missions

    A Gladdening River: Twenty-Five Years' Guild Influence Among the Himalayas Manuel, David Gilmour; 1858- 1914 English Missions

    A Glance Backward at Fifteen Years of Missionary Life in North India Warren, Joseph. 1856 English Missions

    A Glimpse at the Indian Mission-Field and Leper Asylums in 1886-1887. Bailey, Wellesley Crosby; 1846- 1888 English Missions to lepers

    A Hand Book of India and British Burmah Robbins, W. E. 1893 English Missions

    A History of All Religions: As Divided Into Paganism, Mahometanism, Judaism and Christianity: With an

    Account of Literary and Theological Institutions, and Missionary, Bible, Tract and Sunday School Societies:

    With a General List of Religio

    Benedict, David; 1779-1874. 1824 English Religions

    A History of Christian Missions During the Middle Ages Maclear, G. F. (George Frederick); 1833-1902. 1863 English Missions

    A History of Christian Missions in South Africa Du Plessis, J. (Johannes); 1868-1935. 1911 English Missions

    A History of Christianity in Japan. Protestant Missions Cary, Otis; 1851-1932. 1909 English Missions

    A History of Christianity in Japan. Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Missions Cary, Otis; 1851-1932. 1909 English Missions

    A History of Indian Missions on the Pacific Coast: Oregon, Washington and Idaho Eells, Myron; 1843-1907. 1882 English Missions

    A History of Missions in India Richter, Julius; 1862-1940. 1908 English Missions

    A History of Protestant Missions in Japan Ritter, H. 1898 English Missions

    A History of the Foreign Missionary Work of the Protestant Episcopal Church Denison, S. D. (Samuel Dexter) 1871 English Missions

    Missions and Missionaries Around the World, 1611-1922

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  • Title Author Year Published Language General Subject

    A History of the Missions in Japan and Paraguay Caddell, Cecilia Mary; d. 1877. 1856 English Catholic Church

    A History of the Missions of the Moravian Church During the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries Hamilton, J. Taylor; (John Taylor); 1859-1951. 1901 English Moravian Church

    A History of Union Church Bondfield, G. H. 1903 English Missions

    A Hundred Years in Travancore, 1806-1906: A History and Description of the Work Done by the London

    Missionary Society in Travancore, South India During the Past Century

    1908 English Missions, English

    A Hundred Years of Missions, or, The Story of Progress Since Carey's Beginning Leonard, Delavan L. (Delavan Levant); 1834-1917. 1895 English Missions

    A Hundred Years of the Church in India, 1814-1914 Skipton, H. P. K. 1914 English Missions

    A Jurisdiccao Diocesana Do Bispado de S. Thome de Meliapor Nas Possessoes Inglezas E Francezas:

    Averiguacao de Successos Antigos Por Occasiao de Outros Modernos Na Igreja de Royapuram de


    Rivara, Joaquim Heliodoro da Cunha; 1809-1879. 1867 Portuguese Missions

    A Lecture on the Manners and Customs of the Japanese: And the Progress of Christian Missions in Japan Cooper, William B. 1850?-1885. 1880 English Missions

    A Letter to the Right Honourable Sir John Cam Hobhouse, Bt., M.P., President of the Board of Control for

    the Affairs of India: Occasioned by His Speech in the House of Commons, on July 27, 1840, on the Question

    of the Connexion of the East...

    Strachan, J. M. (James Morgan) 1841 English Missions

    A Life for Africa: Rev. Adolphus Clemens Good, Ph. D., American Missionary in Equatorial West Africa Parsons, Ellen C. 1897 English Missionaries

    A Life for God in India: Memorials of Mrs. Jennie Fuller of Akola and Bombay Dyer, Helen S. 1903 English Women missionaries

    A Life of Saint Francis Xavier: Based on Authentic Sources Kelly, M. T. 1918 English Francis Xavier

    A Life With a Purpose: A Memorial of John Lawrence Thurston, First Missionary of the Yale Mission Wright, H. B. (Henry Burt); 1877-1923. 1908 English Missions

    A Maker of New Japan: Rev. Joseph Hardy Neesima, Ll.d., President of Doshisha University, Kyoto Davis, J. D. (Jerome Dean); 1838-1910. 1894 English Missionaries

    A Maker of the New Orient: Samuel Robbins Brown: Pioneer Educator in China, America, and Japan: The

    Story of His Life and Work

    Griffis, William Elliot; 1843-1928. 1902 English Missionaries

    A Manual for Young Missionaries to China 1918 English Missions

    A Master Builder on the Congo: A Memorial to the Service and Devotion of Robert Ray Eldred and Lillian

    Byers Eldred

    Hensey, Andrew F. (Andrew Fitch); b. 1880. 1916 English Missions

    A Memoir of Edward Steere, D.D., LL.D: Third M